forget hamilton and in the heights, i can now only associate Lin-Manuel Miranda with the fact he rhymed ‘election’ with 'erection’

canon whereby hamilton throws a dog at seabury during Farmer Refuted



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Hamilton Casting Call!

So… obviously the Hamilton fandom has exploded and I refuse to comment on that particular situation on what is considered discrimination and what isn’t because I am not in the mood for getting lashed at…

HOWEVER! Can we focus on something else please?

Instead of looking at this: 

Can we please look at this? 


This is fucking amazing! 

I know there are some Negative Nelly’s out there but think of it this way.

Hamilton is geared towards casting minorities and poc, (I think we have all established that), but unfortunately minorities are known to struggle with money more so than others.

Professional theatre classes and participating in community theatre programs is hard, it’s expensive, it’s not something everyone has the luxury to be able to do simply because they can’t afford it.  (I couldn’t afford a ticket to go /see/ a show)

Another thing that this entire situation is pointing out is that minorities and people of color aren’t casted in shows like Wicked or Grease, not only at the professional level but at the domestic level as well. 

This casting call is telling you that they understand.

They know it’s difficult.

They know it’s expensive.

They’re giving you the same chance Alexander had. He had no money, he couldn’t afford the luxuries others could and he gained the knowledge from the people around him and they helped him learn.

Hamilton had his shot, and now they are giving it to you.

I think it’s beautiful that no previous experience is needed.

It’s a wonderful thing that’s being overshadowed by controversy.

There is always something positive in a mess, you just have to find it.

take philip schuyler the man is loaded, uh oh but little does he know that his daughters ally, angelixer, elizalexander sneak into the city just to watch all the laurens at wORK WORK.


Jonathon Groff & Lea Michele - Walking in Space (Hair) / The Word of Your Body (Spring Awakening)

Brilliant mashup. What even.