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Dog on the loose

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“Jordan!” I yelled as I grabbed my phone chasing after my German Shephard. It was supposed to be a relaxing morning jog after a hard week a work. And the last thing I needed was my dog on the loose. I stared at the leash in my hand wondering how the hell I allowed that dog to convince me to leave without his leash. I clutched the tag that read “Jordan” and ran after that dog, thankful I had been bothered to put on a decent pair of sport shoes.

I spotted the golden fur of him and ran after it, knowing if I left it alone for more than an ten minutes, he’s bound to get in trouble. He knocked a rubbish bin down just last week, chased my neighbour’s poor cat up the tree yesterday, and hopefully today it hasn’t got any new tricks up his sleeves. Right he didn’t have sleeves. Paws then.

Jordan ran across the park, it’s brown eyes wide open looking for someone to play with. It’s not his owner that didn’t love him, she did, it’s just that he was bored and needed a play mate. Owner wasn’t getting a new dog anytime soon. Last week, he had found an old ball in the bin and in an attempt to get it out, he had knocked the entire bin down and this scary old man had yelled at him. Yesterday he had a new friend or so he thought. A fat fluffy cat he always saw across the window. He had barked at her thinking she would understand him and in the end she ran up the tree. Once again he was left alone. He looked around and spotted a man. He had blonde hair. Just like him! He barked, happy that he had found a friend that looked like him!

He ran across stopping the man in his tracks. He had a kind face, and a grin was etched on his suave features. He dropped a stick at his foot, wagging it’s tail as it barked, it’s paws on standby. “Hey buddy” he had opened his mouth. Did he want to play too? Jordan watched in excitement as the man picked up the stick, throwing it across, he barked happily and ran for it.

“Jordan! There you are!” I yelled as I watched him pick up a stick running back towards a tall man. I went forward. “I’m so sorry, did he disturb your run?” I asked as I rubbed Jordan’s head, watching as he wagged it’s tail at him. “Not at all ma'am, your dog hasn’t been a disturbance” he said a smile on his face. “I’m so sorry. I’m (y/n) (l/n)” I said with a grin as I extended a hand. “Steve Rogers, pleased to meet you ma'am” he said. Something rang in my head. His name sounded so familiar. I remembered the news I had heard recently. “You’re Captain America” I said smiling.

“Yes ma'am” he replied with a bashful grin. “Thank you for helping me with my dog Cap, and none of the ma'am business I’m hardly pass my thirties Steve” I said chuckling as his face flushed red. “You’re welcome (y/n)” he replied. I turned, putting the tag around Jordan’s neck, before hooking the leash on to it. “I’ll see you around Captain”

“Wait, I was hoping you’d join me for lunch later?” He said a hopeful smile etched on his face. Jordan barked as he pulled me towards Steve, as if asking me to agree.

“I don’t see why not” I replied.

“We’ll meet here at one?” He asked

“Sure, I’ll give you my number” I replied reaching for my phone.

“It’s a date then?” He asked grinning.

“It’s a date”

We’re done! This was so cute, I kept thinking of the Winter Soldier park scene. ;)