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Prompt: 15 with the Joker?
15.  “I don’t want to hurt you”


“I don’t want to hurt you, pumpkin.” He said in a way that made you question did he truly mean it – his voice was low, barely a whisper, and his hand cupped your cheeks as his other arm snaked around your waits to pull you close. It was most likely a lie, you conducted. He gazed at you as if seeing a diamond for the very first time, so eager to touch but afraid that you’ll slip away if he moves in too quick. You wouldn’t, though. Your feet were glued to the ground, your heart hammering in your chest as you caught his irises roaming around your body. Your breath hitched in your throat. The scent of make-up, expensive perfume and gun oils tickled your nose as you softly closed your eyes, your fingers gripping his shirt.

“You…you can.” You told, “You can if you want to.”

You couldn’t see him smile but you felt it grow on his face. You knew he was pleased with the answer. Suddenly, his somewhat soft demeanor changed as his arms tightened around you. He hummed.  You felt his lips graze your cheek as he leaned in.

“You won’t know what hit cha’, pumpkin. I can hardly wait.”

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Dark Paradise Part 3.

A/N: okay so this is the last part of dark paradise. I enjoyed writing this but I just felt like it was too sad. it ended up okay though. I hope you guys liked it.


y/n arrived at the house. there were cars everywhere. even on their perfectly mowed lawn. she paid the taxi driver as she got out of the car. she was still feeling a little woozy but she can handle herself. she walked in the house and saw the maid's—the one she talked to earlier—corpse. y/n instantly became pissed. she saw all the henchmen that were there, scurrying around trying to look for something, most likely her. they hadn’t even noticed she walked in. she walked into the living room where J was sitting on the couch. he was leaning back with his arm draped over his face, covering his eyes while the other hand held a gun.

“Frost, did you find her?” he growled.

“he doesn’t have to anymore.” she says, tossing her keys on the coffee table. there was a bottle of whiskey.

‘Idiot’s probably drunk.’ she rolled her eyes.

as J heard her voice, he sat up and glared at her.

“why didn’t you tell me you were going to the doctor’s? I would’ve gone with you. heck, I would’ve brought the doctor here. you know I don’t like it when you leave the house unsupervised or in general, y/n.” he said, taking a sip from his whiskey.

she rolled her eyes once again. “it’s not a big deal. you wouldn’t have wanted to come anyway. seeing as it wasn’t your baby.” she hissed as she stormed into the kitchen.

J followed. he was so upset that he didn’t even catch the fact that she was using past tense words.

“don’t do that, okay? don’t throw shit in my face. I get it. I said I was going to be there for you but you’re not letting me. I don’t know what else you want me to do.” he growled.

“how about you stop acting like a dick?” she snapped.

“how about stop acting like a bitch?” he snapped back.

she exhaled softly as soon as he called her a bitch. he regretted it as soon as he said it. her vision becomes blurry as she felt her eyes fill up with tears.

“oh, no, no, no, no, don’t start crying. you’re not the fucking victim here, y/n. I’m trying.” he snarled.

“oh, I’m not the victim? you got beaten until you were unconscious? you got impregnated by rape? you know what, you’re right. I should’ve told you. you’re the victim here. I’m sorry, darling. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry I thought I can depend on you for anything. I’m sorry I got rid of it to keep you happy!” she replied with a broken voice.

she tried walking away but J grabbed her wrist softly.

“you got rid of it?” he concernedly asked.

“don’t fucking touch me.” she snarled as she snatched her wrist away from him and stormed upstairs. she ran to the bed, slamming the door behind her. she began crying hysterically.

J followed her once again. he walked into the room and sat down beside her.

“baby?” he whispered.

“leave me alone!” she sobbed.

he sighed.

he made his way to lay down beside her. he forcefully hugged her but she didn’t mind. he didn’t say anything. he just held her. she sobbed for hours before falling asleep. as soon as she did, he fell asleep too.


she woke up in his arms. they were still around her tightly. she stayed there for a couple of minutes before J started waking up too. he noticed she was awake.

“you feeling better?” he asked.

she nodded.

“does anything hurt?”

she nodded again. the cramping was started to feel a little intense.

“what does, baby? tell me, I’ll make it better.” he cooed, kissing her forehead.

“my stomach. I need to take pain killers for it.”

“I’ll get them for you, doll.”

as he was about to get up, y/n stopped him.

“wait..” she softly grabbed his arm.

“yes?” he asked.

“just lay with me for a little longer, yeah?”

“anything for you.” he whispered.

they laid there in silence. it was nice. of course J broke it by asking questions.

“how did it feel?” he curiously asked.

y/n deeply sighed.

