Tear You Apart: Chapter 7

Listen to Toxic (Alex & Sierra) while reading.

“With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride. You’re toxic, I’m slipping under.”

By: @jacksonaprils​ & @nickandjoe​ 

(PREV: jenniferandjoshua & joshhutchersn)

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Bright Ideas: A Josh Hutcherson One Shot

Bright Ideas: A Josh Hutcherson One Shot

            On a muggy day in mid-July, when the backs of my knees were sweating, his hands presented me with a journal, pulled from the inside of his leather jacket as though he’d been carrying it around with him for days waiting for the right time to give it to me. The right time came sitting cross-legged in the front yard of my childhood home, close enough for our perspiring skin to touch and melt into each other’s.

            A navy blue journal, covered in velvet, embossed with gold polka dots and filled with pages of pale yellow pages marked with green lines. The title read “Bright Ideas.”

            “For all of your bright ideas” the words left his mouth right before his lips touched my left temple.

            Bright Ideas.

Three years pass and the ideas that litter the pages of this journal aren’t so bright anymore. The definition is muddled now, with six word stories that make my heart ache. Our mothers’ stomachs would turn knowing that these thoughts belonged to the humans they’ve raised. So I rip out the pages filled with the bright ideas I once had, my fingertips running along the rough-edged remnants still attached to the binding where the pages once were. These are reminders of a former self—an exaggerated heart of gold.

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Joshifer Snake Drabble

Okay well because it’s Friday and this came out in 15 minutes :)  For you my dear hysterical-for-joshifer

Jennifer was broken out of her REM cycle by the sound of Los Del Rio crooning the Macarena, groaning as she grasped for her phone she swiped the answer bar and grumbled, “What?”

“I’m a slaaaaaaaaave for you,” an off key voice warbled over the phone line.

“Bitch I know,” she growled sleepily, “Did you have to tell me at 3AM?”

“I know I may be young, but I’ve got feelings too.  And I need to do what I feel like doing.  So let me go and just listen,” the voice continued.

“Josh what are you doing?”

“I know I may come off quiet, I may come off shy.  But I feel like talking, feel like dancing when I see this guy.  What’s practical what’s logical?  What the hell who cares?”  He continued ignoring her.

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Tear You Apart: Chapter 6

Listen to When We Were on Fire while reading.

“Drifting apart, getting harder to hold you. Days getting dark and the nights are growing cold. Are we burning out?… Take me back to where it was before when we were on fire.

by: @joshhutchersn & @jenniferandjoshua

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Hold Me - Joshifer One Shot

So this idea has been in my head for quite some time and I really hope you like what I did with Josh and Jen. If you do, let me know and don’t be shy to leave me some feedback, I always love to get some! 

Josh’s pov

“You are cordially invited to attend the Wedding of Liam Hemsworth and Julie Sanster. 25th of July.”

Before I even have the chance to process what I have just read, my phone rings insistently and without even bothering to check the caller ID I pick up, still staring at picture at the front. “Hello?”

“Can you believe it? That he is getting married without even bothering to warn us about it? I never expected him to get married before either of us!” She lets out a frustrated huff.

I’m actually shocked to hear her voice, it’s the first time she has made any effort to contact me since one year. But still, I can’t stop the smile creeping on my face. “Hello to you too, Jennifer. And I have to admit I’m pretty surprised too but I guess she’s quite the catch. Nice eyes and hair.” I can’t stop a chuckle escaping me.

“Of couse that’s the first thing you notice. Jesus! What about me? I’m already 28, still unmarried and the last serious relationship I have had was three years ago when Nick and I broke up! Why don’t you care about that?”

I get that she’s only half serious, but I still can’t help wondering what she would do if I would tell her that I am still more than glad to change her relationship status. But on the other hand I’m still painfully aware that that ship sailed one year ago when I couldn’t help but fucking everything up between us.

“I don’t know about you, but in the first place I’m happy that he found someone worth spending the rest of his life with. And secondly, it’s no one’s fault but yours that your standards are so high, honey.” I know how much she hates it when someone calls her that and I can nearly see her rolling her eyes at me.

