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So I hope no one else has done this. I may have spent way too much time on these…

I just put them on some Fate Stay Night backgrounds I found on google.

I have a need. I thirst.

Oh, before I forget.  We can’t leave out our favorite troublemaker, can we?

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Be My Princess Difficulty Levels

Zain is boss because he is both a prince AND a butler. Just saying.

I’m sorry I rarely do edits and I can’t make fantastic stuff but this idea came to my mind and I just went ahead and did it


‘The Butterfly Prince and Sakura Princess’

Original drama by Nobel Michel Kindergarten Students





Edward Levaincois as the Butterfly Prince

Glenn J. Cashiragi as the Sakura Princess




Wilfred A. Spencer as Mr. Ladybug

Joshua Lieben as Bee Boy

Roberto Button as the Little Yellow Chick

Zain Tolstoj as the Little Green Duckling



Keith Alford and Yakov Chernenkov as Flowers





*Parents please arrive at least 15 minutes before the drama starts


( n o t e s ; ♥ )

Okay, uh, I actually made this a long time ago, and I was planning to post this. I just forgot to. Heh, whoops! The images I used for these edits are not mine. I merely only put our princes’ sprites on a random background. I should also mention that these were originally posted on my Instagram account. Well, that’s all I have to say. Enjoy our BMP guys in yukatas!  Please do not repost w/o crediting me.

[Be My Princess] Fluff for BMPP Week

Okay, so BMPP Week is over and I’m late, but BMP has a special place in my heart, so I just had to do something more for it. 

I was too busy and tired during the week to write, but I wanted to do something with the lovely themes the admin came up with, so here you go! One slightly-lengthier-than-a-drabble story for each prince + Zain.

PS. I am actually not confident writing Zain, but I didn’t want to leave him out… Apologies in advance if he’s not 100% in-character. OTL

  • DAY 1: Fairy Tale | Edward Levaincois 
  • DAY 2: Fashion | Keith Alford
  • DAY 3: Change of Heart | Glenn J. Casiraghi
  • DAY 4: Dance | Wilfred A. Spencer
  • DAY 5: Favorite moment | Roberto Button
  • DAY 6: Gift | Joshua Lieben 
  • DAY 7: Celebration | Zain Tolstoy

Read below the cut for all of them. :’D Better late than never, right?

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In Be My Princess: PARTY, the six princes had a discussion about who met the Heroine first.

Wilfred said he was the first to meet her.

Keith said he was the first to dance with her.

Roberto said he was the first to be her date.

Glenn said he met the Heroine as a child, therefore meeting her before everyone else. Roberto was quick to say it didn’t count.

Joshua said he was the first she saw.

Edward said he was the first to converse with her.

When Roberto asked Zain about his first meeting with the Heroine, Zain says it was the same night as Roberto. Zain did say, however, that she was the first he served tea to that day.

The princes as Nightmare before Christmas songs

Wilfred- Jack’s Lament
Roberto- What’s This?
Joshua- Jack’s Obsession
Edward- Reprise
Keith- Poor Jack
Glenn (ft. Alan)- Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Zain/Butlers - Sally’s Song

Forecasts say that it’s gonna rain BMP princes on your dash ( ̄∇ ̄)┌"“

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Rina’s Voltage Christmas Wishlist
↳ Choose ONLY 5 Voltage guys you’d like to spend/have for Christmas.

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1. Hiroshi Kirisawa
2. Tsumugu Kido
3. Joshua Lieben
4. Zain
5. Scorpio

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