“I didn’t feel a thing. I was asleep the whole time.” she whispered. “it’s the afterwards that hurts.”

“what, you get like stomach aches or something?”

“that’s not what I meant.” she replied.

he sighed.

“I know this was a hard thing for you to do. I appreciate that you did it to make me happy. but I insisted on letting you keep it so you can be happy. now I just feel like you’re going to be miserable for a while and it’s going to be my fault.” he said, frowning.

“aw, no. It was the right thing to do. I don’t know, it would’ve had a terrible life. I would’ve been a bad mother.” she said as she tried to blink away the tears.

“don’t say that, doll, you would’ve been a great mother.” he whispered, kissing her nose.

she sniffled. “I just wanted a baby.” she sighed, as she shut her eyes.

“let’s make our own.” J replied, stroking her hair.

her eyes light up. she looks at him.

“what?” she wiped away the few tears that streamed down her face.

“yeah, let’s make a baby. one that’s both of ours.” he said similing.

“y-you mean it?” she put her hand on his chest and put her chin on it so she was looking at him better.

“yeah. I just want to see you happy and I wouldn’t mind having a mini me or a mini you around the house.”

she laid back down and hugged him tightly. he grunted, which made her laugh. it surprised them both since she hasn’t laughed for a while.

“I’m sorry for acting like a bitch.” she muttered.

“hey, no, don’t say that. I didn’t mean it. you had every right to be angry.” he whispered, hugging her back.

they laid on the bed in silence for a few more minutes.

“you do know you can depend on me, right?” he reassured her.

she forced a chuckle. “yeah, I was just upset before.”

silence once again. this is getting awkward.

J began asking more questions.

“why didn’t you just tell me you were going to the clinic?” he whispered, trying not to upset her.

“I don’t know. it was just something I needed to do myself. I didn’t think you’d want to be there. besides, if you did, you would’ve scared the hell out of everyone there.” she chuckled.

he grinned.

“yeah, I guess so. but I would’ve been there for you.” he said, caressing her arm.

“well you’re here now.” she said, sitting up to kiss his nose.

she laid back down.

“um, why were you home so early?” she hesitantly asked.

he sighed. “well, yesterday I was going to take out for dinner but I cancelled because of what happened. I wanted to try again today but you weren’t even home.” he scoffed.

“aw. I’m sorry, baby. we can go out once I’m feeling better, okay? that’s a promise.” she said, nuzzling against him.

“I guess so. you have no idea how much I worked for the reservations though.” he replied, annoyed. “I threatened anyone I could.”

she scoffed.

“you’re such a psycho..” she smirked.

he looked at her with an offended look on his face.

“but you’re my psycho.” she cooed as she reached in for a kiss. he returned it.

once they started kissing, it turned into making out very quickly. J got on top of her and tried to unbutton her jeans but y/n stopped him.

“wait, J.” she whispered, panting.

“what?” he replied, pausing.

“I can’t..” she said, looking away.

“oh.. right.” he crawled off of her. “I forgot about your.. termination.” he hesitantly responded.

she scoffed. “you can say abortion, silly. It’s not just that though. I’m not ready to start.. again. it’s gonna take some time, okay? just one thing at a time.” she said, holding his face between her hands.

he pulled away. “how long?” he growled.

“I don’t know, I can’t have sex for a week but—”

“a week?! ugh!” he growled and pouted as he got up.

“no— please don’t be mad.” she pouted. “pleaaase? just lay with me. my stomach is starting to hurt again.” she said, grabbing his arm softly.

he snatched his arm and walked out of the room.

y/n sighed with water in her eyes.

before she can begin crying, J came back with her pain killers and a glass of water.

she sighed in relief. she took the pills and got J to cuddle with her again so they can both go back to sleep.


One week later…

y/n was finally healed from her procedure. she finally felt better than she ever had in the last few months. the only thing she needed to be okay was Mr. J. there were fights with J here and there but they all ended okay. she didn’t feel relieved just yet.

She was laying in bed with her laptop watching her favorite show. she was pretty much done with resting but one more day couldn’t hurt. she jumped when she saw Mr. J burst through their bedroom door grinning. she expected J to be out all day. his grin disappears when he notices she’s still in bed. it’s 4 pm.

“doll, why are you still in bed?” he says, walking towards the bed. he leans towards her.

“um, I don’t know, I guess I’m just exhausted.” she hesitantly replied.

“you’ve been in bed rest for a week. how could you possibly be exhausted?” he raised his non existent eyebrows.

“well, I—”

“never mind that, kitten. I have a surprise for you.” his grin is back. it’s not his usual grin. it’s his evil grin.

“oh? what is it?” she nervously replied.

he leaned on the bed with his arms, getting closer to y/n.

