Noah Rousseau is the master of Riley Goodwin. He is twenty-seven years old and is straight. Noah looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is open.

Unlike most masters, Noah isn’t rich.

He grew up in Bentley, so he’d always known about slaves, but his family was too middle class to own any. Slavery was something that was just there to him; he had no real feelings about it. He knew some families who had slaves and thought nothing of it. Slavery was just a part of life and Noah accepted that, glad that he didn’t have to be anyone’s slave. His life was nice growing up. Noah had a lot of friends, he did well in school, and was even on the volleyball team in high school.

Though Noah is usually fairly calm and quiet, he can be prone to anger issues. If something sets him off, his rage will overtake him. And when he gets angry, he can get violent. His parents always wondered if his mental state was normal, so they frequently brought him to doctors, but no one could find anything wrong with him. Since his parents were always more concerned about ‘fixing’ his problem, Noah often sought fatherly advice from an old, rich neighbour, Stephen. The two became close, almost like family, and Noah thought of Stephen as another father.

Eventually he went away to college and found a job, away from South Carolina. For many years, he kept in touch with Stephen and Noah was grieved to find out that he passed away. An even greater shock was the fact that Stephen left everything to him; his money, his house, and even…his slave.

Disoriented by the fact that Noah now owns a slave, he moved back to South Carolina. Since he’d never owned a slave before, Noah is unsure of how to act with her, which often leaves him frustrated and prone to his anger outbursts. 

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August Weasley ✧ 31 years old ✧ Invisibility Task Force ✧ Former Hufflepuff ✧ Pureblood

Face Claim Recommendations: Lee Pace, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hiddleston


Ever since his birth, August’s head was filled with stories. Fairy tales about heroes saving the world, getting the girl and riding off into the sunset. He’d dreamt of being one himself as soon as he was capable of dreaming and couldn’t remember a summer day he wasn’t out with his brothers having sword fights outside their house until they were so tired they couldn’t stand. His parents were kind but strict when needed, they disciplined him and his brothers but also let their minds develop, letting them play and read. However, even though they were raised the same way, each of the three Weasley brothers went to a different house. The eldest was a Ravenclaw, the middle one Gryffindor, and when it finally came to the moment when August was to place the hat on his head, something he’d never imagine happened. He became a Hufflepuff. Thus, all the dreams of being a hero collapsed and August simply grew less and less interested in the world surrounding him. Sure, he had qualities for a Hufflepuff, he was kind and never could say no to a friend, but he could also hold his own in a fight and tell people who annoyed him off. He didn’t fit in, but he didn’t complain either. His friends were mainly Gryffindors and Ravenclaws anyway, so sometimes weeks passed and he didn’t even step into the common room. That was how he met Mathilda. Her spirit left him speechless in a few seconds upon meeting her, and soon, just as he’d secretly hoped, they started seeing each other far from their friends’ curious looks. Soon, school ended, and when the time came for him to choose what he wanted to do with his life, he surprised himself when the idea of an Auror almost repulsed him. Instead, he took a position in the Invisibility Task Force. Then, it seemed like a pointless job, just so he wouldn’t have to be supported by his wife, but now, it was something entirely different. With Grindelwald trying to push through with ideas entirely opposite of everything his job meant, maybe this would be the time August finally became the hero he’s always dreamt of being.


Positive: Kind, Respectful, Brave

Negative: Timid, Careless, Stubborn


Mathilda Weasley - wife - August had never dreamt of getting the girl before saving her from a dragon. But, it looked like Mathilda wouldn’t need saving, in fact she’d probably be the one to save him from any dangers that may occur. It was like that their whole relationship, it seemed. But, lately, it’s started to bother August. His friends’ marriages didn’t work like that and he’d started wishing, however horrible it might sound, Mathilda was more, well, obedient.

Keon Thomas - friend - Since the first day of Hogwarts, inseparable, partners in crime, wingmen when needed, drinking buddies. They would crook their hats at the ladies passing by them in the street at the same time. It was the only relationship that never seemed to change in August’s life.

Ruth Zabini - nemesis - If August were to be the knight in shining armor, Ruth was the peasant eating monster to be slain. The complete opposite of everything he’d ever hoped to stand for, Ruth made him wish she weren’t a lady more times than he could remember.

Mitch Kora || 26 || Earth || FC: Joseph Gordon Levitt || Status: Open

Mitchis extremely outgoing and, like his sister, is friends with basically everyone. He’s funny and loud, in fact you’ll often find him wandering the streets telling random people random jokes. He hides a deep insecurity about himself behind this vibrance. He blames himself for the death of the middle child of the two who was born with severe disabilities, Allen. Fed up one day with him, Mitch stormed out of the house, leaving him alone for a couple of minutes. In those mere couple of minutes, his brother managed to find his way to the pool and fall in, drowning. Callie never knew about him, as he and his parents decided to keep it from her.

