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Autographs And Apologies

Next week I’m doing Manchester, Birmingham and London all in three days seeing Motion City Soundtrack on the final tour. It’s weird how fast time has gone. The first time I ever saw them was in Birmingham in 2007 with my brother and future sister-in-law. It was one of my earliest proper gigs and I still have fond memories of it to this day.

Look how young I am! Sadly I no longer have the t-shirt.

I found this photo while sleuthing on my brother’s FB profile. I’ve never seen it before but it’s from the night. History yo.

Both my brother and his wife will be joining us for the Birmingham show next week which is really awesome. My brother got me into MCS and I constantly stole his copy of I Am The Movie as a youngster. That album continues to be a super important album in my life to this day. For the birth of his first child I got the christening card signed by the entirety of Motion City Soundtrack at Slam Dunk 2014. For a present later I got them the Commit This To Mammary lullaby cover album by the talented @sparrowsleeps for my wonderful niece who 2 years on still requests to listen to it.

Over the years since that first gig I’ve seen them almost every year on every tour they’ve done in the UK. From both dates of the incredible album shows in London where I got to see the first four LPs performed fully in a small sweaty venue to the times I have caught them at festivals such as Slam Dunk. They are the only band that my total times seen are in the double digits. They introduced me to the incredible band Now, Now who have become an incredibly important band to me also.

I have fond memories of road trips to see them with my best friend and girlfriend at the time. Night drives back from Leeds with the right mix never felt so perfect. For the first time since 2010 we’ll be seeing them all together as a group in Birmingham again. It’s just beginning to feel like the right send off for a band that holds such a significant place in my heart.

Fondly remembering the guitar pick (My Dinosaur Life themed) I got at the 2012 London dates and later sent to my friend in the Philippines as she shared my love for them (it was lost in the post sadly). The fellow fan we met at the Natural History Museum who spent the day with us in London before the show, and who we’ve seen her at several MCS shows since. The times the band came into the crowd to hang out after the show and the lyrics that I probably shouldn’t relate so strongly to and yet… 

MCS are a band that will always be important to me. I’m truly sad to see them finishing but I understand. I’ve adored every single album they’ve put out and they’ll forever be on regular rotation on my record player. Justin and the guys have had such an important impact on myself and those I care about and I’ll forever appreciate them for being so incredible. Thanks for helping me not feel alone with my anxieties and struggles. Thanks for baring your souls and inner demons and sharing with those of us who might have let ourselves suffer silently without it. Thank you so much @justincourtneypierre and everyone in @motioncitysoundtrack. I love you all.

 So I guess I’m just trying to say.. ah fuck it.