“well, if I tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?” he said as he winked.

she nervously chuckled. “well, can you at least tell me if it’s here or somewhere else?”

“it’s somewhere else. now, get dressed, sleepy head.” he said, kissing her forehead before he got back up.

“should I dress formal or casual?” she asked as she got up as well.

J walked towards her to kiss her.

“a mix of both, darling. I’ll wait for you downstairs. take as long as you need.” he said, walking out of the room.

she nodded. once J left, she browsed through her closet. she pulled out a dark purple halter crop top and a black leather skirt with some fishnets and black heels. she got dressed and sat on her vanity to do her hair and makeup. she went on to start on her makeup first. her foundation, light countour, brows, signature green highlight, winged eyeliner, nude lip, and mascara. she brushed out her perfectly straightened hair and went on to curl it. she was done by 5 pm. she took one good look at herself in the mirror and she felt confident again. she was still nervous about J’s surprise but she didn’t let him know. she couldn’t mask it very well so she was sure he knew. she figured what his surprise was but again, she didn’t say anything. she grabbed her custom small knife and strapped it around her thigh, in case of an emergency. she walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. J was in his office working some plans out for a heist next week. she walked in his office and laughed as she saw him do a double take.

“you ready?” she asked, smiling, leaning her head against the wall.

J got up and walked towards her. he harshly kissed her, then worked his way down to kiss her neck.

“I could be way more ready..” he growled low into her ear.

she sighed softly.

“after.. okay?” she hesitantly replied.

J paused.

“wait, really?” he looks at her, as he grabbed her face by her chin.

she nodded. “I want things to go back to how they were and I realize that now. I just want everyone to stop treating me like I’m so fragile. like one bad movement and I’ll break or something. including you. ”

J smiled, “that could be arranged, doll.”

“let’s go.” he kissed her on the nose before he led her out the door and into his car.

they were sitting in the back seat while Frost drove them. J felt her tense up. he soothed her by putting his arm around her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder.

when the car comes to a complete stop, J asked Frost to get out of the car to give them a little privacy. y/n took in the view by looking out of the window. they were at a warehouse.

“um?” she anxiously said.

“don’t worry, I’m not gonna try anything.” he growled. “look, I know you have a suspicion about what this is all about.”

she tensed up again. “well, I have a feeling but I’m not entirely sure.”

he sighed. “I found the guy.” he hesitantly replied.

y/n softly gasped. “w-why did y-you bring me h-here?” she shuddered. she hadn’t even realized that her eyes filled up with tears from how anxious she was.

“now, now. calm down, baby,” he shushed. “I brought you here so you can kill him! well, of course, I was going to have a little fun with him first—”

“no!” she interrupted. “I don’t want to do this. I can’t.” she sobbed. “you can, I don’t care what you do to him, but please don’t make me..” she begged.

he sighed once again, deeply this time. “listen. I know you think you feel better than you ever have. and maybe you do, but I know you’re not relieved just yet. and it’s not about the baby either. I promised to give you one and that’s a promise I’m willing to keep. you need to face this asshole. release your anger. you promised you would let me help you, so just trust me on this. okay?”

she calmed down when she realized he was right. she inhaled and exhaled deeply several times.

“okay, well,” he cleared his throat. “whenever you’re ready, come inside.” he reached over to open the door, but paused. “and I better see you come in, y/n, I mean it.” he growled as he glared at her.

she nodded and went back to taking deep breaths as soon as J got out of the car.

you gotta do this. if not for you, do it for J.

she repeated the statement over and over again. it gave her flashbacks from she got her abortion. she was a crying mess now.


it took her about 40 mins for her to calm down and realize that J could come out any minute and force her to go in there. she got out the car and checked herself on the car’s rear mirror. she had mascara from her eyes down to her chin. the rest of her makeup was a little messed up too. nothing some spit and her top couldn’t fix though. she was startled when she saw Frost on the other side of the car.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” he cleared his throat.

“It’s fine. I just thought you went in with J.” she replied, trying to ease herself.

“He told me to guard the car and wait for you so I can take you in. You ready?” he said, with his arm extended towards the warehouse.

y/n hesitantly nodded.

she let Frost lead her in. she nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard a painful scream. Frost didn’t even budge. she was calming herself mentally as she got closer to the screaming.

Frost walked y/n towards a door which opened for her once they arrived.

she took in the scene before her. J was catching his breath with a hammer in his hand. Brandon was tied to a chair, bleeding excessively from all over his body. It had looked like J beaten him black and blue with the hammer.

J heard them come in. he turned around to look at the door. he grinned once he saw who it was.