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Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight - Joshifer Christmas One Shot

Jennifer scaled the stairs to the currently locked attic that Josh had dubbed Santa’s workshop in their Kentucky home.  The large garbage bag in her hand was stuffed with a red and white Santa suit that she had rented for Josh to change into tonight for Christmas Eve to surprise their kids.  She rolled her eyes as she reached for the key to unlock the room.  She didn’t think she’d ever met someone who took Christmas as seriously as Josh did.  He had an entire system set up from decorations to his own personal wrapping station.  She tried her best just to stay out of it…but he needed to try on the suit to make sure it worked before tonight.

“You’re going to ruin our kids,” Jen deadpanned as she walked through the doorway looking around at the multitude of gifts he had scattered around the attic.

“You bite your tongue in Santa’s workshop, Mrs. Claus,” Josh chided from the floor, a bright red Santa hat sitting askew on his head where he we was sorting through Christmas gifts.  Her eyes, however, were more focused on her husband’s jeans stretching tightly across his ass and thighs as he squatted to the floor to grab another toy to wrap.

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Six Sentence Sunday

We all know I can’t count to six, so enjoy this longer-than-six-sentence snippet of the final chapter of Betting on the Infield.


Betting on the Infield

By: jamiesommers23

Chapter Eight: Sneak Peek (really rough draft)

Karen sat on her balcony in the predawn light. The wind whistled through the trees, rustling their leaves, causing a lone bird to fly from its perch while it tested out its chirp in preparation for the rising sun. She watched as it spread its wings and soared then grinned when she saw a man’s figure, highlighted by the last shreds of moonlight, striding with purpose across the property.

She could see the determination in each of Josh’s steps and felt the sense of need radiating from within his heart as he got closer to the main house. He was wearing his best work clothes which consisted of tight blue denim britches, a plaid shirt, brown leather boots, and though it wasn’t on top of his head, Karen knew his flat cap was tucked into his back pocket. Later on, the day would require him to dress in the blue suit he purchased, but right now Josh was wearing the perfect attire for exercising a racehorse for the Kentucky Derby that afternoon.

Karen smiled broadly when the clicking sound of pebbles hitting glass joined that of the blowing wind. When she heard Jennifer whispering loudly to Josh, “I’m coming down,” she had to stifle her chuckle behind her hand at the terrible job they were doing at stealing a moment together. A month ago Karen would have chided her daughter for running barefoot across the lawn and hurling herself into her beau’s arms, but on this day, she found herself envious of her child’s carefree spirit and wished she had never tried to put a damper on it.

Her heart swelled as she watched Josh cradle Jennifer’s cheeks in the palms of his hands and listened as his thick voice cut through the silence; drifting upwards and speaking words of love between each of their desperate kisses.

Deciding to give the lovers their privacy, She walked through her bedroom and down the length of the dark hall appreciating the feel of the cool floor beneath her bare feet, the feel of the staircase’s smooth railing beneath the palm of her hand, and the shocked expression on Jennifer’s face when she came back into the house and saw Karen waiting for her.

For You I'd Wait - A Joshifer One-Shot

–For Mel, who continues to inspire.

“I want to hear you say it,” I taunt him. My foot eases onto the brake as I come to a red light on Pico.

I hear Josh huff through the speakers of my car. “I need you!” He groans. “There, how’s that?”

“Say it with more desperation. Come on.”

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“Hustle” A Joshifer One-shot based on the illustration by mrpink627​

Alright anon, I reached out to Clayton and talked it over with him. He’s greenlighted the drabble, so here ya go.

For the full, untagged version, click here


A Joshifer One-shot based on the illustration by mrpink627

+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +



“Get your ass out here; it’s almost your category!”

I sit back against the headboard and tear off another bite of the pizza we ordered a little over and hour ago. I still find it amazing that between the two of us, we can polish off and extra-large pie. The television opposite the bed blankets the bedroom of my rental apartment in a soft light while the bedside lamp illuminates from the end table. The blinds have been drawn all day long; the curtains pulled tight. We’ve managed to barricade ourselves in this room, leaving only to grab beer or in my case to answer the door for the delivery. We divide our time between reading, ─Jennifer the Mockingjay book, me the script─ watching Netflix, sleeping, and twice today we have determined that my mattress moves off the box spring way too easily. We survived our shut-in by snacking on cheese and crackers from a ‘Congratulations-on-your-nomination’ gift basket Jen brought with her from the set. And wine, lots of wine.