When his powers were discovered:

Him and his little brother were trying to build a tree house when Mitch was 5 and Allen was 3, but they couldn’t find a tree big enough to build it in. After Allen’s death, Mitch would sit outside for half an hour every single day, willing the tiny tree they planted to grow faster in memory of his brother. He did this every day for two years until, when he was 7, it did. From one moment to the next, the tiny tree grew into a massive oak, with branches most definitely thick enough to hold a tree house. Confused and scared, he stumbled backwards into the glass door of the house. He willed it back down again, scared that his parents would get him in trouble. He watched it shrink to it’s previous form in utter shock.

                     APPLY NOW FOR STREETS OF GLORY :
                          a The Originals roleplay

300 years ago the Mikaelson family ruled New Orleans. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah forged the Quarter out of rubble, finding that it was not only a refuge to hide from Mikael, but a home where they could be themselves. For decades, they ruled over the Quarter in harmony with Marcel and the rest of the species. Although all seemed well, Marcel and Rebekah were plotting against Klaus in the hopes of removing him from their lives once and for all. With the help of a witch, they called Mikael to New Orleans. Unfortunately, their plan backfired when Mikael decided to be-rid of everyone who’s ever been close to Klaus, including Marcel. Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus fled New Orleans, believing their companion to be dead. Now, centuries later, they have returned, with Klaus ready to take back his throne and his power from Marcel, still alive, who has ruled in his absence. There’s a war brewing on the horizon, and the streets in the quarter are dangerous in both daylight and darkness, but these same streets will make or break the inhabitants of New Orleans.

Will you find glory in life, or glory in death?



BRETT WILLIAMS is 25 years old. He is a SENIOR at Northshore University, and a part of the ‘Burnouts’ clique. Currently, Brett is SINGLE and he is OPEN for auditions.

FC: Joseph Gordon Levitt | BIOGRAPHY →

  • Brett has always been the kind of person who just didn’t care, it was never really his fault, it was just how he was raised.
  • His father walked out on him and his mother when Brett was still small. His mother was never truly a mother and let Brett run free. At first it came as a blessing but then Brett starting acting out, just to say how much he could get away with. 
  • Brett dropped out of high school at the end of his junior year, deciding to follow a dead end job to attempt to pay for a trip overseas. When that fell through, Brett decided to go to college to see if he could get a better job.
  • Brett’s still that guy you see around who doesn’t try as hard as everyone else, but even though others may think he’s no more than a failure, Brett still believes there’s hope for him.
  • Brett doesn’t talk to many people outside of his clique, he feels they’re all a bit too condescending for him. He may try to be kind at times, but he’s always been a bit to snappy for most to endure.


Victor Van Dort - 29 - Joseph Gordon Levitt - The Corpse Bride - Cured Major Depressive Disorder, Doctor - Open

Victor’s history with the asylum began when he was a teenager. He grew up out of a wealthy family; however, unlike his socialite parents, Victor grew to love much more independent activities such as playing piano and drawing. As he matured, his parents feared that the reputation they had built up would be easily destroyed by their son’s lack of outgoing nature, so they decided on setting him up with a girl from another wealthy family. The two instantly clicked when meeting for the first time and Victor found himself hopelessly in love with her. His parents began to see a major change of him as he began to be much more social. However just before his senior year of high school, the girl of his dreams fell prey to a fatal car accident. Heartbroken, Victor immediately returned to his old habits only something was off. The happy tune that usually echoed from his piano was now a tearful hymn and the joyous paintings that he once knew were replaced by obvious signs of depression. Afraid of what their son would become, they sent him to the asylum to get better. Within a year, Victor became a success story and his depression cleared up all together. After getting a degree of psychology, he is back to help the place that once helped him. Though it has been many years since he has left, has his depression truly vanished? Or will it redevelop after surrounding himself with the patients? 

We're in need of our Michael Smith character!

Michael Smith || 27 || Human || NOPD Police Officer

FC: Joseph Gordon Levitt

New Orleans, LA is home to 360 thousand people, and you may never know who your neighbor is. Just like anywhere else, most humans aren’t privy to the supernatural creatures that walk among them everyday. At least they weren’t until a string of accidents within the town makes their presence indisputable.

Whether they be vampire, shapeshifter, or fae; divine or an abomination, their worlds are turning upside down. What once was a peaceful life has turned into a fight for survival in the Big Easy. They are hunted at every turn, and the slightest misstep could get them killed.