“there you are!” his voice rang out. “I thought you weren’t going to show! come on, baby, you’re just in time! I was just about to saw him in half.” he cackled.

y/n walked over to J. he had his arms out as if he wanted a hug from her. she gave him one. she didn’t glance once at Brandon’s direction.

“now,” J cleared his throat. “before we can saw you, I have a few questions for you, sunny boy!” he chuckled.

“do you remember this girl?” his mood shifted into serious mode.

y/n looked away, still not glancing at his direction.

Brandon had the audacity to lie. “n-no! I’ve never seen this girl in my life!” he groaned.

“oh, really?” J made an ‘oh’ face.

“y/n, darling, what do we do to liars?” he playfully asked her.

“we kill them.” she softly mumbled. she didn’t think J heard her but she was wrong.

“that’s right! we kill them..” he growled.

“I-I’m not lying, m-man! you’ve got the wrong guy!” he cried out.

y/n started getting annoyed by his lying. she growled and finally looked at him. she walked towards him and got all up close and personal. anger had taken over.

“you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, right? I know you know who I am! we couldn’t possibly have the wrong guy. I could never forget you, even if I wanted to!” she shouted. “you’re a disgusting human being that deserves to die a very, very painful death. good thing Mr. J is taking care of that for me. you have no idea the trauma you have caused me.” she snarled.

she went under her skirt and grabbed her little knife. she pressed it against Brandon’s throat, leaving a little cut. He began to cry.

“a-all right! I do remember you! I-I’m sorry! is that what you want to hear?! I’m sorry!” he sobbed.

she scoffed. “do you really think your sorry means anything to me? you impregnated me!”

“w-what? really? look, I’m really sorry, just don’t hurt the baby! I-I’ll do anything! anything! I thought I was cursed with infertility! please!” he sobbed once more causing y/n to scoff once again.

“oh, it’s too late for that now. it’s already been done.” she paused when he started crying hard at her words. “did you really think I’d keep it? who the fuck do you think I am? you know, at first I wanted it.” she forced a chuckle. “but I couldn’t have a future rapist running around in my house, could I?” she playfully cooed.

Brandon was crying his eyes out at this point.

“I’m so sorry..” he cried.

“you can take that fake apology and shove it up your ass!” she shouted as she stuck her knife into his shoulder. she repeated the process a couple of times until she stopped to catch her breath. he was still alive but weak. he was turning lifeless by the minute.

J just watched her this whole time. he got her where he wanted her. he was finally happy to see her truly relieved. He resisted the urge to shot the guy’s head off as he kept apologizing. He finally decided to say something when he saw y/n in full maniac mode.

“all right. least we got that out of our system!” he cackled.

y/n glared at him. she was still pretty pissed.

he grinned. “well, I think we shall proceed to saw him in half, shouldn’t we, pumpkin?” he unapologetically said.

“you do it. I need to calm down.” before she walked away, she realized her knife was still in his shoulder. she aggressively took it out, causing Brandon to groan in pain once again. she continued walking towards the door.

“all right, darling, but it won’t be any fun without you!” he raised his voice as she got further away from him.

she ignored him.

J softly growled but he let it go.

“looks like I’m not going any easier on you.” he said, examining the dull machete. he needed it to be dull so it can hurt the guy more.

“do your worst.” y/n said before shutting the door. J smirked at her comment.

he was planning to saw the guy in half vertically with a dull machete. he started on his head, making his way down. when he realized the dull knife wasn’t working out like he wanted it to, he changed his plan. despite the fact that Brandon was screaming in pain.

“tsk, tsk, tsk. this just won’t do.” he observed the machete before throwing it over his shoulder.

he tapped his fingers on his chin, as if he was thinking about what other toy he could use. his eyes glimmer once an idea comes to mind.

“I know!” he goes into a closet and pulls out an actual saw. “this will do!” he shouted as he revved up the saw. his mad cackling trailing away as he got to work.


y/n stepped outside and took deep breaths. she freaked herself out. she’s had many mental breakdowns before but not like that one. she was trying to calm herself before she spoke to anyone. Frost startled her once again.

“Miss, you alright? want me to get boss?”

she sighed as she tried to ease herself once again.

“no, I’m fine.” she deeply inhaled.

“would you like me to take you home?” he offered.

she thought about the offer but she decided to wait for J.

“no, thanks. I think I’ll just wait for J in the car.” she softly smiled as she got in the car before Frost can protest against her decision.

it wasn’t long until J came back. he had blood and sweat all over him. he got into the car and was surprised to see y/n inside.

“I thought I told Frost to take you home.” he growled.

