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Camp Rock (2008) Dir. Matthew Diamond ✰ June 20th, 2008

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Super important prompt: what was the boy squad doing leading up to Isak's insta post.

This is super important, which is why I have bumped it up on the list. Okay here we go. 

“This is a terrible idea” Mahdi states as the boys walk around the corner to kaffebrenneriet. 

“What the fuck?” Magnus screeches “this is a great idea. Trust us man.”

They all pull a chair out and sit at a table outside near one of the windows to the cafe. 

Isak licks his lips before nodding “Mahdi was right. This is a terrible idea.” 

Jonas laughs and shakes his head “oh come on don’t act like my ideas have never worked before.” 

“yeah but this time it’s half Magnus’s idea” 

“EXACTLY!” Mahdi exclaims already getting up from his chair. 

“Mahdi sit down” Jonas orders, trying desperately to calm the squad down. “it’s gonna work.” 

Mahdi reluctantly sits back in the chair with his shoulders slumped as he chews on his lip anxiously. 

“So which one is she?” Magnus asks grinning. 

“shhhh can you try to be less obvious?” 

Isak and Jonas raise their eyebrows at each other because they both knew the answer was no and that Mahdi was head over heels. 

“Is it her?” Jonas asked, nodding at a brunette clearing a table next to them. 

Mahdi shook his head. 

“What about him?” Magnus asked pointing straight at a guy taking someones order. 

“Nei Magnus” 

Jonas and Isak laughed 

“What I can’t remember if you said it was a girl or not. and he’s hot right Isak?” 

Isak leant back in his chair with a smug smile painted across his face. “nah not my type.” 

“You’re so whipped man.” Jonas shook his head grinning proudly at his best friend. 

Isak shrugged, smiling. 

“oh wait is it her?” Isak asked as he spotted a blonde girl. 

“oh my god you guys are awful at this.” 

“she’s pretty though.” Jonas said. 

“yeah hot!” Magnus agreed. 

Isak squinted his eyes and angled his head like he was looking at an abstract painting he just couldn’t get. 

“I think i’m too gay for this.” 

The boys roared with laughter, the warmth of the joke making Mahdi finally relax a little. 

Suddenly a short girl with glasses, wearing an army jacket under her apron, and her purple hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head walked out with a tray of coffees. 

“that’s her” Mahdi mumbled. 

“what?” Magnus asked confused 

Mahdi’s eyes nearly fell out when he stared at Magnus trying to convey what he meant “that’s heeerrr” he said between his teeth. 

“ahhh” the boys sang together. Mahdi rolled his eyes at how long it took them. 

Isak smiled “She’s cool.” 

“And cute” Jonas agreed. 

Mahdi smiled “yeah we met at a save the planet meeting” 

they all stared at him. 

“What? I care about the environment!” 

“Sure you do…” Jonas smirked and rolled his eyes “just like Even cared so much about kossegruppa.” 

Isak ignored him “anyway what’s the plan then?” 

Jonas and Magnus looked at each other in silence. 

“Hello? Plan?” Mahdi pressed, getting anxious. 

“ugh well…” Magnus began 

“This is as far as we got.” Jonas finished. 

Mahdi facepalmed “you have got to be kidding me.” 

“it’s not our fault! We were planning on Even being here to you know, take over…” Magnus said. 

“Yeah where the hell is he anyway?” Jonas asked Isak. 

Isak grinned cockily “i’m making him study for his math exam.” 

“Making him?” Mahdi asked

“How the hell could you-” 

the moment Isak’s cheeks turned pink the boys chuckled as Jonas waved his hand in the air, shaking his question away. “nope nevermind, I don’t want to know.” 

“Okay” Isak said, clapping his hands ready to take over. “this is what we’re going to do.” 

“Quick does anyone have any asprin?” Jonas interjected. 

Isak glared “that’s not my only move jackass.” 

“How about you go up to her and tell her-” 

“No Magnus” the boys said simultaneously. 

“Okay, Mahdi, you go and order us coffee.” 

Mahdi stared at him.

Isak stared back

Mahdi raised his eyebrows. “That’s it?” 

Isak smiled “that’s all there is to it.” 

Mahdi groaned, “I can’t believe i’m doing this” before standing up. 

Jonas clapped as Magnus cheered and Isak threw his head back laughing. 

“you all suck” Mahdi said before walking in to the cafe. 

“so how do you think he’s gonna do?” Jonas asked as soon as he walked inside. 


“he’s probably gonna pass out before he gets to the counter.” 

