Andreil Engagement (as promised)

It didn’t happen like a typical engagement. But it’s these two; nothing is typical.
((This is based on a chat thingy from forever ago - I’ll hug whoever can go find it and resurrect it ok))


It was a Sunday night, and the Foxes were all in the girls’ room. Somehow they all wind up playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill”. Or rather, Dan, Matt, Nicky and Allison play it and include the rest of the team whether or not they want to be included.
“Renee,” Dan called. “Wolverine, Rogue, Magneto. Go.”
Renee tilted her head, thinking. “Kill Magneto.. Marry Rogue.. Fuck Wolverine.”
Neil didn’t totally understand, but he guessed that was because he couldn’t imagine fucking a wolverine.
The game went on like that for another while, Neil half paying attention and half watching the tv.
“Andrew,” Nicky suddenly said. “Me, Kevin, Neil. Go.”
Neil turned to look at Nicky, surprised he had tried to include Andrew.
“Kill you, Kill Kevin,” Andrew responded flatly before pausing. He turned to Neil, a familiar question is his eyes. “Marry Neil.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Neil saw Nicky grin and knew a cooing sound was about to happen, but he couldn’t focus on that. All he could focus on was Andrew’s gaze, as he waited on the answer.
“Yes,” Neil said.
Andrew nodded, and turned back to stare at the tv. Now Neil had a perfect view of his profile, and Nicky’s unobstructed face, which was frozen somewhere between a grin and a blankly shocked mask.
It was only then that Neil realised the room had gone silent when Nicky had included Andrew. No one had expected an answer, much less one like that.
A few seconds - minutes? - later, Allison spoke up.
“What,” she said, “from the depths of my soul, the actual fuck just happened?”
“I think Andrew and Neil just got engaged?” Dan said as if it were a question.
Neil was still looking at Andrew, who refused to acknowledge anyone. Anyone except Neil, apparently.
“I told you to stop looking at me like that.”
“I like looking at you,” Neil replied softly. He knew everyone was staring but he didn’t care.
“368%, Josten.”
Neil grinned.
Andrew flicked him a vaguely annoyed glance, then returned his gaze to the tv. Neil obediently looked away, and tried not to look around at the other Foxes staring at them both. He thought Nicky and Matt were crying, but he wasn’t sure and he wasn’t going to look at them directly to see if he was right.
After another few minutes, the team resumed talking and laughing and playing their game, if at a lower and altogether hushed volume.

Later on, Neil lay in his bed, beneath Andrew’s bunk.
“‘Drew?” he asked softly. A soft grunt answered so he took that how he wanted.
“What’s my percentage now?”
“369,” Andrew grumbled after a pause. “Edging on 370.”
Neil grinned even more. Andrew groaned. “Stop grinning like that.”
“You can’t even see me.”
“Don’t have to - I can hear it.”
Neil giggled.
Andrew let out a single hissing snort.
“I hate you,” he said far too softly for Neil to believe for second.
“I hate you too,” he replied.
When he fell asleep that night, his face was beginning to hurt from still grinning. But it was a good pain.

As a fan of all three members of the shield, i can say that we know Dean was a grandslam champion first.

Us Jeff Hardy fans had to deal with people claiming Dean was the youngest grandslam winner in history, when in fact it was Jeff Hardy, Jeff is the youngest grandslam champion and only Jeff and Chris Jericho have held all the titles in the original format. Yet, you didn’t see us complain, we were over the moon for Dean. Still are.

Just because we’re excited Roman is now a grandslam champion, doesn’t mean Deans reign is non-existent.

Please, just let Wrestling fans be happy for the guys and the girls that we love.

Stop all of this hate, as Roman said the first thing Dean said to him in the ring was,“congratulations on being a grandslam champion.” It hadn’t even processed in Roman’s mind at that point in time.

Please, just stop all of this hate towards each other. Wrestling is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Not full of petty thoughts and opinions.

Roman and Dean are best friends, brothers, family. Roman and Dean love each other and their fans and would be dissapointed in youse for hating on one another over them. I mean, just look at Roman and Dean. You can’t fake this bond ever. Be glad that they have one another.

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Also, Seth will get his chance too!! The WWE love the three members of The Shield and their work ethnic. They know that Seth,Dean and Roman don’t care about the money and fame, they only care about doing what they love which is wrestling.

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They love each other, how can we not love one another?


Henlo and Happy Birby Day owo It’s also NOEL’S BDAAAY <3 It coincidentally landed on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday for obvious reasons :D 

Noel’s birth year is 1997, so he’d be 20 today! In comic tho, he’s still 17 (going n 18 that same year >:3) He was so excited about cooking all day he fuckin forgot his other fav day lol. 

Happy Birthday my lil blond scrub ;w; <3 A baby I’ve come to love more and more every year. I’m… suddenly very sentimental towards him. He’s such a special character to me, I’m so happy he exists! Thank goodness v/</v !! 

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Dads react to Dadsona having a seizure?

(There’s a lot of different types of seizures, I’m going to use the Tonic Clonic seizure for this ask as it’s the most outwardly obvious one and the one most people think of when they hear the word seizure.)

Craig: Though he’d gotten used to Dadsonas seizures in college, it’s a bit of a shock when Dadsona suddenly has one whilst they’re out running. Thankfully, Dadsona fell sideways onto the grass and wasn’t injured when it started. It takes him a minute to remember what he should do, and then he’s sat at Dadsona’s side making sure he can breathe, timing the seizure and assuring people that, no, he doesn’t need an ambulance.

Joseph: He’s worked with kids who’ve had epilepsy before so when Dadsona stops responding and then drops to the floor shaking, he’s shocked but reasonably calm. He follows the same procedure that Craig does making sure that Dadsona is safe and warm until the seizure passes and afterwards forcing him to take it easy for the rest of the day so he can pamper him.

Hugo: Whilst Hugo has similarly worked with children who’ve had fits, they’re usually passed onto the school nurse so he’s not exactly sure what to do. He tries he’s best to make sure Dadsona’s comfortable until it passes but his hands are shaking the entire time with worry that he’s doing the wrong thing. He chastises Dadsona afterwards for not telling him about his seizures beforehand.

Brian: He has no idea what’s happening, he’s immediately on the phone and ringing an ambulance. The operator talks him through checking over Dadsona. He gets embarrassed when Dadsona comes round before the ambulance has even arrived.

Mat: It happens at the coffee spoon whilst Dadsona and Amanda are getting free goodies. Dadsona goes down and hits his head off the counter. Mat’s panicking, Carmensita’s panicking, Amanda’s trying to keep Dadsona’s head as still as she can and telling Mat to call an ambulance. They get him to the infirmary and he’s fine aside from a swollen bruise. Once he’s explained the situation to Mat, he handles it a lot better the second time.

Damien: Whilst Damien is not completely at a loss for what to do, he has sense enough to get Lucien to quickly search what he should do as he’s checking Dadsona over injuries. He decides upon phoning the emergency services anyways after he’s done everything Lucien has listed for him to do.

Robert: Betsy had been acting weird around Dadsona all night, she was barking at him and jumping up at his knees, neither of them knew why. Until Dadsona falls face first to the ground and starts thrashing. Robert immediately panics and the noise Betsy is making isn’t helping, he’s on the phone in seconds, ringing an ambulance. He doesn’t believe that Dadsona’s okay when he comes round and forces him to go the hospital and get checked over.