Will you survive? Or will you be taken captive, never to be seen or heard from again?

We accept every Wednesday and Saturday!


  • Name: Gabriel Mercier
  • Origins: Hawaii, USA
  • Affiliation: Templars as a Gadget designer
  • Born as: Daniel Butler
  • Status: TAKEN

T H E N: 

Daniel had the most traditional Hawaiian life you could possibly imagine. Like most of the other natives his one true passion was surfing. He spend time surfing ever since he was a child and he won awards by joining contests and matches throughout his life. But that life came to an end when he was attacked by a shark. He lost his arm and the sea had never felt as safe as it had done before. He hit a wave of depression instead, locking himself indoors, getting rid of all his trophies and medals, his boards and surfing outfits and pretended that it had never been a huge part of his life, but the pain always remained.

He decided to get a distraction and he started focusing on science and technology as a hobby. Though being a lot slower with just one hand, he became passionate about it, learning more and more about mechanics and chemistry and in a matter of time made his first robot from scratch. That was when the Templars tracked him down and made him an offer that he had never imagined he could have gotten in his life. If he would work for them, they would give him his arm back. And they had kept their word. They had given him a metal arm which gave him more strength as well as flexibility and he was able to work even faster and better as before. 

N O W: 

When living in Paris, Daniel, now Gabriel, knew that his modernized being had to be hidden. So he would always wear long sleeves and a glove on his metal hand so that the public eye couldn’t see. He makes weapons and bombs for the Templars that could benefit them in the war, cause distractions and diversions and give them  the same results they would have in 2030 but looking more like an 18th century weapon so they would seem realistic for that time. 

Even though he’s careful about his appearance in public, he doesn’t seem to care about his Templar comrades seeing his full appearance. When he’s working on gadgets he doesn’t cover up his arm, as he finds the shirts and waistcoats too suffocating for when he has to work. Though he was officially asked only to make weapons, Gabriel had discovered he also has a use in battle. With his metal arm, he knows a sort of superhuman strength that could unhinge one’s jaw if he aimed correctly. Most of his punches are done with that arm and blocking that blow would have no use most of the time due to it’s strength. What barely anyone knows however, is that Gabriel suffers from having a phantom limb. He feels pain in his arm every now and then that he isn’t to feel in the metal arm and it frustrates him most of the time. 

✓ Smart - Stragetic - Adventurous
✗  Phantom Limb - Secretive - Territorial


  • Clara Cobalt: Spends time with the girl ever since she was taken in by Jean. He feels sorry she is dragged into the mess and he tries to make her feel as comfortable as possible. He’s comforted by the way she wasn’t scared upon seeing his arm and she is one of the few who know about his pain which in a way is for him to show he trusts her. 
  • Deirdre Chevale: He shows his prototypes to Deirdre before showing them to Jean. She approves of them and if she disapproves he works on them before showing them to the boss. 
  • Margaret Budois: Margaret and Gabriel often share the same room when they have to work. They are both silent workers but every now and then they have a laugh and a drink when they need a distraction. This is also how he got to know that Margaret is an exquisite dancer. Secretly though, he wonders how she’d be like back in their days instead of here now that she has to pretend to be someone else. 



Erebus | God of Shadows | FC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Open

Erebus is the god of shadows, working in tandem with his wife and mother of his children, Nyx. He is also a primordial elemental god born from Khaos. This god is known to be a creepy individual, going as far as to follow people in the middle of the night. While he is a husband to the goddess of night, Erebus is likely more dark of an individual than his wife. It isn’t unheard of for Erebus to enjoy stalking and scaring people just for the hell of it. He is extremely close to his wife and sides with her no matter the situation.


Ryan Parker || 24 || Police Officer || Liar || Looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt|| Taken


  • When he was five his father was killed by a drunk driver who got off on a technicality
  • After the funeral Ryan changed; becoming obsessed with the law and constantly watched crime shows on TV
  • During middle school he became interested in law enforcement 
  • After graduation he joined the police academy
  • At twenty years old he became a full fledged member of the NYPD
  • four years later he found his life in danger when his latest case had connections to the mob and he was forced into a world of lies and corruption.
  • With no other choice he killed the one witness he had and, in disgust, filed for a transfer to a small town.
  • His request was granted and he was transferred to Ravelstroke PD


  • Was paid to kill a witness for the mob

Everett Pearce || 28 || Passenger: Class A || Joseph Gordon-Levitt || CLOSED

"You knew the game and played it, it kills to know that you have been defeated. I see the wires pulling while you’re breathing. You knew you had a reason, it killed you like diseases, and I can hear it in your voice while you’re speaking. You can’t be treated."