Jonas shook his head “you guys are horrible friends.” 

“hey it took me and Vilde like months to get together! How long did it take Evak?” he asked Isak. 

Isak thought about it. “well, we nearly kissed 3 weeks after we met…actually kissed a week after that but then we weren’t official until…like what a month? or actually maybe-

“We get it. It was complicated.” Jonas interrupted. Isak replied by sticking his tongue out at him. 

“real mature.” 

“so yeah it’s realistic for us to assume he will bomb out the first few times. It’s just how it is.” Magnus said wisely, shrugging at his insightful knowledge. 

Finally after ten minutes Mahdi walked out with a plate of Waffles. 

“So how did it go? Isak asked, just as Mahdi shoved half a waffle in his mouth. 

“Oh! Good. We’re going out on friday.” he mumbled through the mouthful of waffle. 

Magnus’s chin nearly hit the ground “you got…you got a date?” 

Mahdi nodded confused “wasn’t that the plan?” 

Isak grinned “nice one Mahdi.” 

Jonas high-fived him. 

Magnus was still in shock. “but…but….it’s supposed to- you were meant to- what about bombing out?” 

the boys laughed. 

“oh and she gave me free waffles!” Mahdi said proudly, staring at the plate with heart eyes. 

“she’s definitely a keeper.”  Isak nodded in approval. 

“see Mahdi you should appreciate us. Look, our plan work.” 

“your plan sucked” he replied. 

Isak nodded “yeah it did.” 

Jonas rolled his eyes. “Shut up and lets take a photo to commemorate this moment.” 

the boys all huddled together. Jonas struggled with his phone “do i…do I stand here, or should it.”

Magnus pointed at the screen, “maybe if you flip it” 

“but then we won’t be able to see what we look like” Isak stated. 

“Will someone just press the button?” Mahdi said. 

“I think i’m pressing” 

“wait you’re pressing?” 

“Yeah i’m not sure but - oh shit it’s taking photos” 

“it’s taking photos?” 

“oh fuck it was on burst mode.” 

the boys looked through the photos together. 

“Yeah that looks about right.” Isak said 

the boys agreed in unison. 

“Who wants to go get pizza? I promised Even if he studied for his math exam I would bring him home some.” 

The boys all stared at him in surprise.

“What?” Isak asked. “What the fuck did you think I meant?” 

Mahdi shook his head “nothing.” 

“oh yeah nothing I totally thought you meant bribing him with food” Jonas said as they all began walking off. 

“What?’ Magnus asked finally catching on to the conversation 

“OH I thought you meant sex.” he shouted, earning a punch in the arm from Isak. 

Even comes home to Jonas strumming on his guitar and what sounds like Mahdi beatboxing. He grins as he takes of his shoes and hangs up his jacket. He loves when the boys come over to just hang and jam around for a bit. He’s been picking up the guitar again and he and Jonas have been having fun riffing off and singing off-beat.

He’s just about to announce his presence when he hears it. Isak is rapping. Even stops walking and just stands still in the hallway, listening. The biggest grin appears on his face as he hears Isak getting into it. Unable to wait any longer, he rounds the corner.

Isak is on crouched down, a mic in his one hand, the other moving around on the beat. His eyes are closed like he is concentrating hard on the lyrics. And Even… Even is so gone for this boy.

Magnus is the first to notice him and he smiles widely and waves. Even smiles back but his eyes immediately wander back to Isak who still hasn’t noticed him.

Even is glad his boy hasn’t seen him as that gives him more time to simply watch him, dopey smile plastered on his face.

When Mahdi notices him, his beatboxing falters for a moment, making both Isak and Jonas snap their heads up to Even.

“Even! You’re home!” Isak blushes like he’s caught doing something embarrassing. Even couldn’t disagree more.

“Don’t stop on my account!” he says, crossing the room to peck Isak on the lips before settling down next to Mahdi on the couch.

Isak grins at him, cocks his eyebrow, “E-Box, gimme the beat!”

Even laughs loudly, before starting (and quite spectacularly failing) to beatbox. Mahdi takes pity on him and takes over, Jonas starts the beat up on his guitar again.

Isak winks before closing his eyes and resumes rapping.

Even is in love.


You’re the light that makes my darkness disappear // WYLMITE by the Jonas Brothers - S.D (8/14/13)

Fic: A little help (goes a long way) - Scene 3/6

Sorry for the delay—life got a lil crazy this weekend. But I hope you enjoy this (slightly longer) scene! My ode to the broship to end all broships. This one gets a little ~sexier~ (it’s all in Isak’s head, though, saucy little minx that he is), and a little heavier at the end, emotionally. Nothing bad, though! The installment after this one is going to bring the silliness back, in a big way. ;)

A little help (goes a long way): Scene 3

Chapter Summary:

“Even is always so horny for you.”

