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Can’t imagine what it’d be like, without the sounds of all my heroes singing all my favorite songs so I can sing along

Camp Rock (2008) Dir. Matthew Diamond ✰ June 20th, 2008


I still remember when this came out, 2009 was wild

no seriously turn right? hey baby?? black keys??? poison ivy??! what did i do to your hearts?!! before the storm?!!! much better!!!!! entire lines vines trying times album was soooo under appreciated by jonas brothers fans tbqh

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I know it's a different situation and all but I was a huuuge Jonas Brothers fans and there's one scenario we have to be mindful of. Yes I want OT4 back, but I want that when >they all want that<. Because if they have to go back to OT4 for some reason, that will be awful, believe me I lived through it. The forced JB reunion ruined any chance for the band's future together, in my view.

Oh yeah I don’t think anyone would want them to reunite if they hated it. That wouldn’t be enjoyable for anyone. I think people would have liked a bit more transparency about what plans really were, but we were never going to get that about anything with this band. If they don’t want to reunite, I hope they don’t, but I would also hope they’d say something if they do decide that at some point. If they do want to, I absolutely hope they do. If they never ever end up performing What a Feeling together live, I mean…I’ll consider a lawsuit, but I’m probably just gonna have to let that go.