Jon Rafman, ‘Brand New Paint Job (BNPJ)’, 2014

“Brand New Paint Job (BNPJ)” is an ongoing project that explores the topography of the virtual realm. Rafman reimagines interior spaces, furniture, and objects completely overlaid with the seminal work of modern artists.

1. Basquiat Classroom

2. Picasso Bed ‘N Breakfast

3. Rothko’s Court

4. Rousseau Study

5. Keith Haring Theatre

6. Lichtenstein Moe’s Tavern

7. De Kooning Hallway

8. Duchamp Seinfeld Set

9. Monet USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Bridge

10. Auerbach Train


New Age Demanded  by Jon Rafman

2012 - Archival Pigment Print - 147 x 107cm

The New Age Demanded series by Jon Rafman at ”Inspired by classical Greek busts, Jon Rafman uses computer software to digitally render three-dimensional forms. The forms act as the structural surface on which two-dimensional Internet-sourced images are applied. The series is presented as large-scale archival pigment digital prints. Each print is created with its own specific texture and sculptural mutation. Rafman uses historically recognizable works from canonized artists like Mark Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky as the subjects of his appropriations.” - Stefan Hancherow.