@thevoidsenter​ tagged me on this thing (and i love these, i love questionnaires, i love tests, keep em coming)

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers/people you’d like to get to know better
nickname(s): none actually, people call me short versions of my name (like a sweet sweet girl from college that used to call me cisco, and no one else has called me that and i LOVED it). oh this other girl from college used to call me mapache <3 
zodiac sign: capricorn
height: the same as thom yorke
orientation: GAY
nationality: venezuelan
favorite fruit: bananas, dates, coconuts and passion fruit
favorite season: no seasons in this country, but went to buenos aires in winter, i loved it
favorite book: Jonathan Santlofer’s Color Blind, Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero and anything Murakami’s (i really really love his short stories)
favorite flower: orchids and roses
favorite scent: vanilla, mint, lemon and the first cig from a brand new pack
favorite color: orange?
favorite animal: killer whales and raccoons
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee
dog or cat person: dog
favorite fictional character: way too many, faye from chungking express, sarah linden from the killing, dale cooper from twin peaks, i could do this all day long
# of blankets you sleep with: one (1)
dream trip: tokyo, san francisco, seoul
blog created: 2012?
# of followers: no one cares, none of this is real
random fact: i had a teacher in college that was friends with andrea bocelli, so by the six degrees of separation thingy i’m a few steps away from kim and kanye


This week’s video: An artistic tragedy has unexpected benefits.