[FAN ACC] 160724 EXO’rdium in Seoul Day III
  • © Jongin didn’t appear during the opening.
  • © Baekhyun and Jongdae sang Jongin’s line in Monster.
  • © Sehun and Minseok covered Jongin’s part in Wolf.
  • © Suho: Kai sprained his ankle so he won’t be able to join most of the performances but he will do his best in participating in those he can. Suho added that Kai is feeling sorry for not being able to perform today.
  • Jongin came out for Artificial Love and when he sang, the fans could barely hear his voice
  • © Jongin: last time during practice I got hurt right? I got injured at the same place again yesterday when I was dancing.
  • © Jongin said the bones in his leg are okay but there’s something wrong with a ligament (the same injury from last time). He’s going to the hospital tomorrow to get it more thoroughly checked.
  • © Jongin’s eyes are swollen so much from crying. Had an x-ray in the emergency room last night and it’s the same injury - sprained ligaments.

Happy giggling Jongin makes my heart warm ♡

honestly jongin sounded so upset with himself when he was talking and like just all around really bummed out. it’s really pitiful that they had him stay at the concert when he can’t even perform and you know how much of a sweetheart he is so he’s most definitely beating himself up over this. i just hope he knows we understand and support him and want him to put himself first because he so rarely does that. he’s so selfless and hardworking and joyful. i don’t know how he does it but the world does not deserve this angel.