Jong Up

Dating Jongup Would Include:
  • adorable resting bitch face
  • sometimes he’ll work way too late and the only person he’ll listen to is you
  • like
  • “How come when I say go home you throw your shoe at me but when ‘your babe’ calls you just leave?”
  • “Because you’re not as cute as my babe.”
  • you, Uppie, Himchan, and Yong Guk having a protection squad for those who can’t do aegyo.
  • like, at all
  • sometimes he’ll just come home and flop on the couch with his head in your lap and that’s completely fine
  • he’s a morning person and you’re just… not.
  • breakfast in bed
  • pasafist Jongup not liking fights so you guys just have h e a t e d discussions
  • he’s always kind of on edge during interviews but completely relaxed when he’s with you.
  • paying Daejae to tease your boyfriend because they just do it so well
  • “Sing for me,”
  • “Why?”
  • “Sing. For. Me.”
  • random dance breaks like Jongup i’m cooking dinner i will burn this house down jongup no
  • him loving to hear you sing his songs and try to dance along because awe look at those lil arms you cute bean of mine
  • “Babe, your height is what makes you so charming.”
B.A.P reaction talking with you on skype when you're away


Good morning babe, I’ve just woke up and i dreamed with you.

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Hello sweety. Oh, every passing day you are prettier !!

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I can’t wait to have you here so I can stay all day with you only for me

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I’m sleeping with your teddy bear trying to feel less your miss


I miss you…


I’ve already wrote a thousand  songs about how i love and miss you. Come back soon…

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