The fact that Isak doesn’t fall off the bench is pretty fucking amazing, but Jonas isn’t done.

“I swear, it’s like you can see his thirst from space—”

“Why are you—”

“You guys are, like, in a constant state of wanting each other’s dicks—”

“—oh my God—”

“And fuck…I’d give anything to have Eva look at me the way Even looks at you.”

[Read it here on AO3]

can you believe one time isak and the boys were sitting in the cafeteria and even joined them and stood behind isak and put his hands on his face, hiding his eyes, and said “guess who this is” and isak was all like  “oh man i reallyyy don’t know, i don’t think i’ve heard this voice before. hmm, who could this be” and magnus said “the fuck? this is even, isak! you hear his voice everyday!” and mahdi and jonas shook their head and even took his hands off isak’s face and sat next to him and asked jokingly “yeah, how come you forgot the sound of my voice?” and isak laughed and quickly kissed even and said “i promise i’ll try to remember next time” 

This little thing was inspired by a conversation with @josteninski a couple weeks ago based on THIS Post and a little fun with the boys was born :P


Even: you’re so cute i could just eat you out

i meant up 

;) no i didn’t

It’s almost involuntary the Isak’s knee comes up under the table, hard enough to shake the lunch trays sitting atop it and certainly hard enough to contain the ever so manly squeak that escaped.

“You okay?” Jonas raises a bushy brow.

Isak grits his teeth, glaring at Even from out of the corner of his eye, “Just fine.”

“O-kay.” Jonas shakes his head and turns back to his conversation with Magnus and Mahdi.

Isak leans in closer to Even, cute, like a lover or a boyfriend would, and then whispers, “I’ll kill you.”

The teasing little bitch responds with a simple peck on the forehead and then he’s joining in on the conversation, keeping perfect time with the comments bouncing between the boys. 

Isak’s phone buzzes again.

Even: do you remember our shower this morning?

did you tell your first period teacher that you were late because you refused to get OUT before you got OFF?

Isak drags a hand over blood red face, cursing at the gods for having such an… effective boyfriend. 

And then Even’s hand drops to Isak’s thigh.

Holy god this was not happening.

Isak bolts up from the chair, glaring at Even’s subtle pout, “Fries anyone? I’m starving, so I’m going to go get fries.” 

“Ayeee,” Magnus raises his hand, “I’ll take some. Thanks man.”

And Mahdi with a simple, “Ditto.”

Isak nods and lightly smacked Even in the back of the head when he too opened his mouth. Jonas just looks back and forth from Isak to Even and hangs his head like he didn’t even want to know what was going on.

“I’ll come with you,” Even slides up smoothly from his chair, “After all it might be.. hard for you to carry all of the fries by yourself.”

“Do you know what’s really hard, Even?”

Jonas coughed loudly, “I’ll take fries too, thanks guys.”

Even turned a pointed gaze at Jonas, lips curling up at the end, “You okay, Jonas? You sound awfully stiff.”

Jonas breathed through his nose loudly and Isak couldn’t help but bump his hip against his boyfriends’. But the look on Jonas’s face was too much to leave alone (also if Even had set his sights on making Jonas cringe, then that means his erm- hard situtation would resolve itself momentarily.)

“Oh no,” Isak feigned a frown and beant down to brush against Jonas’s forehead, grinning at Jonas’s attempts to swat him away, “You look like you have one… throbbing headache.”

“Oh my god,” Jonas put his face in his hands, “Go away. You two deserve each other.”

ficlet: all the glory that i bare (even/isak)

Summary: Isak buzzes his hair off on a dare. Even suffers through the five stages of grief. (a.k.a., yes, I wrote a ficlet in response to Tarjei’s new haircut. Sorry not sor—you know what, yes, actually I am very sorry.) Can also be found on AO3 here.


When Isak walks through the door, Even does a double take.

Okay, maybe it’s more like a quintuple take. Who’s counting?

“What did you do to your hair?” he blurts, and it maybe comes out a little sharper than intended, because Isak winces pretty hard at his tone.

But…he just walked through the door…like that. Like it was no big deal. Like the Earth hadn’t just shifted on its fucking axis. Like Even’s entire reality wasn’t suddenly crumbling around him.

