“Bloody Amazing.” you heard the voice say. You had spent about an hour looking for Klaus, whispering his name just loud enough for his super natural hearing to pick up. He was no where to be found, upstairs, downstairs, any of the rooms, eventually you had given up. A glass of champagne in hand, you had escaped to the balcony of the upstairs floor when you heard it. “I wholly dislike spilling all the details about romantic partners but I feel as though this one is justified.” 

You felt your heart swell, your hand grabbed the railing and you leaned forward just a bit, forgetting that Klaus was a vampire. He heard you, he smelled you, but you forgot that and he seemed to play as though he didn’t for now. “She’s absolutely lovely. Fiery. Remember I mentioned of Stefan’s fire? She far surpasses his. She reminds me of…Of Caroline.”

“Is this a road you want to walk, Klaus?” The voice sounded concerned, it was deep. You peered over and noticed Klaus was talking to a large, dark skinned man, who was handsome in his own rights. “I merely said she reminded me of her…An amazing creature she is.” You struggled to hear, your head turning so your ear was downwards, glass held tightly. “With such magnificent sneaking skills, aren’t you, Y/N?” It took you a moment to understand ..But then you realized, he knew you were there. You looked straight down and found his eyes staring straight at you, as if they could melt you. All you could do was give a small smile and an awkward laugh. 

“Why don’t you come down here?” It clearly wasn’t a question and you cleared your throat, nodding before turning and attempting to walk to the door way again, taking only a step when he spoke. “Uh-uh. There’s a short cut.” You were confused, you moved back to the railing and peered at him, his arms were out right, ready to catch you. Suddenly you understood. Jump? “Come on.” His hands waved…Very slowly you put the glass down and slipped off your heels, sliding one leg over the railing then the other, unafraid. Nervous, but unafraid. With a deep breath, you pushed yourself off, closing your eyes as you fell, hoping arms would catch you.