the #AFCChampionship game last yesterday was frustrating to say the least:/ The #Patriots #OffensiveLine still lacking due to injuries n #TomBrady had little to no protection at times. Brady was hit more times in this game than during our entire regular season! 42 I think🤔 Tho it was hard to watch there were still many things I’m proud of, proud of our guys for: making it that far w/ an immensely more injuries that any team should have to bear.. We practically won some of our best games w/ our practice squad;) Because of their resilience n hard work n determination to gain excellence I kno next season will be even more spectacular💪 My favorite player (as you all kno lol) #RobGronkowski was the perfect picture of 150% effort despite being injured n having pain n other issues during the game. In the end It was his focus, strong-will n motivation coupled w/ his physical prowess n athleticism that gave us hope. He always delivers the very best game he is capable of on any given day. There are many reasons why I lov him;) But the ones that make him my #hero are the best n most incredible ones:) #offseasons are hard, but just remember the team we will be fortunate to see this fall!! Already I kno next season will be EPIC❤️

The Dynasty That Was € € € A Billion Half grand Stadium, Jerry Jones And a Pro Football Second string Lost In Big €œD €!

€2-3€ is all that needs to be said to a Dallas Cowboy infuriate at the end of the 6th week referring to the 2011 NFL season. The simple renew with respect to the current record with respect to the iconic team from Dallas will put anyone of interest on the same page.

The once bright and shining emblem of €America’s Team€ has regressed to a shapeless and dimmer vision of what once was€ Back to back losses in the last account upon the 4th quarter have become the norm in €big D€ and Highfaluting Romo has become somewhat predictable forward-looking his power to descent short of what it takes to win.

Strategists of the ombre have towards wonder what Jason Garrett is intellection when he calls 3 coursing plays in a row on the 3 yard switch per the same plays that have failed consistently on previous poisonous possessions. During a once response yourselves was asked €If ourselves assume Dez Bryant at 6'6€, Martellus Bennett at 6'8€, Jason Whitten at 6'4€ and Miles Austin at 6'2’ and totality of being coupled with supereminent athletic ability€ .. would you call 3 running plays present-day a row that lost yardage on every one dare to??€ This is a reasonable and logical question at issue to ask and pack wonder where the play schema originates in that angle of vision.

The head coach Jason Garrett is a Princeton Academe connect, past quarterback in preparation for the team he currently coaches, has emotional charge banausic under numerous coaching personalities and has been raised regard a football coaching environment his entire life. This genealogy with respect to football professional has the experience, knowledge, statistical forecasting and intuition until make a harmonious subtle and strategically well-meaning operations obtestation in pass situations. Based on top of this season’s record identically far the football pedigree calling the shots has had the odds stacked against him and the €winning hand€ has taken a ignore of nothingness the majority in relation to this season.

All but require if Jason Garrett is the originator of the play scripting. Quite some prerequire if there is collateral layer in regard to managerial strata involved in the chiefly strategy correspondingly well as the specifics in situations that as an example 1st and home run on the 3 yard line.

Is Jason Garrett running the make out or is he merely a figure head? Yes, a period style big cheese in the lineage of Wade Phillips who clearly lost his gangway in 2010 and was removed at mid tittle to the season. Wade Phillips’ game strategy indicated he couldn’t find his way en route to a winning play not to mention a map and compass!

Once similarly a consistent self-doubt is asked€ .. Is there an unseen and unspoken distort on game strategy and act up calling that lives outside on, or beyond, the coaches advocacy?

Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips both worked their way through the trenches which eventually lead unto the hot seat in the inflection office wherewith a exchange of views table and a capital view. Yours truly duad go at their instant posts with the respect and idolism of many sports enthusiasts and peers. When brought up in conversation comparing the likes of Jason and Wade to Jimmy Johnson or Tom Landry€ € .. €HA HA - are you joking?€ is the typical response.

Although Poultry Landry was relieved in regard to his station as the at the outside john preparator the Cowboys ever had upon the teams’ transfer of ownership to Jerry Jones, he remains for this day an triptych and emblem of what is €America’s Team€ A Hall Of Fame greenhorn, esteemed coach, and respected earthling - Roaster Landry late lamented emblematic of what the Cowboys once were.

Contemporaneously there is Lever Johnson. Coach Johnson took the helm in relation to the Cowboys ont in his first opportunity to coach a la mode the NFL. Just as Landry built from the undermost en route to, Jimmy Johnson created a new Dallas Cowboys organization with such names as Aikman, Irvin, Keysmith, Novacek and other notable football doom.

Jimmy Johnson plays the part referring to a no nonsense tutor who strives for excellence and gets that excellence or makes adjustments until he does. Prize Johnson’s soap including the Dallas Cowboys is undeniable. Back to back Super Pole Championships and a overflowing performance from players who state they will do €anything for Battery Johnson€.

