Jonathan the Flaming Toon

I did a doodle for fun for @themarshmellowsnowqueen cuz gOD DAMN I DIDNT REALIZE HOW FUN THIS ASSHAT WAS TO DRAW
This is sort of the first time in a long while that I’ve drawn with a warmer color palette. Typically I like working with really cool colors, like blue, but this was a nice change of pace! Guess you can say it’s warmer in more ways than one ;) 🔥

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, a lot happened in the span of a few days and it was really annoying… But I’m trying out this new cam scanner that @spudinacup recommended to me on her stream. So the quality is a lot better, hopefully! I just did a complete color doodles of Jonathan. I’m obsessed with him! I have a problem! But I hope you all enjoy and thank you so much for your support! ❤❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘
Abel the Angel belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me

Mob Boss! Bendy belongs to @thelostmoongazer

The song Jonathan is singing is “Isn’t It Romantic” by Tony Bennett

when Vivianne was a very young girl was taken into Jonathan and belle home. Still she was a rebellious girl and did not always follow the rules. Once her attitude got the better of her and challenge Jonathan authority. 

let’s just say she never did again after a mouth of cleaning the mansion, and got way more calm with her sassy and rebellious attitude. She still adore Jon, she could never hate him. 

Vivianne the ink angel belong to me.

Jonathan the flaming toon belong to : @themarshmellowsnowqueen  and thanks hun for letting me draw your son! I adore coloring and drawing him. 

Hello everyone, since people really liked Jonathan’s floofy hair, I might as well do you all a favor… Here’s the handsome spicy Cheeto puff for you all… Especially @thelostmoongazer… 😉
Floof the hair for power, Jonathan! 😆😆😆
Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy! 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗

Ok! Been trying to draw @furgemancs ’S Angel toon oc known as Buster for a while now XD and here he is with my fan child Blazen!

Buster the Angel © @furgemancs

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Jonathan the flaming toon and Belle the bunny (their the parents of my fan child) © @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Please don’t steal art or characters

The brother that's there but can't be seen

Simon hummed a bit as he was putting together a puzzle by himself. He sighed, his sister Rosanna was reading a book, his mother and father were busy with work so that left him alone in the living room. He groaned face planting into the carpet floor he laid upon. But he shot straight up as he had felt a hand on his head, thinking one of his family members was doing it. Strangely enough though…not a single person was in the same room as him, that creeped him out a bit. Suddenly hearing a click near him, he looked down to the puzzle and saw that a very pieces where added, Simon blinked shocked. “How’d that happen?” Simon asked himself as he jumped back a bit as another piece placed itself…all on its own.

Simon felt fear pound through his veins, but it also wasn’t just fear…interest flows through them to. Simon looked to the door way remembering his sister was in the next room over he could always call for help. Simon looked back to the puzzle and scooted back over, and he decided to place a piece and test the waters. It took a minute but a piece floated up and placed itself, Simon picked up a piece and placed it down. Simon then noticed something, that the spot across from him was absolutely FREEZING like a bag of ice was placed across from him and it wasn’t there before. The energy in the room didn’t change at all, it was strangely more happier actually! Simon even felt himself beginning to smile, as he piece by piece built the puzzle to it’s full glory! The picture was of a Phoenix, soaring through the skies.

Simon clapped once as he looked to the strange cold spot saying “Hey, thanks for helping me build the puzzle! And um I-I’m guessing your a ghost cause unless your an invisible person then I’m gonna guess your a ghost.” A hand seemed to appear on his head again or at least the pressure of one appeared. Simon shivered a bit but smiled, he suddenly felt the pressure was gone and the cold spot was…moving?! Simon was immediately up on his feet as he stretched a hand out feeling the movement of the cold. The cold seemed to stop when it noticed Simon, the boy tried to explain “Um…I was hoping to play some more! Maybe a board game? Or maybe something you wanna play?” The child wasn’t even sure if he was making any sense to the ghost if that’s what this was.

