Me seeing that B.A.P doesn’t have nomines in any category of MAMA 2017

B.A.P Reaction to you accidentally confessing to them in a discussion


“Y/N, I know I fucked up, but-”

“Why do I even love an asshole like you?!”

“You…love me?”

He would stand there, moth slightly opened with a questioning look and just wait for you to say something. Yongguk would be shocked at your confession, since you basically said it while you were mad at him. He would ask you again, when you weren’t mad at him anymore, if that was true and secretly he hoped it was.

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Himchan would change his mood so quickly. From an argument to loving eyes in a second. He always told himself one day he would confess to you, but somehow he never did, afraid of things changing to the bad, when you would reject him. But now you told him you loved him. That fact would change everything for Himchan. Most likely he would also confess and this would be the first argument he liked and happily will remember forever.

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Daehyun would have provoked the whole fight, just because you are so cute when you get mad and he secretly waited for the go to hug you afterwards. What he didn’t planned was you crying about why you even loved him, if the two of you would always fight. Instantly he would regret everything and take you in his arms.

“Don’t. I know I’m an asshole and I love you too.”

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Youngjae would process that information rather quickly, but that wouldn’t stop him from looking awkwardly at you. It would take a time for him until he would speak up again, if he would speak at all. I have the feeling Youngjae would just hug you, silently apologizing for the fight and showing that your love for him is returned by his side. 

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Your words would definitely surprise him. He himself was fully aware of his feelings, but he was bad at judging what other people felt. So when you fought about the probably most dumb thing ever and got carried away with your feeling and confessed to him, Jongup wouldn’t know what to do. Kiss you? Hug you? Take your hand? In the end he would just awkwardly stand there, waiting for his nerves in his body to react. 

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Junhong would handle this pretty well. Of course he wouldn’t have expected it, but that guy is so helpless in love he made long ago multiple scenarios. You confessing to him in a fight certainly was not one, but he had 100 others to pick from. Junhong would be really confident. At first he would calm your mad self down, engulfing your smaller body into his bigger one for a hug and ask you again if you loved him, because he certainly loved you.

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jongup wakes up one morning at midday. the clouds blot out the sun, leaving his bedroom in shadow, so he miserably shuffles downstairs in his baggy pyjamas and fluffy slippers. he doesn’t remember buying them; himchan must have left them there, by accident or on purpose as a gift.

he rubs his eyes sleepily and pushes the front door open. the crisp early morning afternoon air soothes his aching limbs, and his lips gently curve up in a soft, content smile. as soon as he hops out, the garden springs to life: the birds begin their song, the bees find the energy to buzz, and the shoots spring up out of the flowerbed. the garden doesn’t even notice that jongup’s smile chases the clouds away and draws the shy sun out into the open: his smile alone was the sunshine it needed.

he shuffles towards a rosebud and tickles it. the rose blooms and jongup laughs, a light tinkering sound that reminds the rose of a highland stream in late summer. what a beautiful album

Daehyun’s ‘All Shook Up’ Schedule / Performing with Pentagon Jinho

1st Round Dates (24 Nov - 31 Dec)

Dae’s perfomance dates

  • Nov; 28th (8pm KST)
  • Dec; 3rd (6pm KST), 5th (8pm KST), 10th (6pm KST), 12th (8pm KST), 17th (6pm KST), 19th (8pm KST), 24th (6pm KST)

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