I never realized before why I so liked Crossing Jordan, but I think a fair amount of it has to do with the fact that Jordan is flat out mentally ill and everyone knows it...

and they bother to know her well enough to know “Yeah, no that’s her baseline, everything’s cool… well as cool as Jordan gets…” and when she’s having an off time they kind of roll with it, because everyone knows sometimes Jordan doesn’t function typically, and yes sometimes that means her friends will overlook warning signs… but it’s because they don’t want to be dicks. And then there are the times that the signs are pointing very clearly to self-destruction and they’re all “Jordan please be aware that you are getting self destructive and no one wants to see you hurt” but even then there’s never any serious consideration of taking her agency from her. Granted that’s probably because she’s regarded as IMPOSSIBLE to control, so why bother trying. And granted it’s fiction… but… I think that’s part of why I like it… because why shouldn’t mentally ill people get to be treated with respect? And why can’t neurotypical attitudes to it be one of “Yeah no that’s her baseline…” instead of “She’s a freak.”

And that’s not even getting into the other characters…

“Somewhere inside, I know. That’s how things always go. I don’t know why I let myself - I guess I thought that if it wasn’t true, then that meant that things didn’t always have to turn to crap.”

“Whenever I start to get close to someone, these little voices start screaming in my head, "Run, fast!” “Crazy.” “Messed up.” “Coo-Coo!” And I wish I could promise you it wasn’t gonna happen again, but it probably will.“