Jordan Eckes


A collection of photos I took from when I saw against the current on Sunday night! I’m so lucky I got to go and see them again, they make me so happy and I can’t ever thank the band enough for how much they have helped me this past year

Will kept disappearing behind the symbols or just completely invisible on my camera due to the lighting :(

All my own photos please don’t steal


Weird Kids is the second full-length studio album by Poughkeepsie based Pop-Punk band
We Are The In Crowd and was released 
on 18 February 2014 on Hopeless Records.The special best buy version includes 2 bonus tracks.
It was produced by John Feldmann and allowed the band to reach a whole new level. In its first year out, it has given WATIC a new opportunity to grow, while still being themselves.
Stoked to see what more the future has in store for the guys and girl of We Are The In Crowd. 

Happy 1 year anniversary of the release of Weird Kids!!!

We’re all just WEIRDkids in the end. 

Very accurate

chrissycostanza: As much as I always look forward to going home after a tour, this ending was one of the most bittersweet. I can’t thank the Champs guys enough for having us out on this one, I had a blast and got to watch an incredible band crush it every night. This ones gonna take awhile to get over, I miss it already 🖤

We didn’t even mean to make a heart. We’re just that in love.