I’ve noticed recently that everytime I watch a new tv show or movie I come to this weird default that all the mains should be with each other. Love triangle? OT3. Who will the protag choose? How about both. We are all such good friends. Is it possible for 4 people to kiss each other all at the same time? Everything by default now is poly af.

Socathan Week Day 2: Collage AU

In which Jonathan needs a haircut and Sock is very enthusiastic for a class where he gets to read about murder all the time


Can you believe it? I never thought it would be George to be the most upset about Lucy’s leaving.

I understand Lockwood would obviously have a hard time– I expected him to even possibly break– but no, like his sister’s death, he was able to keep hold and handle it to himself.

However when Lucy sees George back again, the few first words he says to her includes nasty sarcasm and rude comments… It obviously affected him a lot and he went through sadness and anger– showing bitterness to Lucy later on.

But just think about it, George probably sees Lucy as a sister. 


Imagine…being Steve’s sister and Jonathan having a crush on you.

Y/N: Why don’t you like my brother?
Jonathan: I don’t like most people. He’s in the vast majority.
Jonathan: But for some reason even though I don’t like him….I like you.
Y/N: Really?
Jonathan: Yeah. I like you Y/n Y/l/n.