So, yeah. Faced with this…this travesty…Even can hardly be blamed for his reaction.

“Is it bad?” Isak asks, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “We got so drunk last night, and I can remember Magnus daring me to buzz it off but I honestly don’t remember actually doing it.”

Even’s going to find Magnus. He’s going to find Magnus, and he’s going to have words with him. Man to man. Dude to dude. Fist to face.

Okay, maybe not that last one. Even’s not a violent guy.

But still.

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21 please!

oooh interesting hahaha

21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“Ah shit!” Isak groaned throwing his head back as he threw his keys on his bedside table and dropped his bag. 

Even looked up at the frustrated boy in alert “What? what is it?” 

“Jonas has my phone.” Isak moaned into his hands. 

Even shook his head “why…why would Jonas have your phone? is there literally anything you guys don’t share?” 

“Even the only thing you are wearing right now that isn’t mine is your underwear.” 


Isak screwed up his face “Eveeeeen” 

Even’s beautiful laugh filled the room as his eyes squinted up in slits “Kidding!” 

Isak blushed and smiled, an involuntary reaction whenever Even did that. 

Anyway, Jonas has my phone because he took it away when I kept texting you instead of listening to his rants about soft and hard tacos.” 

Even nodded “sounds like an interesting debate. on one hand the soft shell is easier to eat, but the hard shell adds an interesting authenticity that you just can’t-” 

“Oh my god stop!” Isak laughed. 

Even pursed his lips and tugged at Isak’s hip “can we go get tacos?” 

Isak smiled and shook his head “You are so random. We can if you give me your phone so I can text Jonas and tell him to bring my phone to school tomorrow.” 

“Anything for the man of my life.” Even replied, handing him his phone. 

Isak rolled his eyes, his cheeks hurting from all the smiling Even always got out of him.

“I’ll go get my jacket.” Even said, heading to the living room. 

“you mean my jacket” Isak laughed. 

he went into the messages to find Jonas’s name when he saw something he couldn’t unsee. 

There was a message to a number that hadn’t been added to contacts. Isak squinted at the message, his heart pumping hard. 


Yeah i’m seeing him again tomorrow. He is really sweet and everything but he is a baaad kisser. But yeah I’ll call you tonight :)

Isak felt his heart sink into his stomach, and his fingers instinctively touch his lips. Was he really a bad kisser?? he always thought Even was happy whenever they were intimate. But maybe, maybe it was all a lie? Then what else is a lie? Isak felt sick. 

“Hey baby you ready to go?” Even called from the living room and Isak swallowed his emotion. He wasn’t meant to see this. He will just try to forget about it. 

But of course he didn’t, he ended up staying up all night wondering if this whole time he was doing everything wrong. Why was Even still with him if he was bad at everything? What was the point? 

The next day he showed up to school grumpy and Jonas noticed. 

“What the hell is up with you? I gave you your phone back.” 

Isak grunted. 

“Okay speak up” mahdi said, all the boys leaning towards Isak, ready to listen to his problem. 

“Even thinks i’m a bad kisser.” 

Magnus laughed and Jonas furrowed his brows. “he said that?” 

“No he texted it to someone.” 

“Isaaak” Mahdi shook his head in disapproval. 

“I didn’t mean to see it! It was just there.” 

“Well who did he say it to?” 

“I don’t know, there was no contact name.” 

Jonas dismissed it with his hand “it’s probably nothing”

“NOTHING??? My boyfriend hates me!” 

“Even loves you.” Magnus stated shaking his head. 

“He basically kisses the ground you walk on” Mahdi agreed. 

“But my kissing!” 

Jonas shrugged “It’s just one thing.” 

Magnus nodded “Yeah he loves you despite your terrible kissing skill. that’s sweet.” 

Isak glared at him. 

“What? it is is! I mean you can’t all be pros like me” Magnus grinned smugly. 

The boys all looked at him unconvinced. 

“It’s true! Vilde can’t get enough. She is obsessed. I mean I could teach you some tricks if you like Isak” 

Isak screwed up his face “No thanks Magnus.” 

“what? I don’t mind. Your my friend. Theres nothing wrong with a friend showing another friend how to kiss.” 

Mahdi laughed, Jonas shook his head “You are seriously deranged Magnus.” 

“Okay so i’m gonna go. Sorry Magnus. I’m still not going to hook up with you.” Isak said walking away. 

“I don’t- that’s not- Guyyyys!” 