Francis had told Jen and me last night that he was giving the small crew that remained in Atlanta through the snow storm the rest of the weekend off. Trust me, there were no complaints. Instead of Jennifer planting herself on the couch in front of the television in her rental home, she decided to follow me back to my apartment with nothing but the clothes on her back. Said she didn’t want our first weekend together in months to be spent apart. Personally, I would have rather gone to her place on the account of Andre being here. But I’d be lying to myself if I said Andre had never overheard me and Jennifer on countless occasions before.  He’s usually a good sport about it, but he does like to give me shit for about a week afterward.

So here we are, holed up in my bedroom, half naked, eating pizza and drinking beer while watching the BAFTA’s on BBC America.

“Jennifer!” I shout a second time, crumbs flying from my mouth, “Are you taking a shit? Jeez! Come on!”

I laugh when I hear her exasperated groan from within the bathroom. I brush crumbs off my chest as she emerges, “Uh-uh,” I scold before looking up, “you didn’t wash your hands. Take your nast-”

When I look up at her I see her hair pinned back all over her head, and her face covered in, an almost lime green, gunk. “What a… what’s all that?” I say, using my finger to circle my face while chuckling. “I know whatever it is wasn’t growing in my bathroom before.”

“It’s a face mask asshole. I brought it with me. If I don’t use it, the studio make-up makes me break out. And I did too wash my hands” she says with a huff, “Thank you.”

As she tromps over to my side of the bed, I can’t help but take in her adorable state. She’s wearing my old Deth Killers tee, a small gray pair of panties with a tiny pink bow on the waist and a pair of my socks she fished out of a drawer that are nearly three sizes too big for her petite feet. They scrunch around her ankles and she looks absolutely perfect, face mask and all. This is my girl.

She hikes her leg and steps up onto the bed, walking across me and the several discard pizza crusts we were too lazy to even throw on the floor. I’m actually kind of afraid to really look around the bed for fear of just how much food we managed to scatter around us.

She drops down unceremoniously beside me, causing the force to jump me out of my spot slightly and reaches across me, grabbing a new slice of pizza from the box on my nightstand.

“So,” she says as she bites into the pizza, “What’d I miss?”

“You lost.” I shrug my shoulder and raise my brows, “Ya win some, ya lose some.”

“No skin off my back” she mumbles, biting into the slice again, “Did Lupita win at least?” she says through a full mouth.

I turn to her just as Leo DiCaprio is announced to take the stage, “Babe, I’m kidding.”

“Huh?” she remarks puzzled.

“I’m kidding, supporting actress is up next” I nod to the television and we both turn our attention to the screen.

“You’re a dick Josh” she laughs beside me.

I nudge her shoulder with mine and take a bite off of my own slice.

As Leo speaks, I can’t help but feel her tense beside me. I know she is honored, but could really care less if she wins. But deep down, we all want to have that sign of respect, that moment of acceptance. Ya know. It’s that ‘good-job pat on the back’ feeling. If she wins, she’ll be shocked. If she loses, she won’t care. But to act as if the few seconds of anticipation don’t affect us as actors, as people, it’d be total bullshit.

“A hundred bucks” I smirk.

“A hundred bucks on what?” she replies.

“A hundred bucks says she trips like she did at the Oscars” I laugh.

When she realizes my joke, she throws her head to the side, “Ah man…” then she rears back and slaps my shoulder, “Fuck you Josh!”

All I can do is laugh as she continues to shove me away from her playfully. Her laugher marries mine and just as I begin to close the distance between her lips and my own, the words, “…Jennifer Lawrence!” and a roar of applause and music stops us both.

“Did he just say…” she questions skeptically.

“Congratulations” I say quietly, yet with so much pride I feel like I may burst.

She’s done it. She is now the recipient of a BAFTA. It rounds out her collection at home nicely.

I watch as the smile grows across her lime green face and a giggle escapes from her throat. She turns back to the screen and watches as her Director accepts the award on her behalf. But I can’t bring myself to watch anything but the woman beside me. She’s glowing. Her eyes are alight and her smile is infectious. The amount of vivacious life that flows through her leaves me in awe every day. I have seen her at her best and I have held her at her worst, yet that smile, that glow never fade from her. She has refused to let this industry destroy her.