“I wanted to wait for you instead.” she smiled at him. “I wanted to thank you. I feel truly relieved now. even if I did scare myself a little.” she chuckled.

he reached in for a kiss, which she returned. “oh, you know I’d do anything for you.”

she hugged him tight, trying to get a grunt out of him. it worked. it never fails to make her laugh.

“let’s go home, so I can reward you.” he said, eyeing her up and down as he licked his lips.

she nuzzled against him and nodded. “I prefer a punishment.” she smirked.

he laughed, causing her to laugh as well. he opened the door to let Frost know they were ready to go home. Frost got in the car and started driving the couple home.


Side to Side

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Summary: Song fic based off of Side to Side - Ariana Grande

Pairings: Joker (Leto’s) x Reader

Warning: Language, Lots and lots of foreplay

A/N: My first DC imagine/drabble/fic thing… don’t judge me too hard please.

~ Extra Note ~ This is being posted today because I wanted it out before Halloween!

Word Count: 1,188 (excluding lyrics)

I’m talkin’ to ya

See you standing over there with your body

Feeling like I wanna rock with your body

And we don’t gotta think ‘bout nothin’ ('Bout nothin’)

I’m comin’ at ya

Noting the man sitting over on the couches, I couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Whether it be his entrancing eyes or his ‘unique’ features, I felt a pull.

I could also feel the air of danger surrounding him. And it excited me.

Walking around the pole, adding as much swing as I could to my hips, I made my way over to him.

His gaze burned into me as I walked over, much as it had before.

When I finally reached him, I sat on his lap - you know as they say; alcohol is liquid courage and I had had way too much of it -  and smirked at him, “I could feel your eyes on me from across the room so I decided to come over and say hello.”

The man grinned at me, his smile almost frightening, “It was hard for me to keep my eyes off you. You seem very forward for such a normal girl like you.”

I hummed and leaned closer, my lips inches from his as I stared into his blue eyes, “I’m anything but normal, baby.”

Before he could say anything more, I closed the gap between us and I brought my lips to his, my body now buzzing with a new found energy.

'Cause I know you got a bad reputation

Doesn’t matter, 'cause you give me temptation

And we don’t gotta think 'bout nothin’ ('Bout nothin’)

“You know dollface if anyone knows you do this, with me… you’ll be in a lot of trouble. I’m not good for you, doll. I’m toxic.”

I scoffed and wrapped my legs around his waist as he pinned me to the wall, “Tell me something I don’t know. That doesn’t bother me.”

J shook his head, laughing, “You really are something else.”

I grinned and rolled my hips against him, “I told you. I’m not normal. And fuck me, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

He smirked and pull my head to the side, giving himself full access to my neck, “Fucking you is exactly what I plan to do. When I’m done, you’ll barely be able to walk.”

I moaned at the thought and gripped him tighter.

Toxic, in this case, was all I wanted.

These friends keep talkin’ way too much

Say I should give you up

Can’t hear them no, 'cause I

I’ve been here all night

I’ve been here all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

All the scoldings and disappointed looks my friends would give me never even stood a chance against all the thoughts of J.

He was like a drug to me.

I craved him.

I needed him.

At this point,being without him drove me absolutely mad.

And maybe that was the point. Not that I was for being annoyed purposely.

I spent as much time as I could at J’s. Even when he was out on ‘business.’  He always made sure to have the room protected and locked, so no one could get in, nor could I get out.

He was starting to show protectiveness over me. Dominance. It was as if he wanted to mark me as his.

I couldn’t say I minded all that much.

Being “daddy’s little monster” wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Been tryna hide it

Baby what’s it gonna hurt if they don’t know?

Makin’ everybody think that we solo

Just as long as you know you got me

And boy I got ya

I watched, my gaze practically deathly, as the Joker flirted with the woman across from him.

If he wanted me to be his and his alone, he would have to be mine and mine alone.

It was a two way street, or there was no street at all.

Ignoring the concerned looks of my friends, I made my way over - taking each step in stride.

Finally reaching him I noted he was watching me with a raised brow and a smirk on his lips.

The woman he was talking to, glared up at me, “Can I help you?”

I scoffed at her comment, and crashed my lips to J’s, pushing him up against the couch and adding as much passion as I could into the kiss.

Quick to respond, he pulled me into his lap and gripped my hips tightly, pulling away only minutes later with a wicked grin as the woman walked away fuming, “What happened to keeping it all a secret?”

I narrowed my eyes and gripped his forearm bruisingly tight, “What happened was you started flirting with bitch.”

Before he could say anything else, I got off his lap and walked away, not sparing him a second glance.

As I left the club, someone grabbed me and pulled me into a nearby alley way.

I was pushed roughly up against a wall with my arms pinned over my head, making moving near to impossible.