That night Even and Isak were snuggled up watching a movie when Even kissed Isak’s neck. he tensed up. The anxiety creeping up his body. Oh no. All he could think was how bad he was at kissing and how much it must disappoint Even. 

Even pressed his lips against Isak’s and Isak just sat there, unresponsive. 

Even pulled back confused 

“Baby what’s wrong? Are you upset.” 

Isak crossed his arms “I just, I don’t feel like doing anything.” 

Even nodded “Okay. That’s okay.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around Isak. 

Okay now Isak was mad. Even gave up way too easily. He must be relieved! Isak is a bad kisser. 

He shook off Even’s arm and lifted his head up. 

“Okay.. talk to me.” Even said, closing the laptop. 

“Well why did you give up so easily? Are you? Are you grossed out by me?” 

Even looked at him blankly “What? Isak what are you talking about?” 

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” 

Even laughed “baby, you are the best kisser in the world.” He raised his eyebrows “I’ve taught you everything you know.” 

“You’re lying.” 

Even’s eyes became concerned and he took Isak’s hands in his. “Isak I love every single part of you. I can’t even be in the same room without wanting to jump you. Your kisses send me to paradise.” he kissed his knuckles. “What is this really about? Tell me.” 

Isak finally caved “I saw your message. on your phone.” Even didn’t react so he elaborated “it said “he is really sweet but he is a bad kisser.” 

Even was confused and then he smiled “And you thought it was about you? Oh baby you’re everything but sweet.” he winked, poorly. 

Isak scrunched his brows “Then…who were you talking about?” he found the biggest fear hitting him hard in his chest. Was Even cheating?

“I don’t know, I didn’t write it.” Even said nonchalantly

Isak felt relief flood through him. 

“Then who did?” 

Even laughed and when realisation hit him “Oh my god! Vilde borrowed my phone when I was helping her plan Kosegruppa last night because hers were flat. She wanted to text Eva” 

Isak smiled brightly “So it was about Magnus.” 

The laughter consumed him and Even kissed his forehead with his smile. 

“Baby whenever you think you are a bad kisser, just come to me so I can prove you wrong.” 

and then his lips were on Isak’s and everything disappeared. 

No. This wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. 

I hope this was okay <3 

thirty days of skam fic: day twenty nine
aka, isak triple texts his one night stand, even, and the boy squad are in absolute despair at how desperate that looks

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


“Dude, this is so simple. This is like, entry level stuff.”

“Seriously Isak, how have you ever managed to hook up with anyone before?”

“Bro, come on, did you not take dating 101?  I mean, even I know this.”

Isak slumps back in his chair, gripping his beer between white-knuckled hands and glaring around the table.  At some point soon, he thinks to himself, he really needs to invest in some better friends.

“You can all fuck off,” he suggests, and then turns a baleful look to the middle of Jonas’s kitchen table, which they’re all sat around as they supposedly pregame for a big party in someone’s university halls tonight, although at this rate Isak’s not sure they’ll even make it to the party, since the guys now seem only invested in telling him off.  Isak’s phone is lying on the table between them all, still open to his most recent text conversation.  Mahdi had been holding it, but he’d felt the need to dramatically drop the phone in disgust as soon as he’d seen what Isak had done.

But in Isak’s defence, how was he supposed to know it’s bad to triple text?

“He was really hot,” he moans, bringing his beer bottle up to his forehead and pressing the cold glass against his temples. “Easily the best sex I’ve ever had, even though we both completely drunk.  Plus he was nice, and funny, and – I’m just supposed to never contact him again after that?”

There’s disbelief in Isak’s tone, because that can’t possibly be how it works.  He also refuses to believe he’s this out of the loop on the rules of dating – or that there are rules of dating to begin with, honestly.


“It was a one night stand!”

To be fair, Isak’s had his fair share of one night stands since coming out of the closet a few years ago, just before he graduated Nissen.  Possibly more than his fair share.  His time at University so far has involved a lot of time at parties and gay bars, a lot of guys with dark hair and dark eyes, just Isak’s type, a lot of kissing in shadowy corners and fucking in strangers’s beds.  He’s gone on a few regular dates too, but it never really caught his interest, and nothing ever turned into any kind of actual relationship, so he mostly does just stick to the hooking up – and through all of that, he’s never felt the urge to text a guy the next day.  Sometimes he’s taken their number but just never got in touch, and other times the parting has been more mutual, or else he’s snuck out in the middle of the night without saying anything, but never this.

This guy – Even, whose name still tastes heavenly in Isak’s mouth – had been different.  

