You, who were in despair after losing your place to belong, had probably reminded Master Kamui of their own self.”  

- From Gunther/Joker Support B-rank

These are sample pages from a MaMuixJoker Doujinshi titled “Not Beautiful.” made by  積雪. Translated and reposted with a permission. If you like this, please support the Artist by either bookmarking and rating the original work here or even better, by getting the doujinshi ie. here or here.

Earlier I asked my fellow Batfans what your favorite version of Joker is, and according to your answers Mark Hamill is winning by a landslide with equal votes for his respective roles in the DCAU ( such as Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker) and Arkham video game series. 

So far Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight is in second place, with comicverse Joker (both prior and post New 52 reboot) following closely behind. Surprisingly, no one has yet voted for either Troy Baker from Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham or Jack Nicholson from 1989′s Batman

  Vote for your favorite Joker here! 

So I was reading Detective comics #834 and batman was trying to figure out what the joker was up to so he thought “I bet he scribbled something about it in the shower.”  So he went to the nearest shower and steamed it up to see what he wrote and look! A little picture of Harley with a heart next to her!

Idk what the other things are. Sparkles? Knives?