I didn’t follow this exactly, but I added smut ;)

Pairing: Joker (Suicide Squad) x Reader

Words: 1,101

Warning: Unsafe sex, smut

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I take a deep breath as I turn into the dark alley that leads to my tiny apartment. A few feet in, two men jump out in front of me. Not knowing what to do, I stagger back. Once the two men start walking toward me, the word run screams in my head. But before I get the chance to, each of they grab my arms tightly.

“Get off me!” I scream, squirming in efforts to release their grip on me.

In the midst of my squirming, a tall, pale man slowly walks around the corner. His maroon button up shirt blows in the wind, showing many tattoos. Something about him seems so familiar, so attractive.

I clench my jaw as I stare cold into his eyes as he approaches me. “What do you want from me.” I demand, trying once more to get out of their grip.

“What I want from you is simple,” He stalks forward, staring back into my eyes. “It’s you.” He purrs as he strokes my cheek.

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She Shouldn’t Touch Them!

Requested by Anon : Jokexreader has a daughter (young maybe 4,5) and she brings food and a gun to the joker on a silver plate and the joker yells at her making he cry to the reader and then they argue and at the end ‘no sex for a month!’

Warnings: Swearing?? Other than that fluff


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Certain Mistake (Joker X Reader) Part 3

I’m not a doctor nor have I had a child so I’m basing my info off of movies lmao, I don’t know how I feel about this so you guys have to tell me if you like it or not


Only a few days stood between you and having this wonderful child. Exhaustion was clawing at your body all the time, so you were ready to finally hold the baby gently in your arms rather then in your belly. The cravings had stopped altogether and hunger was never really a problem anymore.

“You haven’t eaten all day,” J asked concerned, picking up the full plate of food he had placed in front of you almost thirty minutes ago.

“I just don’t want to eat, that’s all, I’m fine I swear,” you persuaded him, but he just forced a light smile and cleaned the dish. He then helped you up and basically carried you to the bed where he tucked you in, placing a delicate kiss on your belly then your lips.

“Goodnight Doll, I can’t wait for this family to start,” He smiled and walked back out to finish some overdue work and some late night cleaning.
The sun pierced through a slit in the curtains, causing your peaceful sleep to end early. You rolled to the other side to avoid the bright beams, but to your surprise your hand hit empty sheets. Confused, you opened your eyes to a small note that had been placed on the night stand.
It read:

Had some emergency work, be home as soon as I can. Ready for this, any day now, hang in there. Frost is outside if you need him.
~Love J
(p.s I left you some breakfast, please eat dear.)

You wished he was here but the cute note made a smile appear. You found the slightest bit of strength to pull yourself out of bed, just barely. You stumbled around, using the walls to support what you couldn’t, slowly making your way to the kitchen. An assortment of food was placed all organized across the table, but you had no intention of eating, hunger just wasn’t something you obtained. Turning away towards the couch you felt something weird. A colorless liquid drained onto the floor. Panic submerged your mind.

“Frost! Help!” You screamed shakily. Quickly, the favorite henchman appeared.

“Oh shit uh, get in my car, i’ll drive you to the hospital. I’ll call the boss, don’t worry I got you,” He tried to state calmly but fear cracked his voice, he obviously wasn’t too sure on what to do.

Arriving at the hospital, Frost cautiously carried you under his arm into the lobby of the Emergency Room. Nurses rushed to your side as you screamed in agonizing pain, placing you on a stretcher and wheeling you off. One lady interrogated you with questions about your name and how bad the contractions were while another asked you to breathe a certain way. You were placed in a small, cold room as doctors poured in trying to help. They hooked your limp body up to complex machines as you just lied there, begging for the aching to end. Moments later, the infamous criminal you loved so dearly burst through the door. Nurses yelled, terrified, wondering why the dangerous man was here.

“I’m the dad, calm down.” He snarled at the petrified administration. They glanced at you with a weird look, as if they were confused why you were with the Joker, let alone having a child with him. It didn’t bother you, they didn’t understand or realize there was a kind side to the insane man.

Hours had passed, you gripped J’s hand as he sat beside your bed, watching you become more and more exhausted.

“We have to do a C section, get her into the next room, and call for extra anesthesia,” the main doctor commanded, causing his helpers to scatter. J tried to follow but was stopped.

