Jonas Brothers Fan

being an ex die hard jonas brothers fan (also disney in that era) is so weird like… do you know how much those 3 have went through?? They were just starting out…. they were guests on hannah montana…. miley and nick dated and i was their biggest shipper tbh… then they Got bigger… singles, another album, tours etc… their fame lasted quite a long time. Nick dated selena, she was in burning up’s video… joe dated taylor nd dumped her on the phone… and then demi.. I hated them.. kevin was with daniella nd they got engaged ! Camp rock was there somewhere… Their fame was declining when lines vines and trying times came out, and they had changed their style a little bit so it wasnt much of a hit as the previous ones… then they had their own show, it was amazing tbh i still laugh at it… then jonas la. And then they got out of disney. Nick tried out a solo career and released an album. Failed big time. Joe tried out a solo career and released an album. Failed big time. They tried to make a Comeback as a band and released a single. Failed big time. Kevin had a baby. Nick Grew Up & was giving Sexy poses to magazines… he’s still tryna hold on to a horribly failing solo career. He’s still working with demi. Joe started his own band and it became a huge success. Every time i hear cake by the ocean i feel proud as if he’s my tiny son tbh… even my mom feels that way… kevin is having another baby. Like ???? Ive been following the life of these guys for basically half of my life it’s so wild!!! It’s amazing how much embarrassment and excitement nd pride they give me tbh…

no seriously turn right? hey baby?? black keys??? poison ivy??! what did i do to your hearts?!! before the storm?!!! much better!!!!! entire lines vines trying times album was soooo under appreciated by jonas brothers fans tbqh



Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran || XO - John Mayer || Bom Biti Bom - Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj ||  Armor - Landon Austin || Starving - Haliee Steinfeld || Wanted - Jesse James || Fly With Me - Jonas Brothers || Your Biggest Fan - Jonas Brothers || Chariot - Gavin DeGraw || Soldier - Gavin DeGraw



how have some of you continued following me through my transformation from a 13-year-old Jonas brothers fan account to angry 20-something middle eastern shit posting