Latest information on In Dubious Battle in France

In Dubious Battle will be shown at the Deauville American Film Festival on the night of September 6, according to a schedule announced via Twitter (x).

James Franco will be at the festival September 5 for press and later, to receive a special award at a red carpet event. No separate red carpet for the film is listed on the schedule nor have any other cast appearances been announced.

Side note:

In Dubious Battle will not be the only film of Josh’s at the festival. In honor of actor Stanley Tucci, Deauville has also scheduled a screening of The Hunger Games on Sunday, September 3.

In Dubious Battle at Deauville September 5-6

Actor-director James Franco and the producers of Josh Hutcherson’s newest film In Dubious Battle will be on hand in Normandy, France on Monday, September 5 (Labor Day in the U.S.) for press events ahead of the Deauville Festival’s tribute to Franco that evening.

The following evening, September 6, the French public will have its chance to see In Dubious Battle at Cinéma du Casino, rue Edmond Blanc, at 8:30 PM.

  • Ticket information for Deauville events can be found here.

No other stars of the film, including Josh, are scheduled to appear in Deauville at this time.


The morphling stares into Peeta’s eyes, hanging on to his words.

“One time, I spent three days mixing paint until I found the right shade for sunlight on white fur. You see, I kept thinking it was yellow, but it was much more than that. Layers of all sorts of color. One by one,” says Peeta.

The morphling’s breathing is slowing into shallow catch-breaths. Her free hand dabbles in the blood on her chest, making the tiny swirling motions she so loved to paint with. “I haven’t figured out a rainbow yet. They come so quickly and leave so soon. I never have enough time to capture them. Just a bit of blue here or purple there. And then they fade away again. Back into the air,” says Peeta.