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‘The Butterfly Prince and Sakura Princess’

Original drama by Nobel Michel Kindergarten Students





Edward Levaincois as the Butterfly Prince

Glenn J. Cashiragi as the Sakura Princess




Wilfred A. Spencer as Mr. Ladybug

Joshua Lieben as Bee Boy

Roberto Button as the Little Yellow Chick

Zain Tolstoj as the Little Green Duckling



Keith Alford and Yakov Chernenkov as Flowers





*Parents please arrive at least 15 minutes before the drama starts

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can u do a headcannon where mc is anorexic and i want to see how the bmp butlers (and princes if u want) handle it? and maybe they see some scars on her wrists? ^^ ty i just wanna see how they handle it also including zain and theo pwease (^ω^)

Wilfred: Crushed. Absolutely crushed. MC saved him from his deep dark depression, but he had no idea that she was suffering as well. He always thought she was extremely thin, but he never knew she was doing it on purpose. Her beautiful skin was harmed by the sorrow in her heart as well, and as he enveloped her in his arms, he swore that he would do anything to heal the pain inside of her.

Keith: “Who made you like this?! Who?!” He would instantly place the blame on others, his emerald eyes burning with anger, desperately wanting to get revenge towards whoever made her feel this way. When he figured out that just made her feel more upset, he mumbled an apology before hugging her tightly and burying his head into her shoulder. He’d end up calling the most expensive therapist and buy her all the meds she needed in hopeless desperation to make her happy again.

Roberto: He’d be so heartbroken. He would skip meetings and run off from parties, but this time, it was solely for the purpose to take care of her. He’d lie in bed with her, cuddling her close to her chest, allowing her to talk about how she was feeling, crying into his shirt if she wanted to, or even just being in a comfortable silence. Knowing that they were there for each other to help fix the damage the past had brought upon them was enough.

Joshua: He would feel really bad for lashing out in anger at her in the past, and would do his best to control it now that he knew that she was destroying her body, even if she didn’t do it because of him. He’d constantly stay by her side and talk so she would busy herself in listening to him instead of the demons in her head. When he was reading, he’d bring her along so that she wouldn’t be alone.

Glenn: Looking back on the happy little girl he knew back then, he’d be pissed at himself for leaving her and not being there for her when she was crestfallen. He would be as gentle as ever with her, and if anyone was being harsh with her, he’d call them out immediately, no matter what social standing they were in.

Edward: Always holding her hand. He’d tell her that if she was feeling even the slightest bit depressed, to squeeze his hand so he could excuse himself, no matter where they were, to go back to his room or somewhere private where he could hold her and whisper affectionate words into her ear, no matter how long it took to make her feel better again.

Zain: He would ask her to shed every piece of clothing on her body, not because he wanted to frickle frackle, but because he wanted to kiss every scar on her body and tell her that she was so beautiful. He’d remind her that leaving her would feel like an endless eternity of suffering, and he would promise to get her through this.

Theo: Immediately would jump into her arms and sob into her chest. He never knew she felt this way, and when he found out he would die inside. He would try his best to act mature and fulfill his duties as a butler perfectly so she could be proud of him, and would leave pieces of candy on her nightstand with positive notes beside them so she could get through the next day.

Claude: Would keep her in bed at all costs, he didn’t want to add onto the pain she was feeling with overwork. When he came into her room to check on her, he’d awkwardly try to cheer her up with magic tricks and would fail horribly, blushing at his failure but smiling at her laugh as he did so.

Luke: Right after he found out, he’d disappear. She immediately regretted telling him about her issues and placing a huge burden on his shoulders that was too much for him that he had to leave and possibly think about leaving her completely, but after an hour, he came back, red in the face, with balloons in her favorite color, and a chocolate cake that had, “Don’t be sad, I’m here for you!” Printed in the middle with icing. He boldly insisted that she eat the whole thing with him, and she obliged happily.

Alberto: He ran the bath for her, and got in with her, hugging her from behind as if she was a fragile doll. He’d run his fingers across her scars gently and stroke her belly and chest where her ribs jutted out ever so slightly. Sighing into her shoulder hopelessly, he’d whisper words of sorrow and love into her ear so she would know she’s not alone.

Jan: Brought her into his room right away. Locked the door, turn the lights off, lit some candles, turned her towards the mirror, and began shedding her clothing from behind despite her hushed protests. When she was fully nude, his hands would caress her body, kissing her skin as he marvelled in awe about how beautiful she was. 

Yu: He couldn’t believe he didn’t notice it sooner, and felt terrible that he didn’t. He would personally make foods that they enjoyed together when they were younger and bring them to her room whenever she’d skip meals so they could share them together and reminisce about old times while she was cuddled in his arms.

Louis: This news would break his precious little heart, no doubt. In an attempt to cheer her up, he’d get her favorite flower in every color and leave a bouquet of them on her doorstep along with a dish of her favorite food and an encouraging note full of love and affection so she could smile.

Live-Action Be My Princess

Here are my picks for actors to play our boys if there was an American Be My Princess movie/television show made. Enjoy!

MC: Zendaya Coleman

  • She is gorgeous and talented. I think she’d bring perfect elegance to the role.

Wilfred Spencer: Dan Stevens

  • British Prince. He is so sweet, and his facial expressions remind me of how Wilfred would be.

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Forecasts say that it’s gonna rain BMP princes on your dash ( ̄∇ ̄)┌"“

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Rina’s Voltage Christmas Wishlist
↳ Choose ONLY 5 Voltage guys you’d like to spend/have for Christmas.

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1. Hiroshi Kirisawa
2. Tsumugu Kido
3. Joshua Lieben
4. Zain
5. Scorpio

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In Be My Princess: PARTY, the six princes had a discussion about who met the Heroine first.

Wilfred said he was the first to meet her.

Keith said he was the first to dance with her.

Roberto said he was the first to be her date.

Glenn said he met the Heroine as a child, therefore meeting her before everyone else. Roberto was quick to say it didn’t count.

Joshua said he was the first she saw.

Edward said he was the first to converse with her.

When Roberto asked Zain about his first meeting with the Heroine, Zain says it was the same night as Roberto. Zain did say, however, that she was the first he served tea to that day.