You know one aspect of Tumblr I hate? No one is allowed to like villains anymore

Because if you like a character (a FICTIONAL character mind you) you automatically condone their actions.

Let’s say your favorite villain of all time is say… the Joker for instance. If you share this on Tumblr, the chances are someone is going to swoop down on you and ‘casually remind you’ that the Joker is a psychotic murderer and a manipulative abuser towards Harley Quinn and you should be ashamed if you like him.

You’re not allowed to enjoy a villain being a villain anymore… everything has to go back to politics and how if you like them, you support their actions. Steven Universe ESPECIALLY falls under this. NO ONE is allowed to like Jasper or even entertain the notion of her being redeemed without someone coming over to rain on your parade and drill it in that she’s ‘an abuser’ and ‘how dare you support literal trash, I can’t believe you’re in favor of her actions’

What blows my mind about this anti-villain mindset is that three years ago EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this site was bending over backwards and making incredible leaps and stretches to justify the actions of Loki and paint him as a misunderstood woobie. The wobbie who stole the throne twice, tried to kill his brother, invaded Earth and caused a lot of deaths, and so on

I don’t understand how he is different from any other villain (Actually I do, he’s played by Tom Hiddleston and for awhile everyone had a crush on him)

It’s not just Loki either, I also remember back in 2014 there was a WHOLE FANDOM dedicated to Randall from Monsters Inc. 

Randall, the kidnapper who tried to strap a child into a torture device to suck the scream out of her… EVERYONE was painting him as misunderstood and bullied because Monsters University was coming out. When the movie came out, we learn that he was ALWAYS sort of petty and his grudge against Sullivan started over a minor accident

Oh let’s not forget Pitch from Rise of the Guardians! Everyone was all over him too!

At some point after specifically 2014 we went from loving villains to HATING them. A good villain makes you hate them granted, I’ll give you that. But now we HATE the people who LIKE them!

We went from wanting to redeem every villain to immediately wanting to burn every single villain at the stake and anyone who likes them. What caused the change? What flipped? It’s a mystery that baffles me.. and it’s something I really hate

Why should we hate the people who like villains? It’s not fair at all. Let people like what they like, there are bigger problems in the world than someone liking someone or something you don’t like
'Suicide Squad': Director David Ayer on Creating a New Joker
In an interview for our Jared Leto cover story, Ayer discussed creating a new Joker with Leto, as well as the broader goals behind Suicide Squad, which also stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie, among many others.

(This are only the parts about Jared - read the full article via the link)

“I don’t even know how to describe the damn thing,” says director David Ayer, just after wrapping post-production on Suicide Squad, his star-packed, supervillain-centric, DC Comics-based probable blockbuster, hitting theaters on August 5th. “It’s not like anything else. And it’s not trying to be like anything else.” In an interview for our Jared Leto cover story, Ayer discussed creating a new Joker with Leto, as well as the broader goals behind Suicide Squad, which also stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie, among many others.

Jared has mentioned that he has enormous respect for Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker [in The Dark Knight]. How did you deal with the challenges of following it?
You have to be both really reverent and respectful, yet fearless — and terrified. But, you know, I mean, it’s a 70-year-old character and the best-known villain in Western fiction, in the world. There’s these giant pair of shoes left by Heath Ledger and what he did. But when you reverse engineer anything, you have an actor, you have makeup, you have wardrobe, you have a script, you have — so, you know, how do you get there? What is the journey? And Jared was, I think, the first actor I started working with, and he had sort of the longest lead of anybody to really start drilling down. It just took a lot of work, a lot of exploration and a lot of research. He just started with baby steps. Like, “What does the laugh sound like? What is the voice? What are the cadences?” And then, just put an incredible amount of work into slowly making these discoveries.

How much input did Jared have on the new look for the character?
The basics for it were always gonna be the pale skin and the green hair. But he was very involved. And, you know, we did the tattoos, which are controversial, but, I mean, we wanted him to be of our world.

Yeah, people were taken aback. Was the idea, “What does a criminal kingpin look like now?”
Exactly. Because then character was always a gangster, you know? He has always been sort of a gang boss and part of the underworld. You look at his origin in the early 1940s, when Hollywood had made these gangster movies … so, just wanted to lean into that idea a little bit and go, “What does a contemporary organized crime leader look like?”

You’ve paired him with his girlfriend, Harley Quinn, who’s never been on film before.
Exactly. And the idea that, you know, he’s always been this lone wolf who has sort of henchmen, but never any real relationship with anyone. So, that was very interesting territory to explore. It was like, what is the nature of that relationship? What does it mean? What does it mean to the Joker? How does she define him and vice versa? So, there’s a lot of really creative fertile ground to explore. He hates that he’s obsessed with her and whether it’s love or obsession, you know, people are gonna have to figure that out. She drives him crazy. And he tries to control her as much as possible, but she’s pretty much uncontrollable.

Margot Robbie and Jared Leto in ‘Suicide Squad.’ Clay Enos/DC Comics

How do you direct someone who won’t leave the character of the Joker, even when he’s talking to you?
I’d call him Mr. J, and I’d be very respectful. You have to create a safe space for actors. I mean, they kind of have the hardest job on the set. With acting, you’re trying to hit a target. You fire a lot of arrows, and the arrows take different paths; my job as a director is just to help him aim a little bit and let him know when he’s hit the target. In actor-world, Method acting is kind of, like, the macho thing to do. So, the other actors are always very, very conscious of that, like, “Wow, man. He went there.” It’s good for the acting ecology of a movie.

Besides all the pranks he played, what else did you see in Jared’s interactions with the other actors?
He had a henchman in the film, Mr. Frost, who’s played by Jim Parrack. And to sort of cement that relationship, I told Jim, “Look, you’re gonna go work for Mr. J now. And he’s gonna ask you to do all sorts of things, and you need to go do your errands.” So poor Jim was running around Toronto almost on a scavenger hunt, doing God knows what for him. Jared would also go for these long walks and really sort of live it away from set, away from the studio.

Wait, in costume?
No, that would be hardcore. But I know he’d be walking around at night and I was kind of like, worried: “Where is he?” He’s literally walking the earth, you know, and kind of meditating on this character.

Did Jared ever try to make you uncomfortable? Was that ever part of the process?
Uh, he would, but, it was that thing of, like, you know the magic trick. It’s like, “No dude, another rabbit’s under your table, bro.”


Don’t you understand? I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want either of us to end up killing the other. But we’re both running out of alternatives… and we both know it. Maybe it all hinges on tonight. Maybe this is our last chance to sort this bloody mess out. If you don’t take it, then we’re both locked onto a suicide course. Both of us. To the death. It doesn’t have to end like that. I don’t know what it was that bent your life out of shape, but who knows? Maybe I’ve been there too. Maybe I can help. We could work together. I could rehabilitate you. You needn’t be out there on the edge anymore. You needn’t be alone. We don’t have to kill each other. What do you say?


Suicide Squad

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