Jonathan's cute gay mumblings

Cute gay lil story

first off: I’m a gay dude incase u didn’t kno


I go to the gym three times a week and I always see this cute guy with freckles and brown/reddish hair and he’s always there. I see him looking at me a lot and I’ve lowkey had a crush on him for awhile… but I’m terrified like what if he’s not into dudes so I haven’t said anything…

well today I needed help moving some weights cause I’m a weak ass so I asked him for help cause he’s bigger and stronger than me and he helped me and was all cute and blushy after when I thanked him!!!

Then when I was leaving he smiled at me and his friend came over and told me the cute guy’s name is Andrew and apparently he thinks I’m “pretty"?!! Like I shit you not he came over and was like

“Hi, my friend Andrew over there is too shy to say anything, but he thinks you’re pretty. I told him I’d find out your name.“

And while the friend was saying this Andrew looked horrified and hid in the bathroom so obviously he didn’t ask his friend to find out who I am 😂😂

BUT ANYWAYS TALL CUTE 20 YEAR OLDS WHO ARE GORGEOUS BUT ALSO SHY ARE MY WEAKNESS & I cant wait to see Andrew again at the gym 😶😶😶😶


Sometimes I like to wear a tiny bit of makeup. Not a lot though and not very often. I only wear it when I’m alone. But I was chillin in my apartment with mascara, A SHIT TON of highlight and clear lipgloss on today he and Andrew just decided to show up.

He has a key so he just let himself in, I had no clue he was there and then all of a sudden I hear “Are you wearing makeup?“ And he didn’t look disgusted or anything just kinda confused and he stared at me for a long ass time. I was embarrassed so I lied and said no. He said it looked like I was wearing makeup. but I was like nahhhhh I’m not wearing makeup don’t be silly. He just let it go for the time being, I guess.

Later we were cuddling on the couch and he goes, “You look pretty, you know.” While running his fingers through my hair and it was the cutest thing oml but I was still really embarrassed so I just said let’s not talk about this. He left a few hours later when I had an appointment to go to.
When I got home later there was a sephora gift card sitting on my kitchen table and he wrote me a little note that said “love you baby. That shiny stuff looks cute on your cheeks.“ and he drew little hearts and smiley faces on it and I just kinda DIED.

Anyways I have the cutest bf ever just wanted to share that with y'all.