The Joker whispered gruffly in my ear, “You don’t walk away from me. You never walk away from me.”

I growled, attempting to push him away, “And you don’t flirt with other women. Stick to that and I’ll stick to being daddy’s good little girl.”

J tightened his grip as he crashed his lips roughly to mine, “You don’t get to make the rules here, doll. You just follow them.”

'Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil

And I know it’s gonna get me in trouble

Just as long as you know you got me

I cast a glance towards the Joker before I dragged my ass up and against the man’s crotch.

J was furious. His eyes showed all.

He would kill this man later for laying a hand on me.

As for what he’d do to me? Well I can’t say I’d complain.

I always had a thing for having it rough. Especially when with him.

As I turned around, wrapping my arms around the stranger’s neck, and dragging my body up against his, Joker got up and stalked over - clearly having enough of this.

He pushed the man away from me and then proceed to punch him, cracking being heard from where I stood feet away.  

Once the man beneath him was more than just knocked out, Joker stood up and grabbed my wrist, pulling me away and into an empty room.

He shoved me into the center of the room, glaring as he circled around me like a predator would do to its prey, “You are mine. You are mine and mine alone. No one else is to touch you, nor should they look at you in the wrong way. If they do they will have hell to pay, do you hear me? Hell.”

I grinned, crossing my arms over my chest, “So I’m yours now? Am I like a pet you can just walk around and show off? Or am I more of a collectible that you hide and keep all to yourself?”

Within a second, he had me pinned against the wall, his face inches from mine, “It’s a mix of both doll. You’re mine and mine alone, but I’ll be damned if I can’t show off such a pretty little thing like you.”

I raised a brow slightly, though I doubted he could see much, as it was basically pitch black, “Glad you’ve cleared that up for me. Now I know exactly how much I need to play it up.”

He scoffed, pushing me closer to him, “Not too much, or I’ll have to waste all of my time killing the poor souls who looked at you a second too long.”

I grinned, keeping my lips only inches away from his as I breathe, “I’m yours, puddin’. No one else’s.”

He nodded, a smirk never leaving his lips, “Good. But you still have to be punish. You’ve been a bad little girl.”


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||The Present|| Joker x Mermaid!Reader

The Present
Joker x Mermaid!Reader

(request from anon, i hope you like!)


Did the devil have a birthday? This was the burning question for the brooding man sitting in the dark. J was in his poorly lit office, one lamp barely letting him see the room. He sat on the floor and stared into the white carpet that should have bloodstains in it but not a drop was found.

J hated today.

His birthday.

No one knew today was his birthday. J was hiding away in his office as if he was plotting a scheme like any other day. Sometimes he wondered if they ever thought about his birthday. ‘Surely he must have one,’ They would think, ‘How else would he be alive?’
J was dragged out of his mind when he heard a knocking at the door. For once, he didn’t threaten whoever pulled him out of his thoughts. Though of course he wouldn’t tell, he was grateful. J was relieved to run away from thinking even for a few moments.
“Yes.” He finally answered.
“Sir,” Frost replied, “Your 12 o'clock is here.”

Good man.

Frost, J’s right hand man, might have been the only one who knew what today’s date meant for the King of Crime. He knew to keep his boss busy all day so J wouldn’t have to think about it. Or think at all, for that matter.
J smiled for the first time since he stepped into his office. He jumped to his feet and made himself presentable without a mirror. The strangely dressed man excitedly pulled open his door and made his way towards the meeting room.

“You know what to do.” A low voice growled. J tilted his head curiously as he listened, watching the man he was about to kill talk to no one. The meeting room had mirrors that J could see through, if on the opposite side, he used this to spy on his victims. Curiosity got them better of him, Frost following suit as J stepped inside the meeting room with a giant smirk.
“Mister J!” The man laughed, extending his hand. J’s eyes immediately were drawn to the large curtain behind the man. The sweating man laughed again, nervously this time, “I-I did a little research and heard it was your birthday today! I got you a little present!”
J’s eyes went wide. He wasn’t facing the fat man so he quickly fixed his mistake of showing emotion. He dragged his lips downward, looking to few man out of the side of his eye, “What is it?” J simply asked, his words coming out like a threat. The man jumped and ran to the curtain, taking the fabric in his meaty hands and yanking it off whatever was below.

J’s and Frosts eyes widened at what was hiding under the curtain. A gorgeous mermaid! (H/c) hair drifting in every direction, the locks fading into (f/c) at the tips. A powerful, cyan blue tail also fading to (f/c) near the tip. Your top half was naked and you quickly attempted to cover yourself, your hands were slightly webbed, fingertips matching the color of your tail. A deep (f/c) blush spread across your cheeks. You had a cute little nose yet gills on the sides of your neck. J was in awe of your beauty, relishing in the fact he was actually seeing a mermaid, when a voice once again pulled him from reality. This time he was less forgiving then with Frost, growling as the man began to talk. Explaining how you were some experiment to make people breathe underwater- at the very least the side effects would give you gills.

