I attended the Zero Friends book signing yesterday in Lower Haight. I picked up the book, was given a free print, and got polaroids of each of the artists (excluding graffiti artist Quake since he wasn’t there yet) who were signing books yesterday. Everyone was super nice about it. Artists who I met yesterday were Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Brett Amory, Ricky Watts, Robert Bowen, Jon Wayshak, Matt Ritchie and Nate Van Dyke. HUGE thank you to Zero Friends for having this event and letting me do my picture taking thing.

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Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie on David Lynch

Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie on David Lynch

What: “In Dreams- An Art Show Tribute to the Films of David Lynch”
Where: Spoke Art Gallery 816 Sutter St, SF
When: Opening Saturday March 8th, 6-10pm (show on view until March 29th). This event is FREE, and all ages.

Opening this Saturday March 8th,2014 from 6-10pm – Spoke Art Presents “In Dreams- An Art Show Tribute to the Films of David Lynch”. Over 50 artists contributing work inspired by the fantastic David Lynch. Zerofriends artists Jon Way$hak and Matt Ritchie are both in this show. I caught up with Way$hak and Matt and asked three simple questions about Lynch…

Proak: What are your favorite Lynch Works? 

Jon Way$hak: The first was the Twin Peaks movie, “Fire Walk with Me”.  I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, at the time, because you had to see the show to understand any part of it, but I was attracted to it stylistically.  A few years later, after I finished a series of experimental, sequential art zines, I saw Eraserhead.  It blew my so-called mind!  David Lynch succeeded at the same type of project, where I failed.  Been in love with that movie ever since.

 Matt Ritchie: My favorite Lynch work is Dune! No, it’s Twin Peaks. JK, it’s really Dune……not! That’s right, it’s Twin Peaks.


Proak: If you have lunch with one Lynch character, who would it be and why? 

JW: If we’re taking lunch, it’d have to be eating baguette sandwiches with Ben and Jerry Horne.  OK, so it’s two characters.

MR: Special agent Dale Cooper. Pie and lots of Coffee.

Proak: If you could ask Mr. Lynch one question, what would it be? 

 JW: What’s the weather going to be like today? (

 MR: I would ask Mr. Lynch if he would sign my blue ray copy of Dune. JK, my copy of Twin Peaks.


“Who Do You Think This Is There?” by Jon Way$hak (inspired by Eraserhead and Twin Peaks)

“2:30” by Matt Ritchie (inspired by David’s love for sugar) 

I got to check out the show last night. It is nothing short of fantastic. So many great pieces from so many talented folks. Many affordable limited edition prints. Even if you are not familiar with Lynch, I’m sure you will love this show. -Proak

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