The cold spot began to move, out the into the hallway, Simon followed wanting to know what was going on. The cold spot moved to the kitchen, where on the counter was fresh baked cookies! Simon didn’t remember anyone baking cookies, he blinked and asked the cold spot next to him “Did you make them?” And the answer was a cookie floating down and dropping into Simons hands. The child blinked and smiled “Wow! Thank you!” He spoke as he looked to the cookie and began to eat it, he then asked “Hey, where are you going?” He noticed the cold spot was moving again and followed he noticed they were entering a much bigger living room. This was when they had more family over, it was rarely used. Simon watched as items moved around the room and created a fortress made out of couch cushions! Simon giggled as he ran in to the fortress, but he noticed the spot wasn’t close anymore! Simon was confused, where did his ghost friend go? He got his answer as the plate of cookies from the kitchen and even a cup of milk came floating over and put in front of him.

The cold spot he soon felt next to him once again. “Oh wow! Thanks! This is great, now I have two cool friends! I have Dylan, but he’s not always here cause he’s with him mom and dad but now I have you to!” The child beamed a smiled as he ate another cookie and drank the milk as well. Now these were both made with ink, the cookies and milk were basically ink made to make human foods into toon food. So Simon was safe from getting ill, as he ate and drank, he began to get tired and so after only a few cookies were left and his milk completely gone he curled up to snooze away in the fort. A blanket floating over to be put over Simon’s head and a pillow as well joined and Simon’s head was lifted just enough to slip the pillow under his head.

When Simon woke up next he was awoken by his sister Rosanna. “Simon!? Why are you in here? And did you mess with the oven?!” Simon whined before looking up to his sister confused “Rosanna what do you mean? I’m not allowed to touch the oven after the last time, why?” Simon yawned tiredly as he looked up at her. Rosanna spoke a bit frustrated “Because I saw the cookies on the counter and I don’t remember anyone baking anything.” Simon blinked and smiled saying a bit more alert now “Oh! That was my ghost friend! They were awesome! They helped me make a puzzle first and then they led me to the kitchen to have cookies! And then they made this fort! But then I must have fallen asleep..” Simon felt around a bit hoping to feel a cold spot but nothing was there “Aw! The must have left, the cold spot isn’t here anymore…” Rosanna stared at her brother and sighed “Your imagination is amazing and wild.” Simon snapped back “They are not part of my imagination! They were here!” He pouts a bit and suddenly the two hear the front door open.

“Mom! Dad!” The two spoke in union as they both raced for the door. Nether noticed that the large living room as actually picking up itself…..
Ohhhh! Spooky!! Seems there’s a ghost in the house hold! But here let me explain! You see this isn’t canon to @themarshmellowsnowqueen ’s AU but I can’t help but make ideas XD

You see Jonathan and Belle actually had a first child, his name was Blazen but he was shot and killed at a young age by a rival gang. So I’m thinking Blazen still watches over his family, and making sure their happy, like Simon being alone he wanted to help. So this is the first time Simon meets his older brother Blazen…

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Jonathan the flaming toon, Belle the rabbit, Roseanne the rabbit and Simon the toon all belong to @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Dylan the mentioned toon © @eliana55226838 !

Hope you all enjoyed!!!

Madam Honeymint, and Care belongs to me
Jonathan the Flaming Toon @themarshmallowsnowqueen
Bendy the Mob Boss @thelostmoongazer
Elymas the Demon Bartender @animal-guardian
Abel the Rebel Angel @the-vampire-inside-me

Inkling Smuggler
Don’t under estimate.

Demon Bartender
Caution is heavily advised

Flaming Toon
Don’t approuch under any problem

Madam Honeymint:
Madam of Canvas City
Pick your words carefully!

Abel the Rebel Angel
Angel with Pistols
Keep your distance

Bendy the Mob Boss
Unstable in general
Will snap at any second

“My name is Jonathan, son, you better not let me catch you jumping off… Or the little youngling beside you would be scared for you…”

Silas had a pleasant meeting with a flame toon - left a good impression on both the demon and his ghostly companion :3c

I loooove Jonathan! He is super cool! And his hair is fun to draw! @themarshmellowsnowqueen

ignore the lazy bad background qwq

“Came in from a rainy Thursday on the Avenue… Thought I heard you talking softly. Turned on the lights, the TV, and the radio… Still I can’t escape the ghost of you… What has happened to it all? CRAZY, some would say. Where is the life I recognize?”

