Warrior Wednesday - The Ultimate Player 

Josh Strauss
28 years old
63 caps for Glasgow
35 points (7 tries)
Uncapped at international level, although qualifies through residency for Scotland the week of Scotland’s first World Cup game ;)

One of the few players I haven’t actually met yet, but I can say with certainty, he is still one of my favourites. I am so glad he is a Warrior because I would hate to be up against him. Hoping his ankle injury isn’t too serious and we can get him back soon!

Imagine this: the team bus is nearly filled. Josh Strauss, knowing he’s the last player, is rushing to get to the bus.

I yell. Me! ‘Josh, sign their stuff and then take a penguin picture.’ It’s not like the bus will leave without you…

The fans next to us asked, ‘how do you have the authority to  call a rugby player over?’

I don’t. I just have practice. And they are all nice guys.

Look how glorious that sun is coming through the beard.