Jong Up

I get asked a lot why I love kpop so much I think B.a.p will represent perfectly
  • Warrior: " Every one cowardly aims behind your head" Don't let society control you
  • Power: " Theres no more justice it's world where everyone submits under the power of money" The poor and weak fight back you've got just as much power as anyone else
  • Goodbye: "We hold onto sadness thinking its our story" turn that pain into energy run for dreams remember the past but don't let it ruin your future
  • What the Hell: " The many silences cover the truth they wear mask of pretense with words of indifference" " Sin without a sinner doesn't make sense" You will be treated unfairly but someday you'll rise against them so just stay in there
  • Unbreakable: "remember the endless sweat and tears" When you feel like breaking down push yourself and someday look back and thank yourself for not breaking
  • One Shot: "Say no to being a slave of laziness you want a high position by just sitting in your room all day this isn't a game" theres only one chance at life break some walls stop pushing things off tomorrow might not come
  • Zero : " anyone dreams to become a superman or batman but you so easily think you're a hero " why are idols princess and princes but you don't have any halo you're not an angle
  • No Mercy: " Is music a joke? it isn't for us" Don't look down on us just because we're young and new we can beat you any time
  • Badman: "This is a war against crime" The war is not weather someone is right or wrong its weather youre wrong and escape it