“I’m sorry sir you can’t be in the operating room, you can wait out here and I’ll call you in when we’re done,” the stern doctor said to J, who didn’t take it well.

“I’m going in there. I want to be with my god damn lady while she has our child.” He growled, unhappy with being told orders.

“Hun, please just stay out here, I don’t want problems, I’ll be out in a bit, I promise,” You smiled trying to fix the situation before it became a heated argument. J just sighed and nodded, taking defeat against you. Anesthesia had kicked in as they sliced open your fragile skin, exposing your internal organs. Your tired mind couldn’t fight the medicine anymore and you passed out.

You traveled in and out of consciousness, hearing the concerned words of the professionals.

“She’s losing too much blood, this isn’t right, we have to figure out a way to stop it,” one said with urgency. “Someone go inform the father before all hell breaks loose,” another one suggested. J was in the room within seconds, taking a seat by your side, hugging you gently. Doctors rushed around, almost in a panic, successfully retrieving the young child as quickly as they could but also needing to stitch you up as blood poured from your deep wound.

“It’s a girl,” a nurse said, removing the baby and taking it into the other room to wash off the red liquid.

“Hang in there doll, our little girl is finally here,” J whispered into your ear, but you were still knocked out cold, giving him no response. Suddenly one of the machines started blaring noises, indicating no pulse was being found. A man rushed to you with a defibrillator, placing it on your chest, sending shockwaves throughout your body. After several attempts, you were brought back to life.

“Shit (y/n), you scared me, you’ll be okay darlin,” You heard J continue to talk to you, saying sweet things next to the hospital bed.

An hour or so had passed and the gash in your lower torso had been stitched up. You just laid on the mattress, asleep, while a doctor pulled J outside the room.

“She’s very weak. She obviously hasn’t been getting enough nutrients and isn’t very stable. We will keep her for at least another day and you’re welcome to stay, but I can’t promise anything with her.” He stated professionally to the dangerous man.

“Ok, thanks.” J replied, wanting to lash out and threaten that the man swear you’ll make it, but he knew he couldn’t. He sat in by you, just talking. Your eyes stayed closed, but you knew he was there. He refused to leave you, for fear of losing the one he dare not say he loved, but truly cared deeply for. The baby was in the nursery being taken care of until you awakened and were healthy enough to leave. Suddenly a familiar sound rang through the room, causing J’s heart to plummet. You didn’t have a pulse.

“No no no, nurse! Help!” He called out, and soon they arrived, grabbing the defibrillator once again, placing the cold metal plates against your thin gown. Everyone watched your limp body shutter with every attempt. Tears swelled in J’s eyes, he held the bed frame until his knuckles turned white, waiting for a positive response.

“Don’t do this, you promised!” He yelled at your lifeless body before breaking down, but after many tries, this time it didn’t work. In your mind everything was dark, images of your past would occasionally appear but fade away quickly. J continued to cry, promising to take care of the baby and do everything he can to keep her forever safe. Memories flourished as your organs gave out and your last breath left your body, peacefully.

Nightmare (Joker x Reader)

So I decided to to do a little fluff, because I haven’t done an imagine in a while so here you go puddins 💚

Prompt: Joker has a nightmare and decides to call the reader over to his apartment and cuddle with her.

Pairings: Joker/Reader

Warnings: Fluff all over, small and simple, not himself (Sorry if you were expecting it)


