Day 3: Season 5 and The Originals

What’s your name? Shauna.

What did you think of 5x11 of TVD? As always, the whole plot sucked but obviously loved it because it included my beautiful OTP. For ‘closure’, it sucked that we didn’t get a post-sex/goodbye scene which I didn’t understand: honestly it wouldn’t have been that hard. Even, Caroline talking about what went down then on a following episode would have satisfied me but no…

How did you see their woods time having ended? What were their final words to one another? I think everyone sees this completely different to each other but I would’ve hoped for insecure!caroline and klaus being a big softy and reassuring her that he still plans to wait forever for her and that she’s beautiful and full of light. 

If you could how would you incorporate Caroline into The Originals? I really don’t know anymore, since Hayley’s considered a ‘queen’ now which is just beyond irritating. It was kind of unsaid to all Klaroline shippers that Caroline was Klaus’ queen and she’d end up in New Orleans and they’d takeover the kingdom. Like at the beginning of season 1, I would of loved to find out that the baby didn’t actually exist and it was just an illusion spell done by Sophie or one of the other witches. The idea of a hybrid baby still makes zero spell to me, fyi. Like now, it just makes zero sense for Caroline to go to The Originals because it just seems to be out of place, idk? I’m still awaiting a conversation between Elijah&Klaus&Rebekah on Caroline too. There’s been so many wasted opportunities for a Caroline mention too, ugh!

What song reminds you most of Klaroline? Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran.

If you could create your own Klaroline fanmix what are 5 songs you would have to include in it? Four of them are actually by Ed Sheeran: Give me love, Kiss Me, Thinking Out Loud, Tenerife Sea. Also; New York by Snow Patrol.

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