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Sansa and Sandor and Jon and Ygritte - Why Understanding the Connections in their Stories Could Help Explain What is to Come

Originally posted by thegotdaily

So I joined Tumblr about 4 years ago with the intent to blog about A Song of Ice and Fire, one of my favorite book series but because of life and other things, never really got around to it.  Now as the show is winding down and diverging so much from the novels, I thought I would post my thoughts about where I think the major stories in the books maybe headed.  A couple of these theories I’ve recently posted in response to discussions on other sites but I wanted a place to put them down all in one place.

To start off, I’m going to discuss Sansa and Jon as I think their stories are strongly connected and will have repercussions on the final battle for the dawn.  And I’m going to begin with why I think Sansa is a greenseer.


As we know, Sansa’s direwolf, Lady was killed and so that bond was never able to fully developed, as was the case with the other Stark children and their wolves.  Then she lost her father to beheading, was beaten multiple times on the orders of Joffrey and had to literally fight to survive in the cesspool that is Kings Landing using nothing but her wits.  The fact that she was able to make it through with such strong odds against her speak to her inner strength.  However, I think that these same traumas are what helped to develop her as yet unrecognized warging and green seer abilities.

Stressful situations seem to help to open the “third eye” of individuals with potential warging and or green seer abilities.  Think of Dany in the House of the Undying; Bran being pushed out the window; or Arya being blinded by the Faceless men.  What helped these three with their awakening was their bond with their dragons and direwolves respectively as well as the shade of the evening, given to Dany in the House of the Undying by Pyat Preet, Jojen paste given to Bran by the Children; and the “special” candle lit for Arya by the Faceless men.

You’re probably saying to yourself, what is she talking about? Sansa has no warging or green seer abilities.  Well, I’m here to argue that she does and I’ll tell you why I think this—her wishes and thoughts that came true or are about to come true…all without her knowing.  What do you think the odds are that so many of her wishes and thoughts would actually happen?  I think they are coming true because Sansa, like Bran is having green seer dreams, only she is not recognizing them as such and probably were initially forgetting most of content.  Think about these examples…

Sansa thinks, “I want a knight to cut off Jonas Slynt’s head” and later without her knowing, Jon does just that. She also thinks that Cersei eyes are bright with a feverish heat. “Eyes like wildfire,” Sansa thought.  She tells Dontos that she wants the Sept of Baelor to burn.  Well, it hasn’t happen yet in the books but I’m pretty sure that like on the show, Cersei will use wildfire to burn the Sept of Baelor and possibly all of Kings Landing.  (I also suspect that this is one of the 4 major plot points that George told D&D would take place in the books).  Also, as Sansa is entering the Sept of Baelor to pray prior to the Battle of the Blackwater, she thinks that the man walking next to her is a “guard, whose watch has ended,” which totally hints at what will happen to Jon.

In addition, as she makes her way down the mountains with Sweet Robin, a cold wind blows and it is described as “howling fiercely.”  To Sansa, it sounds like a wolf but not just any wolf. To her, the wind sounds like “a ghost wolf big as mountains.”  Interesting analogy don’t you think.  I think it’s another tip to her green seer abilities as she is probably sensing Jon’s death.  However, I think that it also hints at one of two things. Ghost will be in the mountains around the Eyrie at some point and where there’s Ghost, there you will find Jon. Or, Ghost is dead because he was the sacrifice to bring Jon back (death must pay for life) and it’s Jon, returned from the dead as a symbolic ghost who will be in the Eyrie.

If I’m right about Sansa’s abilities, and I think that there is a very strong chance that I am, then she has to be extremely strong…as powerful or maybe even stronger than Bran if given the proper training.  I say this because she has been able to develop her abilities even though her direwolf was killed.  Second and more importantly, she seems to be gaining control of her dreams and be able to go where she wants—something Bran is now learning under the tutelage of the Three Eye Crow.  Why do I think this you ask?  Well, in the last Alayne chapter from AFOC, she plans to curl up under her feathered covers and have one of her “sweet dreams.”  As most people can’t control what types of dreams they have, it’s telling that Sansa seems able to plan hers in advance.  Speaking of sweet dreams lets move on to…


You are probably wondering what do Jon and Ygritte have to do with Sandor and Sansa.  Well, I think that their stories and intricately tied to each other.  I’m going to give a brief summary of some chapters to support my theory but to get the full effect of what I think GRRM has done, you have to read the chapters side by side for yourself.