Hello everyone! 😊 I’m so sorry for not posting in 6,000 year’s! Having family over for Thanksgiving was a little crazy. ❤ I wanted post this little piece I worked on… I’m curious what you all think this represents… ;)c
I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for all support! 💜💜🔥🔥❤❤🌹🌹🌹🤗🤗

The brother that's there but can't be seen

“Can’t get me!”

“Oh ya I will Simon!”

Child laughter filled the halls, as two young boy toons bolt down the hall ways and into rooms at random. Simon was running from his friend Dylan, Dylan was the son of Bendy and Crystal. They were highly respected toons and tonight was a fun night for the children, their parents had decided to have a game night for adults only. But the two boys didn’t mind as they got the chance to play tag with each other! Simon’s sister however decided to spend the night in her room, which was strange for Simon and Dylan honestly. Usually Rosanna would play with them, but she’s been acting kinda funny the past few days, so the two boys decided to play alone, Dylan soon tackled Simon to the carpet in the big living room near the kitchen. “Awww! You got me!” Simon said giggling as he sat up Dylan was giggling as well as he sat on the carpet to. Suddenly Simon noticed a weird mist behind Dylan, and his grin got even wider and he stood shouting “Your back!” Dylan jumped in surprise and confusion.

“I never left Simon…” Dylan spoke tilting his head eye brow raised in a confused state. But Simon ran past Dylan and to the very very faint mist that seem to have a outline of something, but it was to hard to tell what. “Are you back to play?!” Simon asked looking up at the top of the mist assuming that it was the head, Dylan blinked as he stood up and went next to Simon and immediately noticed the change in temperature. “Wow! It’s really cold here!” Dylan spoke feeling the pocket of air Simon was used to the coldness already so he wasn’t fazed by it in the slightest, “Dylan! This is my friend! The ghost friend I told you about!” Simon said as he looked to Dylan grinning happily. “Really? Well it’s nice to meet you!” Dylan said as he looked up to the “head” of the mist, it seemed to wave in return and then started to move off into the hall. Simon blinked and started to follow saying “Come on Dylan! I think he wants to show us something!” Dylan nodded and walked with Simon and follow the strange entity.

The two boys end up in a room that nether boy had seen before! It was hiding behind some ripped up wallpaper, the little door that led to the secret room was golden with a slight deep red outlining the edges. It had a black doorknob, while the mist phased through the door the two had to climb onto each others shoulders to reach the blasted knob. But it was so worth it when they went inside, there was an amazing room that was decorated with a Tree house theme! There was toys scattered around and even a fake tree with a treehouse in it! And a ladder led into it! “Ohhh wow! This is awesome! I never knew there was a room back here!” Simon said in awe as he looked at the toys, it was in a fine coating of dust but everything was in great condition still. Dylan laughed as he climbed up the ladder that led into the treehouse “Wow! There’s like a sleepover fort in here!” He spoke pooping his head out one of the windows the tree house had.

Simon was soon joining as well and the mist reappeared and Simon went over and said “Thank you for showing us this place!” And in a attempt to thank the mist he did a air hug, and Dylan joined in air hugging as well saying “This is gonna be awesome! Thanks!” The mist surrounds the two and both feel a pressure on their backs, and they knew the mist was hugging them back…

Ok! Another chapter up! And this time both Dylan and Simon are in it!

And that room their in used to be Blazen’s before he was killed and in grief Jonathan and Belle both sealed it off and forgot the room existed. So now it’s need discovered!

Jonathan the flaming toon, Belle the bunny, Simon the toon and Rosanna the rabbit © @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Crystal, mob boss bendy mentioned and Dylan © @eliana55226838

Blazen the rabbit © @animal-guardian

Please don’t steal art or characters