So remember that video I was talking about in that post about seeing Deerhunter on Friday? The one that Josh Fauver took on stage of the band members mid performance with my friend Matt’s iPhone? Yeah, well he’s uploaded it left right and centre, so here it is. Full of win and made of awesome. 


Now that I’ve had the convenience of seeing Bradford Cox perform as Atlas Sound and Lockett Pundt perform as Lotus Plaza, I can’t wait to see the other solo projects of the other members of Deerhunter. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out both Moses Archuleta’s debut album “Let the Deaf Lead Those who Can Hear But Cannot Fathom” and Josh Fauver’s “Calming Activity Up Close”.


Josh Fauver delights employees and abandoned furniture alike in a surprise organ concert in historic Chamblee, GA

Cum Horizon (improvisation)
Cum Horizon (improvisation)


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                                      Deerhunter - On Platts Eyott Island

Just giving this another listen now, and thought it was worth posting about. Mostly because I haven’t listened to Deerhunter in ages, thanks in no small part to the general suckiness of a relatively recent album with a black and white cover and stuff….

Anyways, this release, although it’s relatively one-off-ish in nature, is really worth hearing. The release, limited to 200 cassettes, was conceived as a tribute to John Peel and his legendary radio sessions. There’s nothing mindblowingly different or anything, just some solid acoustic driven versions of DH tunes, mostly off of Mircrocastle, along with “Cum Horizon (Improvisation)”, which you won’t find anywhere else. The version of “Spring Hall Convert”, in particular, is worth checking out. “Cum Horizon” is uploaded here for yr pleasure.