  Everett was born into a family of riches. He had all he needed and absolutely everything he wanted. He had a good soul, but he hardly ever showed it. Emotions were a personal thing for him. He wasn’t one to prance around with his feelings on display. He could easily come off with a hard exterior, but those close to him — no one but a few members of his family — know that he was a good man, with a good heart, and good intentions.

  His reason for desiring a mistress wasn’t because he was lonely, or lacking in womanly attention — no, he could get that easily. It’s just that he didn’t want to deal with the clinginess a person comes along with. Everett was content with having someone he could dispose of if that’s what he wished. Someone that couldn’t demand feelings or direct attention from him. They had to be satisfied with what he’d offer, nothing more and nothing less.

  Zoe proved to be worthy enough of this. She was simple; all she wanted was what he was able to give her, and she could and would easily give him everything that he wanted and needed back. He wasn’t hesitant to say yes to the Hyperion trip, because along with the fact that he’d had his eye on the ads as well, he wouldn’t mind some time away from the town he spent so much time in. It was old and boring, sickening in all of its sameness.

Reticent: Everett has never been one to wear his heart on his sleeve. He keeps his emotions in check and his feelings hidden. He’s the type of man you could never guess what could be on his mind. Unless he was having a casual conversation with you, he has the best poker face you could ever possibly see. 


  • Finicky
  • Diligent
  • Detached
  • Introverted


  1. Zoe Layton
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Sara Komori, Charlie Creevey, Ryder Vincent, James Hemingway,Kiara Park, Max Sinclair, Guillame D’Artagnan Pépinot, Sebastian Bennet, Séraphine Lancaster, Taila Arkanian, Violet Raine, Natalia Dashwood, Albert McAuliffe, Caleb Sutton, Bellamy Reinhart, Ren Takahashi, Angus Laherty, Bryn McNamara, Carter Wesson, Vivian Kaye, Neville Longbottom and Asylum Zabini!

Jack Burns • 27 • Joseph Gordon Levit • TAKEN

Uplink Location: Red Wing, Minnesota

Occupation: Ex-Police Officer

Gaming Experience: Beginner

Attributes: Sweet, Protective, Sad

Gender: Male

Preferred Pronouns: He, him, his, himself


Growing up as the only child may seem like the start to an awful childhood for some, but for Jack, it had absolutely no effect on his happiness. He was the only one his parents had to pay attention to, he never had to fight a sibling for any reason, and when he decided he didn’t like another child, he didn’t have to see them every single hour of the day. Of course, that didn’t mean that he just didn’t want to be around anyone, he did have a plethora of friends all throughout his schooling. But he was never close enough to call them his best friends.

That changed when he entered the Police Academy. He became fast friends with one of the officers he’d see around the campus, a Laurent Jones, and after he became a full time officer, he and Jones became an unstoppable team. Those years were the best of his life, and when Jones was promoted to police chief, Jack was standing right next to Jone’s daughter, Emeline, and applauding.

His life seemed perfect, his job was stable and he was definitely up next for a promotion to detective, and he was seeing a beautiful woman. All it took was one regular check up to change all that. Within two hours, the doctors had confirmed that Jack had leukemia. He was largely horrified, though he’d later tell Jones that he was more terrified than anything. But even cancer couldn’t bring Jack down, and the man decided to go through treatment. The only downside was that the treatment would make Jack too sick to work.

He heard about Death Incarnate through Jones, the man had promised his daughter to play it with her, and he was immediately heartened by the possibility of even pretending to be better. So when the doctors cleared him to play for short periods of time, Jack immediately let Jones know and entered the game with him and his daughter.


Species: Werewolf

↳ Class: Paladin

↳ Username: NightJack


Laurent Jones - Co-Worker

Emeline Jones - Friend


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We're in need of our Michael Smith character!

Michael Smith || 27 || Human || NOPD Police Officer

FC: Joseph Gordon Levitt

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                         THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

The most wanted characters by the muns; come and take a look to see if one of these is for you!

Sara Komori, Charlie Creevey, Ryder Vincent, James Hemingway,Kiara Park, Max Sinclair, Guillame D’Artagnan Pépinot, Sebastian Bennet, Séraphine Lancaster, Taila Arkanian, Violet Raine, Natalia Dashwood, Albert McAuliffe, Caleb Sutton, Bellamy Reinhart, Ren Takahashi, Angus Laherty, Bryn McNamara, Carter Wesson, Vivian Kaye, Neville Longbottom and Isabelle Stafford!