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Zack's eyes lit up. “we attack!" he hissed, taking her hand in his and prepared to leap out. “on three... One two THREE!" He yelled the last number and sprung from under the table.

Jolee sprung out from under the table as well as she tried acting scary, but just looked adorable “r-rawr!” She spoke as Jeremy and Lyra started laughing a bit, making her just stand there, quiet “…”

Los signos como sensaciones corporales:

Escorpio: *Agua fría en la nuca, independientemente de si se está frío o caliente*

Aries: *Quemadura instantánea con una plancha, pistola de silicona o los bordes de una olla*

Sagitario: *cualquier tipo de tic corporal*

Géminis: *cuando te golpeas el codo y sientes un choque eléctrico*

Leo: * cuando estornudas al sentir/ ver la luz del sol* 

Capricornio: *cuando tocas tierra húmeda accidentalmente*

Tauro: *cuando escuchas música y te erizas*

Libra: *cuando tocas la superficie suave del agua en reposo*

Cáncer: *el roce de tu cuerpo con mantas nuevas y limpias*

Libra: *al tocar un juguete de felpa o peluche*

Virgo: *al tocar madera  o aserrín* 

Acuario: *al meter el brazo completo en sacos/bultos de granos(fríjoles, garbanzos, lentejas etc…)*

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Sexuality Headcanon: Polysexual

Gender Headcanon: Cis Male

A ship I have with said character: Bruiseshipping/Jole/JayxCole

A BROTP I have with said character: Nycole/NyaxCole

A NOTP I have with said character:
A random headcanon: hmmmm idk actually! I’m pretty open with ships for him.

General Opinion over said character: poor ghost baby who needs answers and some love. When I first started liking Ninjago I had a huge crush on him, but then I realized it was more aesthetic than attraction. Still my fav of the original four ninja tho :3

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Arthur was sitting beside Jolee. Their two kids were playing a game in the living room. John, John was outside the door with a ONI kill squad... And his targets were those he loved dearly

Jolee watched happily as their two kids played. They were twins. The older twin resembled Arthur more and his name was Finnian, while the younger twin resembled Jolee more, and her name was Mey-Rin. The twins were playing Clue
//ironic much//


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