A Clash of Kings


Sansa goes to meet Dontos in the Godswood for the first time and is caught by the Hound on the way back.  She lies and says that she was praying for her father and Joffrey’s safety.  The Hound doesn’t really believe her but asks her to sing him a “song”. She says that she knows a song about Florian and Jonquil but the Hound doesn’t want to hear a song about a fool.


Joffrey has Ser Boros beat Sansa because of the loss of the Lannister army to Robb at Lannisport.  He then orders Boros to strip her nude in front of everyone but Tyrion comes in and stops it before her clothing can be completely ripped off.  He orders someone to cover her and the Hound throws his “white” kings guard cloak to her.  She uses it to cover herself and even though the material is rough, to her it feels like velvet because of the protection it offers her.

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JON VI (in which he meets Ygritte)

Chapter starts out with Jon and Qhorin Halfhand and their ranger party spying a fire in the night on a mountain in the Skirling Pass.  It burned redder than any star and did not twinkle and they recognize it a fire lit by the Wildings for warmth as they watch the pass.  Halfhand orders Jon and Stonesnake to climb the mountain and kill the watchers.  When they reach the top of the mountain, they discovered three watchers.  One with red hair was asleep; one was feeding twigs to the fire and the other standing watching the pass with a horn ready to blow in warning if he saw anyone attempting to pass through the mountains.  Stonesnake attacked the wilding with the horn while Jon went after the one at the fire.  This turned out to be Orel, the skin changer.  When Jon attacked, Orel grabbed a burning brand, which he thrust at Jon’s face. It barely missed and would have burned Jon in the face if he didn’t quickly jump back.  (Note symbolism of a possible burnt face). Jon saw the figure under the blankets stirring and knew he had to kill his opponent quickly before the other came into play.  He was able to swing sword and pretty much severed the wilding in the stomach. However, the wilding took Longclaw with him when he fell and so Jon quickly pulled his knife and was able to grab the redhead by the hair and put the dirk to her throat.  It was only then that he realized she was a girl.  Stonesnake told Jon to kill her but before he could, Ygritte yielded.

You can read the chapter yourself to pick up more details.  However, in addition to Ygritte’s red hair, there are three other things on importance in this scene to note. First is that Ygritte told Jon that she would sing him the “song” of the Winter Rose, which is a song about how the Wilding lord Bael the Bard stole the daughter of one of the Kings of Winter.  Note that song does not always mean singing but sometimes simply to tell a story.  The second thing is that when Qhorin climbed the mountain the next morning, he ordered Jon to kill Ygritte and walked away to leave him to it.  Jon puts “Longclaw to her neck” to mark where the sword would fall but as he looks at her, he thinks of his father and could not kill her.  We also find out later that the man Jon killed was the skin changer Orel and his spirit jumped into his eagle when he died.  Oh, and GRRM makes a point to note that Jon hadn’t shaved since he left the Fist of the First Men (will get into the importance of this later) and Jon describes Ygritte’s breath of smelling like onion.

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SANSA IV (immediately follows JON VI)

As with Jon, Sansa’s chapter opens with her watching a fire, only this time it was the fire Tyrion set to burn the docks before Stannis arrived.  Sansa is on her way to the Godswood to meet Dontos.  While talking to Dontos, she says that she hopes the great Sept of Baelor burns and he tells her not so say so as the gods may hear her.  After leaving him, she heads back to her room.  However, when she got to the doors to her room, she couldn’t enter because being inside made her feel trapped.  She turns and goes up the steps to the top of the castle where she looks out over the Red Keep and pretty much all of Kings Landing.  She also gets a sudden pain in her stomach and almost collapses but a hand suddenly reaches out and catches her and it turns out to be the Hound.

When Sansa tries to thank the Hound for previously rescuing her, he makes fun of her girlish fantasies about knights. He tells her that all men are killers and even her father was one.  She tells him that her father only killed because it was his duty, not because he liked it.  (Her sentiment probably echoes what Jon is probably feeling in his chapter).  Anyhow, the Hound then lays the edges of his long sword against Sansa’s neck and tells her all about his first kill and about the real life of a knight. (In Jon’s chapter, he puts his sword to Ygritte’s neck)  Sansa runs away from the Hound and that night has multiple nightmarish dreams.  She dreams of the riot where she was attacked and pulled from her horse and also of twisted faces with monstrous inhuman masks.  The breath of the man who pulls her from the horse “smells like garlic” (A similar smell to onions). She cries for her brothers and fathers and prays to the gods for one of the knightly heroes from her song to come and save her but no one answered.  She also dreams of women attacking her and someone hitting her in the face which made her “teeth shatter.” (More to come on the shattered teeth later) In her dreams, she sees a glint of silver and someone “stabs her in the stomach.”  She wakes in the morning to evidence that her first moon blood has started and she tries to burn the evidence but is caught by the servants who report it to Cersei.  While the knife in the stomach could have been a hint of her first moons blood, I think it was also a green seer dream and along with the vision of the masks and monstrous faces could be the same the Mellisandre and Aeron saw in their visions and will turn out to be important later.