It was around 2 in the morning. My eyes were shut tightly trying to focus on the one thing that mattered right now. Sleep. All day today I was a busy bee. With having to check up on my mom once in a while at the hospital, going to work at the coffee shop, studying for the finals that are coming up in a few weeks, and paying a visit to my love bird. I know it was a lot, but surprisingly I seemed to have kept up with the task. I felt at peace having to be able to finally relax and just sleep things off. But luck seemed to not be on my side because my phone began to ring on the nightstand, causing me to groan in frustration. I opened my right eye peering down at my phone. The brightness illuminating the dark room. I squinted my eye from the intensity of the light before lazily reaching for it. Considering how short my arms are (I can relate to this) it took me all the strength I could receive. I placed the tip of my index finger on the screen slowly dragging it towards my way before fully getting a grasp on my phone that continued to ring. I glanced at the caller ID reading ‘My Crazy’ meaning it was the clown prince himself. I groan in aggravation at the lack of sleep that i was receiving before answering the call. I placed the phone up to my ears closing my eyes before answering. “Hello.” I spoke groggily. “Doll face come over now.” He ordered. His voice quivered as if he was frightened of something. My eyebrows drew confused of why he spoke like that. I squinted my eyes in the dark raking my fingers through my hair shaking my hair, and licking my chapped lips. “What the hell J it’s 2 in the morning, what the hell could possibly be going on around this time?” I replied frustratingly. “I don’t have time to talk about this right now, just get your ass up and come over here. Or would you like for me to get Frost to bust down that damn door of yours and pick you up. Your choice.” He said harshly. But I can sense the smirk that featured on that face of his. I rolled my eyes letting out a huff replying. “Be there in 5…ass whole.” before ending the call and threw the phone on my bed. I rubbed my crusty eyes, stretching my arms out and letting out a soft yawn before getting up in my drowsy state and slipping on a pair of slippers before grabbing my keys and phone and heading out the door in nothing but silk shorts and and a tank top. My hair put up in a messy bun. I got into my car heading to J’s place that was 5 minutes away. After the short drive I got out and headed up in the elevator that led to J’s flat. My phone dinged in my hand. I opened up to see that I got a message from him *Are you here? I swear if you stopped to get something to eat!* He threatened which only caused a giggle to rise from my throat. I am a huge eater. No matter what situation or time it is I always seemed to be calm with food. But surprisingly tonight, I had no appetite. My main goal was to go to bed, but I guess J thought other wise. The elevator binged and the door slid open revealing the living room. I stepped into his cold flat looking to my right seeing frost sitting at the counter looking at his phone. But once my entrance was made clear he looked up giving me a soft smile. “Hey frosty. Is J in his room?” I asked giving him a grin in return. He could tell I was tired by the way I looked, and sounded. He nodded giving me a soft pity smile, knowing well enough J forced me to come. I walked up the stairs and down the hall to the last door on the left. I turned the knob of the door opening it and stepped into his room. The room was dimly lit. The only light source seemed to be coming from the lamp that was placed on the night stand next to his bed. I then saw him. His bare pale back faced me. His head in his hands, as his arms rested on his knees. I could hear his breathing becoming harsh. Still not knowing my presence in the room I slowly placed my keys and phone on the dresser that stood next to the door. I carefully walked towards the bed dipping on it feeling the smooth maroon silky sheets comforting my legs, as I crawled towards him. I knew then he figured out that I was here. I kneel behind him snaking my arms around his neck, stopping at his chest, feeling his defined abs. “Hey, what’s the matter J?” I spoke to him softly placing my lips onto his cheek. I waited for his response, but nothing came from him. “J…you can’t just sit there and call me early in the morning and force me to come over if you have nothing to say.” I said, already stressed enough that I had to wake up this. Still no answer. I dropped my arms from around him letting out a sigh giving up. I was about to leave the bed and go home when his hand caught my wrist causing me to halt. I looked back at him to meet with his with his blue eyes. He looked tense. His eyes held something that I wasn’t used to. He looked uneasy. “Baby what’s the matter?” I asked starting to get anxious. He looked down as if in embarrassment. Why is he acting so strange? “Please stay here.” He begged quietly. I was almost taken aback by this sudden sentence. The Joker never begs…ever. Why all of a sudden was he so vulnerable. So fragile, and sounded so…weak? I instantly crawled closer to him than before placing both my hands on his cheeks making him look at me. “J…what’s the matter?” I asked more worriedly. He bit the inside of his cheek looking down not wanting to make eye contact with me before he answered “I had a nightmare.” He replied quietly. Once those words came out of his mouth I immediately felt relieved, closing my eyes and sighing. “Baby, you scared the shit out of me. I thought it was something worse.” I said. He growled rolling his neck before looking back up at me. “Stay here. Don’t go.” He commanded. I giggled and caressed his cheeks gently before nodding. “Okay.” I spoke softly, and he pulled me to lay down on the bed with him. His arm wrapped securely around my waist as I had my head placed on his pale chest. We layed there silently as I traced the tattoos that were scattered across his chest, hearing the sound of him purring which calmed me down a bit. “I didn’t peg you as much of a cuddling type.” I spoke truthfully. Though this does bring a smile to my face knowing that there was a soft spot in him. “Oh doll face, don’t get used to it.” He said. I could already tell he was smirking. I giggled pecking his chest before closing my eyes, hopefully I can get the sleep I deserved.