For a girl who doesn’t know how to cook, I find that I have this weird thing for cooking shows and chefs on FoodNetwork. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gail Gand, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachel Ray. Now that Bravo TV’s invading cable, I have this strange liking for Top Chef Masters Season 2 Jonathan Waxman. He’s chubby and a little scruffy with his stubble. As I see and read it, he makes delicious (mostly Italian) food on TV. He’s adorable with his chef suit and Star-Wars-Zen-like aura when he cooks. Weird I know. But he’s just so cute, dubbed as Obi Wan of that season. I wish to have my own cutie chef. ^_^


You probably know this week’s guest…


… from Top Chef Masters, Barbuto in New York, or his famous roast chicken.  But did you know that the Obi Wan Kenobi of food also had a previous life as a professional musician? On this, our final episode recorded at Life is Beautiful, he tells us about the band he was in with Lenny Pickett called Lynks, and what it was like to play with BB King and Sammy Davis Jr. Plus at the end we talk about Music City Eats, the festival he started with the guys from Kings of Leon.

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This is pretty awesome. 

Whenever I go out to eat, I always want to order the chicken. Chicken is the default entree, what people order when they don’t know what they want to eat. Every chef has to have one on the menu, so I like to see what they’re doing with it. Are they going to go hard and push the envelope, or stick with something safe and comforting, but execute it perfectly every time. Plus, I just love good chicken, and Jonathan Waxman’s looks badass, especially the Italian salsa verde