Apparently they miscalculated by a long shot.

Wanting to wrap this meeting up, J ordered Frost to escort the man out. Something about the way his boss said it told the right hand man to actually let this man out alive. Once J was alone he circled the mermaid like a shark, slowly walking around the small tank. The mermaid giggled, thinking it was a game and twirled around, following the man. J chuckled, tilting his head. The creature mimicked J’s actions and he started laughing. When the mermaid laughed, a bunch of bubbles came out of her mouth which made J laugh harder. He could get used to this.

J installed a rather large tank in his home with water filled vents leading to only two other rooms, J’s bedroom and his office. He wasn’t home much but when he was he adored your company. His favorite time with you was feeding time. The clown would have his men drop in a live shark or group of random fish, none of which would survive long. J watched as with one kick of your powerful tail, you attacked your prey. Your (e/c) orbs shrunk into terrifying cat-like slits. One day, J and Frost came home to hear an alluring voice filling the house.
The two men froze suddenly, not able to control their actions. They realized that voice was your own once they saw as you were waist above the water. You were singing and making “come here” motions. A man was awkwardly walking towards the edge of the pool, mumbling apologies and curse words. The man was trying very hard to fight where his legs were going, his hands covering his ears. The man dropped to his knees and stared into your cat-like pupils, terrified. You continued to sing while gently removing the hands from his ears. His eyes turned black and he willingly followed her into the water.
The heavy uniform dragged him down, J watched with slight jealousy as you pressed your body closer to his. Suddenly, the man’s eyes returned to the way they were. He must have realized his predicament and with whatever air he had left he screamed. You smiled wickedly, revealing your razor sharp teeth. The crystal clear water was soon diluted with red. J smiled and clapped his hands, finding his movements to be his own again. You jerked your head to the sound, blushing in embarrassment. You hated to be watched while you ate. Especially in these.. situations.
J found himself on the diving board, laughing at the body that bumped the sides of your tank.
“Darling, that was magnificent!” J sat, careful not to get too close to the water. You hid under his feet, holding your flushing face.
“Aw..” J purred, “Is someone being shy today?”
You slowly swam over to a place where you could see the criminal. You both realized you’d never been this close without the glass. Your (e/c) eyes filled with infatuation and a smile played at your lips. J copied your actions, though his eyes held little emotion.
“I like you.” You spoke at last, tilting your head, your wet (h/c) hair floating everywhere in the water. The man’s breath hitched at your words. Or maybe it was your voice? Besides your singing just now, Mister J had never heard you actually speak. He recollected himself and splashed you. You giggled and did a few tricks for him, loving how he would applaud and laugh.

You loved making him laugh.

J began to talk to you for hours on end, only realizing what time it was when the sun shone through the windows. Months went by like this. J got sleep eventually, with the request you sleep in the tank attached to his room. You did, of course. J would wake up before you and watch as you made yourself comfortable in the corner of the tank. Your wild (h/c), (f/c) hair floating around in the water. Or sometimes you would wake first and watch this deranged man, finally at peace. He hugged his pillow as he slept. Sometimes you wished that could be you.

It was an early morning, J couldn’t sleep. He was in his office, scheming but this time you weren’t invited. You took this time alone to battle the demons inside you. The short fat man who gave you to the Joker would be returning tomorrow. You suspected he would be very annoyed with you. You were supposed to kill J weeks ago. Luring him into the water and drowning him should be so easy, the short fat told you. He said once the clown was dead, you would be given anything your heart desired. However, what your heart wanted more then anything was J.

You wouldn’t do it.

You wouldn’t kill him.

But what would happen to you when the man returned?

“Why don’t you think out loud?” that familiar voice purred above the water. You immediately popped to the surface, a smile on your lips but your eyes heavy with dread. The smile planted on J’s lips faded. He did not hide the worry that flashed across his face.
“What is it?” J sat closer to the edge then he ever had.
You knew J trusted you. He knew you would never use your voice to drag him into the water. You were the one to tell him not to swim with you. It was you that didn’t trust yourself. You knew the closeness would be too much, you would want to kiss him and.. and J could never be with something like you.

