the signs as mpgis characters
  • aries: Brittnay Matthews
  • taurus: Deandra the New Girl
  • gemini: Mackenzie Zales
  • cancer: Trisha Cappelletti
  • leo: Shay van Buren
  • virgo: Matthew Derringer
  • libra: Jenna Darabond
  • scorpio: Rachel Tice
  • sagittarius: Tanner Christiansen
  • capricorn: Ashley Katchadourian
  • aquarius: Jona(than) Getslinhaumer
  • pisces: Saison Marguerite
  • O'Shen: Suck my dick.
  • Than: Oh yeah? Why don't you come over here, pull down your pants, stick your dick in my mouth and say it to my face?!
  • Tanner: Okay, Than, c'mon buddy.
  • Matthew: Yeah, Than, c'mon now, alright let's - uh - everybody let's just get warmed up.
  • (football team drags Than away)
  • Than: You're all talk! - He's all talk.

Jonathan Getslinhaumer || 17 || Hunter Parrish || Taken

Not much…He thought you were going ask what he was looking at…The name’s Than. It’s short for Jonathan. No, he will not go by Jon. Yes, he did give himself the nickname. It’s kinda like the time he tried to get everyone to call him Uncle Jesse, but the other guys wouldn’t go by The Rippers and it was all wrong. He doesn’t like watching the boys shower as much as Coach Spits. He doesn’t play by anyones rules and will suck your dick if asked. Than has no friends and often cries over that. He’s not allowed to look at the boys’ butts and that is just something he has to deal with in life.