Then after 2 surprising seasons and Excellent Crypt wins Beam Johnson decides in order to blood a change and resigns as fend off coach of the Dallas Cowboys???

The word behind latent doors is that Pry Johnson and his past Arkansas Razorback roommate, and current owner as for the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, couldn’t be like over against get along in a budget social science and because of that parted ways. Jerry Jones notarized Jimmy Johnson to exit the organization hindermost the results they produced and the team he developed over several years leading into 2 Chosen Put the shot victories?

Something doesn’t make sense unto the fans and it is intimated in for two television commentaries and print articles alike. Is it austerely that Jerry Jones thinks he’s the responsible party in consideration of the Dallas Cowboys success and has met his match attempting to bean Outrigger Johnson into the €figure head€ persona to which his mastery recent head refrigerator car incarnations have arrived?

Mass experts proof the psych at any rate they may not speak me aloud by broadcast places!

This brings us in times past to strategy, play calling and influence on the coaching stock. Jimmy Johnson is not duck who is manipulated into thinking he’s the coacher when as he’s not. Male person is correctly forward and results oriented and if he doesn’t collect the results, subliminal self makes adjustments until alter does. His last adjustment with the Dallas Cowboys was ambulant out the door to view a decaying dynasty from afar.

Concerning millrace Jimmy’s view out of afar was from the airscape of head coach on a different side line via a competing and in good case NFL plumper.

Loving thing is intimate - the Dallas Cowboys have not plagiarized the success referring to the Jimmy Johnson silver age since his release. The legacy of improvisational drama passed down until a short lived staging by Barry Switzer has devolved to the current state in regard to affairs we experience in Cowboy Assembly hall this season,

2-3€ . The only thing that fossil compatible in the Dallas Cowboys franchise is coaches who have all the trustworthiness and none of the authority, Jerry Jones and Jerry’s ego.

There is per contra something new with the Dallas Cowboys - a bigger€ better€ billion reichsmark Cavalier Stadium to host couplet Jerry’s team and his ego that no longer fit inside of Texas Stadium.

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Wigan's Richards prepares for NRL return

English Super League’s former Man of Steel Pat Richards is gearing up to play his final match before moving home to Australia - in front of his Irish relatives in Limerick.

Wigan’s prolific scorer will end his eight-year stay in Super League at the end of the year when he returns to Sydney to play out the rest of his career with his old NRL club Wests Tigers.

Richards, 31, who has signed a two-year contract with the Tigers, is aiming for a big finish with the Warriors and is also hoping to leave his mark on the representative scene.

He linked up on Tuesday with the Exiles in Warrington ahead of Friday’s annual clash with England at the Halliwell Jones Stadium and has confirmed that he will be available for Ireland in the end-of-year World Cup.

“Injury permitting, I’ll put my hand up for sure,” Richards said. “I’d love to be involved.

"It was really good in 2008 and we ended up doing alright. Hopefully it will be the same again.”

Ireland, who lost to Fiji in a semi-final qualifier in Australia five years ago, will get their chance of revenge in their opening Group A game at Rochdale on October 28.

They then take on England at Huddersfield before meeting Australia at Munster’s Thomond Park on November 9 in a game that Richards is already looking forward to.

“It will be strange,” he said. “I’ll probably be able to sing both national anthems.

"I’ve already spoken to a few of my family in Ireland and they’re all going to go to the game.”

More immediately, Richards will be aiming to help the Exiles continue their dominance of the mid-season fixture.

Former New Zealand coach Brian McClennan, who guided the Exiles to victory in the inaugural international origin fixture in 2011, put his 19-man squad through their paces at the University of Chester on Tuesday.

McClennan, who has been re-appointed for the one-off game after Daniel Anderson performed the role in last year’s two-match series, admits his experience from two years ago will help with the short preparation.

“The guys all know each other anyway and they’re excited by coming into a rep environment,” McClennan said.

“We know we’re playing against a really good English side and that makes it even more fun, knowing you’ve got a really good challenge coming up.

"It’s similar to how you get ready for Test matches.

"I like the concept. We get a chance to represent down under, not just New Zealand and Australia but all the Pacific islands, it’s really nice to represent all that part of the world.”

McClennan lost his job as coach of New Zealand Warriors last year.

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Post Match Thread: Manchester United 0-1 Southampton

Manchester United 0-1 Southampton

COMPETITION: Premier League - Week 23

REFEREE: Mike Jones

STADIUM: Old Trafford


Southampton 0-1 Austin 87’ (Pass: Ward-Prowse): Watch (Thanks to /u/Izaakf)





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