JON VII (Immediately following Sansa IV)

Not going to go into this chapter in much detail except to note that Jon has a wolf dream and while in Ghost, he is attacked by Orel in his eagle form.  When this happens, Jon is kicked out of Ghost.  They are now discovered by the Wildings and must run.  This is also the first but not the last time that Orel in eagle form will attack Jon.


Two things of note… Sansa is ordered to the Queens Ballroom where she is to stay with Cersei and the other ladies of the court while the Battle of Blackwater takes place outside.  Ser Illyn who chopped of Ned’s head is also in the room with the ladies and when Sansa asks why he’s there, Cersei lies that he’s there to protect them.  And Sansa’s thought at that moment is “I would be gladder if it were the Hound.”  Harsh as he was, she did not believe Sandor Clegane would let any harm come to her. “  This is the first time that Sansa has any true positive thoughts about the Hound as she was always afraid of him previously and could only see the ugliness of his face.  Of note is that the writers of the show had Sansa say something very similar to Brienne about Jon on the show.  “Jon is Jon. He would never let any harm come to me.”


Sansa goes back to her room after leaving the Queens Ballroom.  This is at the point before Tywin arrives and everyone thinks the battle is lost.  In her room, she cries for Lady and wonders if she will see her wolf again if she dies.  Then someone reaches out and grabs her wrist and it’s the Hound.  He had come to her room and fallen asleep there.  He tells her that if she screams, he will kill her.  He tells her about the battle and that he’s leaving.  He says that he’s there for the “song” (again a reference to a song) she promised him.  She tells him that she can’t; he’s scaring her and to let her go.  He then says that everything scares her and demands that she look at him.  However, she becomes even more afraid.  He says that he can protect her as everyone is afraid of him and asks her to come with him.  He pulls her closer and she thinks he means to kiss her and closes her eyes.  This makes him even angrier and he pushes her on the bed and pulls his knife and puts it at her throat…demanding she sing him his song about Florian and Jonquil.  (Now Sansa has a knife held to her throat the way Jon held one on Ygritte) She’s too afraid to remember the words and instead recites a prayer to the mother to protect the sons of war.  The Hound takes the knife away from her throat and some instinct makes her reach up and cups his cheek with her fingers where she feels the blood on his face (from the battle) and also his tears.  Sansa wonders why she touched his face and we will get to an explanation later.  He calls her  “little bird” once more in a soft voice, whips off his white Kings Guard cloak, and throws it on the floor and leaves.   She crawls out of the bed, see the cloak on the floor, “the white wool stained with “blood and fire.”  Curious that Martin used the Targaryen words to described the stain on the white (snow) cloak.  Also, interesting that they had Sansa make Jon a cloak on the show.  It’s not white but you can certainly connect that scene with this one from the books.


Ygritte and the Wildings capture Qhorin and Jon.  Jon Kills Qhorin on his orders and begins his infiltration of the Wildings.

Now as you can see from the ACOK chapters, Sansa and Ygritte had both a knife and a sword drawn against their necks.  Fire also played a role in a few of the chapters and Jon is almost burned in the face like the Hound.  Could Martin have written these similarities just as happenstance?  I don’t think so as he does nothing without a reason. If you still don’t think that Jon and Sansa’s stories and intricately and deliberately connected— lets move on to ASOS to see if further evidence will convince you but first, lets talk about the symbolism and mythology behind numbers and their usage in ASOIAF.

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Another Mitjo fic!

It’s cute fluff this time (no horrible sad zombie AU which I hate but can’t stop thinking about.)

SUMMARY: Jonas is in his second or third year of marine biology at university.  He and Mitch live in an apartment together.  Uhhh also Mitch is making some pretty sweet dough from selling drugs by now???

A/N:  A lot of this is based off of personal experiences with friends taking me to clubs with them and such.  I outlined this in some sort of post-club stupor at 4:30am last week, and I guess I decided to actually finish an idea for once???

Also, this is my first time trying to write in present tense???  It feels super weird to do, but I hope it reads okay!

Anyways, happy Valentines Mitjo Day!!

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