Listen to Jon Hopkins’ wonderful remix of Midnight above - and read Jon’s new blog about the track on The Coldplay Timeline at

Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring
  • Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring
  • Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins and Purity Ring are complementary due to their similar style, which is distinguished by a specifically melancholy emotional texture. He usually doesn’t include vocals in his work, but they’re a natural fit in this track, which appeared as an instrumental on Immunity. Maybe this will tide me over until the Purity Ring album comes out. —Cinder

Recommendation: Throw a party at which one of the main features is an oxygen bar. Once everyone is feeling lightheaded, play this track to make them feel even weirder.

Form By Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)
  • Form By Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)
  • Jon Hopkins
  • Asleep Versions

Asleep Versions is a 4-track EP intended to be heard as one single 25 minute piece, composed of four decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings of tracks from the Mercury-nominated, and my personal favorite record of 2013, Immunity

Available on vinyl, CD, and digital on the 10th of November.


Disclosure - Magnets ft. Lorde (Jon Hopkins remix)

We now finally know what the new track Jon has opened his recent shows in NY and LA with is! I’ve collected people’s recordings of it here and I’d already reported that this remix was set to be released soon. I should’ve put two and two together sooner, but I didn’t. Oh well, it doesn’t matter because here it is in all its glory: Jon’s remix of Disclosure’s Magnets ft. Lorde. Enjoy!

Jon Hopkins’ score for Hamlet

To all Hamlet, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jon Hopkins enthusiasts, to all the people on the internet who’ve been wondering about this, and everyone who’s directly asked me about it,

As you may or may not know, Jon has said that his score won’t be released. 

Many people who’ve seen the play have been asking about the music and while the vast majority of his score obviously consists of new and unreleased work, two adaptations of previously released tracks were used which means you can listen to the original tracks if you want to relive that score for a bit.

The last video shows him performing these songs on piano for KCRW. For Nightfall / Love Theme this performance is perhaps closest to the adaptation that was used in the play.

Jon created Nightfall / Love Theme as part of the score for How I Live Now. Abandon Window is on Jon’s incredible album Immunity. Both are available to buy, and the tracks are also up on iTunes and other digital music stores. If you loved his score please consider buying these tracks or the full albums to support him. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook if you want to be updated on his work and maybe show him some love and appreciation.

For spoilers about the scenes in which these tracks were used:

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“Form by Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)” by Jon Hopkins // Asleep Versions (Out 11.9.14 via Domino Recordings)

Jon Hopkins knows his way around ambient sound structures. Hell, much of his catalog is built around hazy, glimmering electronic music that unravels it’s beauty in subtle ways and multiple listens. That’s why the recent announcement that the artist would be releasing an EP (Asleep Versions) that featured dreamy, decelerated versions of several tracks from his brilliant album, Immunity, sounded almost redundant. Of course, then I hear it and realize how wrong I was. The first single is a reworked version of “Form By Firelight” that features vocal contributions from Raphaelle Standell (Braids, Blue Hawaii), and it is a hypnotic beauty that manages to improve upon the stunning original.


Jon Hopkins - “Breathe This Air” (Guardian Sessions)


It’s all internal in a way, but what I have come to realize is that everything that happens to you is part of a subconscious brain force that comes out of the music. I don’t sit there feeling like, Look, right now, I am quite melancholy or sad. Even if my music might feel that way to someone, I don’t sit around feeling like that. I don’t have a harrowing life story that caused my music to be a certain way. Like anyone’s life, things have happened but I don’t feel like it’s in my control. It just sort of happens, really.

The Rumpus Interview With Jon Hopkins