Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass - Joshua Sarfan Interview

We heard the begging and pleading and yelling during the 100th episode live tweet chat. We joined in your cries and your “Save Chuck and Blair” chants. We even took it up with Gossip Girl‘s executive producer Joshua Safran and asked him if the writers ever take into consideration what the fans are saying they hope happen.

“We’re so far ahead, so even if it would influence our decision, it couldn’t,” he said. The writers are almost done with episode 24 right now so everything for the next 11 episodes has already been determined. “But, what I will say is that it’s great to have fans who are so passionate and who feel so strongly about it. We feel it with them.”

As for Chuck and Blair and their future, Joshua said it’s up to the characters’ stages in their lives and emotional development.

“The thing with Chuck and Blair has always been that one is always two steps ahead of the other and just when one catches up the other falls behind,” Joshua said. “It’s their constant thing that they come up against. They’ve never really been in the right place at the right time with each other. And we understand that might drive the fans crazy, but that’s what we have set up from the very beginning, and it is always going to be Chuck and Blair’s hurdle.”

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When we started the season, we talked very much about works that were meaningful to us and inspired us and some of the works that came out of that conservation were The Talented Mr. Ripley and The End of the Affair. […] Blair’s always had faith, in all different ways, whether it’s faith that someday my prince will come or faith that she went to confession in season 1. The sacrifice she’s making is for the greater good of the man that she loves. {more here}

Yeah Safran, that s1 confession was meant to be funny though, not melodramatic bs. Further proof the writers don’t know how to write Chuck and Blair together.

Former GOSSIP GIRL Boss Josh Safran on Why He’s Glad He Didn’t Know the Titular Blogger’s Identity — Plus Who Did He Think it Was?

Many GOSSIP GIRL fans were a little shocked when the series finale revealed that (spoiler alert, for those who plan to catch up on DVD some day) Dan Humphrey had been writing the revealing blog. And they weren’t the only ones.

I did not [know],” former GOSSIP GIRL showrunner — and current SMASH boss — Josh Safran told me. “Over the years it shifted, but I think where they landed was absolutely the right place to go.”

While it might be frustrating for some people to have not known that key information while shaping the series, Safran saw it as something positive.

I actually think it was better for all of us because it freed us up story-wise,” he noted. “I think if we had known, we would have gotten a little too suspended and wouldn’t have been able to do some of the plot stuff we were able to. It’s pretty great they waited until…I don’t know when [GOSSIP GIRL co-creator] Stephanie [Savage] knew. I had my own theories, we each had our own theories.

The main suspect on Safran’s list? A certain van der Woodsen.

“For a while, I thought it was Eric,” Safran admitted. “We all thought it was Eric. But I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I think it would have worked. But then Connor Paolo (Eric) wasn’t on the show anymore.”

And while Safran has been busy working on SMASH, he does know a bit about the social media sites that have popped up since GOSSIP GIRL’s series finale.

I haven’t had the time to [look at the sites], but I think that show will stand the test of time,” he said. “I think what Stephanie and Josh [Schwartz] created was really a show of that period, and I think they capped it out so well.”

That’s not to say he doesn’t have a bit of regret for not being around for the show’s final year.

“I’m just so sad,” Safran — who had been with the show since its second episode — lamented. “111 [episodes] and not the final 10? I think I’ll always be sad. I wish I could have been at both places at once.”

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G.G Press Release 100TH EPISODE IS HERE!

OMG! GOSSIP GIRL HITS 100 EPISODES! — The much-anticipated 100th episode will open with a musical dream sequence featuring Serena (Blake Lively), Blair (Leighton Meester) and all the men in their lives (Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Hugo Becker). Also, while Chuck (Ed Westwick) wrestles with the reality that Blair is about to walk down the aisle with Prince Louis (guest star Hugo Becker), the return of Georgina Sparks (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg) might make the royal affair a royal disaster. Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Mark Piznarski directed the episode written by executive producer Joshua Safran (#513).

If you were watching Smash tonight, you probably lost a few minutes (and a whole song) due to NBC prioritizing golf programming on a Saturday night. Yeah. We know. 

In better news, we just posted part one of a long and in-depth interview with “Smash” showrunner Joshua Safran. In it, he talks about the reaction to the show, the Rent-relatedstoryline and how long it had been planned (from before he got the position), the accidental NYTW Rent poster, and a lot more. 

Safran speaks with the kind of unteachable passion that all of us share on LeakyNews; come see for yourself! 

Nobody is surprised though

We were conscious of course to give a time jump in the episode. Obviously Blair very much mourns in that episode and she will continue to mourn, but we wanted to get a little bit of distance from the actual event. What Blair is going through is very, very painful and to watch that is also very, very painful. She’s also trying to come to grips with it”.

Another reason for the time jump was to give Blair time to mourn the loss of her child offscreen. “It would be very, very painful to watch her mourn so much onscreen,” Safran says. “She still mourns obviously, but we didn’t want to dwell on it every single episode.”

Basically a confirmation that they just wanted some who’s the daddy storyline/more drama for BC.


Since Safran was the only writer who cared about Dair storyline and build it. Savage is a die hard chairios. I just want to know , why did he left for Smash (who’ll certainly gets cancelled next year).He gives us Dan and Blair and he just left for Sabotage to tearing it apart .