“Well?” J asked, slightly annoyed you hadn’t answered him yet.
“What if someone was trying to hurt you?” You finally asked. J laughed at the ridiculous question.
“Darling, no one would dare hurt me” he said but could tell you weren’t relieved. A smile played on his red lips as he stood and walked away without another word. You hid underneath the diving board, worried you had upset J. Suddenly a splash was created in your water, your head snapping to where it came from. It wasn’t feeding time. Your eyes went wide as you saw that green hair slipping to the bottom of your tank. J had a heavy weight attached to his ankle.

Fear ran through you.

He was letting himself sink!

With one motion from your powerful, (f/c) tail, you were at the bottom, circling J. He smiled at you, releasing all the air from his lungs. You jerked yourself down to the chains attached to his ankle and ripped it apart with your teeth. One sharp tooth falling out from the harsh impact. You grabbed it, wrapped your arms around J and shot up to the surface. You launched J up first, watching him gasp for air.
“What were you thinking!” You clutched your heart, finally starting to release the fear that was in you.
“You protected me.” He said, matter-of-factly.
“B-but I-” You tried to interject.
J pulled you close to him, holding your waist. You easily held both of you up with your tail without having to flap your arms.
“(Name),” he whispered, “I can trust you, can’t I?”
You nodded.
“You’ll protect me from anyone who tries to hurt me, yes?” He purred.
You nodded again.
Neither of you noticed the gap between your faces closing in.
“Will you do me a favor, then?” J asked at last. Your heart dropped as you pulled away, nodding. The clown smiled a devilish grin, tilting your chin up, your eyes met his.
“Prove it.”

J had a shaking man standing before him, on the edge of the diving board. His green hair slightly unorganized and wet from his swim. “I’m going to give you one chance,” J extended his arms, a revolver in his right hand, “To kill the Clown Prince of Crime.”
The shaking man stared at J as if he was crazy.

Which, of course, he was.

J handed the revolver to the shaking boy. The first instinct was to cock the gun but before he could get his finger on the trigger, you shot out of the water like a dolphin and tackled him into your tank. J’s laughter rang even under the water. The boy stared at you with fear in his eyes. You glared and mercilessly pushed him down to the bottom of your tank. You held him there. He clawed at you, scratching your face and arms but you stayed firm. At last, his body went lifeless and you let it rise to the top. You gracefully swam to the surface, watching as J lied on his stomach. As your head broke through the water, J grabbed it as gently as possible but lifted you up to press your lips together. You moaned into the kiss, tilting your head to deepen it. J growled and bit your bottom lip. You lifted yourself waist above the water, hands roaming in your hair as it got easier to kiss you.

Your kiss was broken from an interruption.
“Sir?” Frost spoke, standing outside the tank, at the entrance to the diving board, “He’s here.”
Horror and tears filled your eyes. The man. The man was here to hurt your J! You had to protect him but how!? A hand pressed to your cheek, collecting your attention. J was staring at you, “I know.” was all he said before standing up and making his way to the exit of the tank. You whispered something but he was already gone.
You watched in fear as J greeted the short fat man. You whimpered and swam in circles, attempting desperately to think of something. The sound of a gunshot grabbed your attention. Your pupils turned to slits as you saw J grab his bloody arm. You shrieked and slowly the tanks glass began to crack. You shot yourself forward and broke through the glass. The short fat man’s eyes widened at the wave of water coming towards him. You searched for J and Frost, once you found them in the water you blew a gust of bubbles towards them from your lips. The bubbles pushed them far from the fat man who suddenly grabbed you.
The water soon emptied the room. You saw Frost standing protectively in front of J. The man had his plump fingers around your neck, digging into your gills. You squirmed and cried out making J immediately turn to you in rage. Your tail twitched and slowly began to shrink, losing the glorious fins and (f/c), fading to (s/c). Your tail soon began to separate and shrink more to reveal gorgeous legs that matched the rest of your body. Your gills disappeared slightly, leaving three, perfectly symmetrical, (f/c) scars on each side of your neck. The man dropped you, gasping at the sudden change in your appearance and jumping backwards. J growled and snapped his fingers, men flooded the room on command. The criminal stood protectively over your naked body as the man was dragged away, begging for mercy. You blushed as J scooped you into his arms and beaconed Frost and the doctor to follow.

The doctor fixed J up first, cleaning the gun wound after digging the bullet out. You blushed as he moaned and growled at the pain he was receiving. J let you wear one of his shirts, admiring your body while biting his lip. He wouldn’t dare admit it but you looked adorable when you tried to stand and kept falling over. J waved the doctor off the second he said you were fine. The clown helped you to your feet and balanced you while you walked with wobbling knees. J lied you on the bed and looked you up and down like he had been waiting forever just to touch you.
Now, when you’re apart from someone for so long, people normally 'make up for lost time’. Considering J felt like he was waiting forever.. There was certainly a lot to make up for.