The music begins to play again and I finally turn my attention to the screen, “Speech!” I shout into the room.

She waves her hand dismissively at me and bites into her pizza.

“Speech” I yell again.

She chews quickly and swallows hard, “No speech. David did a good job.”

“I didn’t hear a fucking thing that man said. I want to hear from you!”

She smirks over at me and rolls her eyes before tenting her knees to stand, “Okay, just for you…”

As she scoots forward, preparing to lift, her cell phone, charging on the table beside the bed begins to chime. We both just kind of stare at the phone as if it were some alien contraption. We share a glance, and on the fifth ring, it silences. I watch her shoulders slump with a released breath, and she pushes up once more. When she gets to her knees, the phone begins to ring again. Only this time, it doesn’t stop. For every missed call, there is a voicemail. For every voicemail, there are ten text messages.

She sighs heavily and drops back against the headboard, “Well that took the fun out of that moment” she grumbles.

“Hey,” I reach up and take her chin in my pinched fingers, “It’s alright. You knew this was coming. They all want to know how you feel.”

“I know Josh, but I don’t want to talk to them right now.” The glow and light has dimmed on her. It tightens my chest to see her fall so fast.

I lean in and lightly caress her lips, careful not to get the face mask all over me, “It’s just me. How about we call Liz, you give her the speech and she’ll get it out to everyone.”

Her eyes dance between mine, contemplating what her next move should be concerning the circus residing in the dial tone of her phone.

“What do you say? Just say what you would say to me. I’ll sit here, and you talk to me, while Liz is on the phone. Huh? Wanna give a speech?” I’m trying to word it in an encouraging way; I know she needs to get some sort of press release out. I pout my lips and make the most exaggerated beg face I can think of. “Please?”

I watch a smile crest her lips and the pull of her cheeks has the dried parts of the mask cracking against her skin, “No” she says plainly, “But…” there is a hint of mischief in her voice, “I will accept an award.”

I toss the piece of pizza I’m holding onto the floor and bring my hand up to curl around her neck, “Hmmmm…” I hum, “What did you have in mind Yoda?”

She laughs against my lips and smiles. Her voice becomes low and almost froggy, “Sex, I do.” She replies in her best Yoda impersonation, “Use the force you must.”

I lean in and capture her lips though my laughter. She tastes like pizza and beer. She smells like a bouquet of flowers and hand soap, and the texture of that damn mask against the tip of my nose is rough. But all I can think about is how much I love this woman.

“I’ve got a lightsaber that’s gonna make you wanna join the dark side” I add before gripping her waist and pulling her down against the mattress. She squeals as I climb over her, reclaiming her lips.

I become lost in her giggles and moans until the rest of the night becomes a blur of bad star wars jokes, finding crumbs in places they shouldn’t be, and mind blowing sex with my best friend; who, just so happens to be the love of my life.

+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

A huge thank you goes out to Clayton for allowing me to put some words to the amazing art you created today! 

Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you find it enjoyable!

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The Book of Joshifer - Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss - A Joshifer story

Okay, so here’s the second chapter of BoJ. It is unbeta’d as I didn’t feel like flooding my beta with stories this week. S, you’ll be getting a few chapters of Everlark this week! Hope you guys enjoy it. ~J

Chapter One can be read here.

The Book of Joshifer

By: Jamie Sommers

Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss

Rated: M for language and sexual scenarios (Maybe flat out sex) but mostly because with me, you never know.

Synopsis: A compilation of one-shots that can be read on their own or within the series. Each chapter will be a snippet of Josh and Jennifer’s lives and tell the story of what happens after Mockingjay wraps.

Oh yeah, I don’t know these people. Work of fiction. Blah blah blah…

This second chapter occurs immediately after Suzanne Collins gives Josh and Jen some words of advice and takes us back to a time when the nature of Joshifer’s story began to change.

Chapter Two: Prologue to a Kiss

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I wonder if there’re any Joshifer fics on this…very sexy reveal.

1. Jen confessing to having the best “sleep” ever in that bed, en route to China.

2. During the photo call after they arrived, you can see she’s practically trying to climb him like a tree.

3. Don’t forget, to top it all off…the very public reveal of her intimate knowledge and familiarity of his male appendage *ehem*.

Their interviews in Beijing are also a love fest. *sigh*