She Shouldn’t Touch Them!

Requested by Anon : Jokexreader has a daughter (young maybe 4,5) and she brings food and a gun to the joker on a silver plate and the joker yells at her making he cry to the reader and then they argue and at the end ‘no sex for a month!’

Warnings: Swearing?? Other than that fluff


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Nightmare (Joker x Reader)

So I decided to to do a little fluff, because I haven’t done an imagine in a while so here you go puddins 💚

Prompt: Joker has a nightmare and decides to call the reader over to his apartment and cuddle with her.

Pairings: Joker/Reader

Warnings: Fluff all over, small and simple, not himself (Sorry if you were expecting it)


It was around 2 in the morning. My eyes were shut tightly trying to focus on the one thing that mattered right now. Sleep. All day today I was a busy bee. With having to check up on my mom once in a while at the hospital, going to work at the coffee shop, studying for the finals that are coming up in a few weeks, and paying a visit to my love bird. I know it was a lot, but surprisingly I seemed to have kept up with the task. I felt at peace having to be able to finally relax and just sleep things off. But luck seemed to not be on my side because my phone began to ring on the nightstand, causing me to groan in frustration. I opened my right eye peering down at my phone. The brightness illuminating the dark room. I squinted my eye from the intensity of the light before lazily reaching for it. Considering how short my arms are (I can relate to this) it took me all the strength I could receive. I placed the tip of my index finger on the screen slowly dragging it towards my way before fully getting a grasp on my phone that continued to ring. I glanced at the caller ID reading ‘My Crazy’ meaning it was the clown prince himself. I groan in aggravation at the lack of sleep that i was receiving before answering the call. I placed the phone up to my ears closing my eyes before answering. “Hello.” I spoke groggily. “Doll face come over now.” He ordered. His voice quivered as if he was frightened of something. My eyebrows drew confused of why he spoke like that. I squinted my eyes in the dark raking my fingers through my hair shaking my hair, and licking my chapped lips. “What the hell J it’s 2 in the morning, what the hell could possibly be going on around this time?” I replied frustratingly. “I don’t have time to talk about this right now, just get your ass up and come over here. Or would you like for me to get Frost to bust down that damn door of yours and pick you up. Your choice.” He said harshly. But I can sense the smirk that featured on that face of his. I rolled my eyes letting out a huff replying. “Be there in 5…ass whole.” before ending the call and threw the phone on my bed. I rubbed my crusty eyes, stretching my arms out and letting out a soft yawn before getting up in my drowsy state and slipping on a pair of slippers before grabbing my keys and phone and heading out the door in nothing but silk shorts and and a tank top. My hair put up in a messy bun. I got into my car heading to J’s place that was 5 minutes away. After the short drive I got out and headed up in the elevator that led to J’s flat. My phone dinged in my hand. I opened up to see that I got a message from him *Are you here? I swear if you stopped to get something to eat!* He threatened which only caused a giggle to rise from my throat. I am a huge eater. No matter what situation or time it is I always seemed to be calm with food. But surprisingly tonight, I had no appetite. My main goal was to go to bed, but I guess J thought other wise. The elevator binged and the door slid open revealing the living room. I stepped into his cold flat looking to my right seeing frost sitting at the counter looking at his phone. But once my entrance was made clear he looked up giving me a soft smile. “Hey frosty. Is J in his room?” I asked giving him a grin in return. He could tell I was tired by the way I looked, and sounded. He nodded giving me a soft pity smile, knowing well enough J forced me to come. I walked up the stairs and down the hall to the last door on the left. I turned the knob of the door opening it and stepped into his room. The room was dimly lit. The only light source seemed to be coming from the lamp that was placed on the night stand next to his bed. I then saw him. His bare pale back faced me. His head in his hands, as his arms rested on his knees. I could hear his breathing becoming harsh. Still not knowing my presence in the room I slowly placed my keys and phone on the dresser that stood next to the door. I carefully walked towards the bed dipping on it feeling the smooth maroon silky sheets comforting my legs, as I crawled towards him. I knew then he figured out that I was here. I kneel behind him snaking my arms around his neck, stopping at his chest, feeling his defined abs. “Hey, what’s the matter J?” I spoke to him softly placing my lips onto his cheek. I waited for his response, but nothing came from him. “J…you can’t just sit there and call me early in the morning and force me to come over if you have nothing to say.” I said, already stressed enough that I had to wake up this. Still no answer. I dropped my arms from around him letting out a sigh giving up. I was about to leave the bed and go home when his hand caught my wrist causing me to halt. I looked back at him to meet with his with his blue eyes. He looked tense. His eyes held something that I wasn’t used to. He looked uneasy. “Baby what’s the matter?” I asked starting to get anxious. He looked down as if in embarrassment. Why is he acting so strange? “Please stay here.” He begged quietly. I was almost taken aback by this sudden sentence. The Joker never begs…ever. Why all of a sudden was he so vulnerable. So fragile, and sounded so…weak? I instantly crawled closer to him than before placing both my hands on his cheeks making him look at me. “J…what’s the matter?” I asked more worriedly. He bit the inside of his cheek looking down not wanting to make eye contact with me before he answered “I had a nightmare.” He replied quietly. Once those words came out of his mouth I immediately felt relieved, closing my eyes and sighing. “Baby, you scared the shit out of me. I thought it was something worse.” I said. He growled rolling his neck before looking back up at me. “Stay here. Don’t go.” He commanded. I giggled and caressed his cheeks gently before nodding. “Okay.” I spoke softly, and he pulled me to lay down on the bed with him. His arm wrapped securely around my waist as I had my head placed on his pale chest. We layed there silently as I traced the tattoos that were scattered across his chest, hearing the sound of him purring which calmed me down a bit. “I didn’t peg you as much of a cuddling type.” I spoke truthfully. Though this does bring a smile to my face knowing that there was a soft spot in him. “Oh doll face, don’t get used to it.” He said. I could already tell he was smirking. I giggled pecking his chest before closing my eyes, hopefully I can get the sleep I deserved.

J, Just Leave It!

Requested by Anon : Could you do a kinda fluffy oneshot pls? Like the readers got her time of the month & visually she just gets more angry & J loves it but she’s really emotional one month and loses it (like emotionally) in the middle of a heist. She is annoyed at herself all night and J finally shows his slightly caring side to her, by comforting her or something pls? I know it’s kinda out of character for him so if you don’t wanna that’s cool i was jw thanks

Warnings: Fluff & out of character Joker.


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Hello, baby. Part 12

My eyes finally open up and I’m surprised to still be at his side, tangled in him. His grip on me is tight. I lift my head to look at him, he’s awake.

“Good morning doll.” He gives my side a squeeze, “I think you had a bad dream.” He doesn’t look at me, instead he just stares at the ceiling.

“I did?” I lay my head back on his chest, “I don’t remember it.” I try to think if I had one or not and I can’t remember any sort of dream last night.

He lets out a deep sigh. He brings the hand that was around my waist to my head and brushes the hair that has escaped my bun throughout the night out of my face, “You did.”

“Did it wake you up? I’m sorry.” I dig my face deeper in him. Maybe he hasn’t even been to sleep yet. “I really don’t remember it.” I squeeze him closer he lets out a groan and I laugh.

“It’s ok darling.” He shifts in my grip.

“What was my dream about? Was I sleep talking?” I laugh a little bit.

He holds me tighter, “Yeah, you were doll. It was about me.”
I feel a rush of emotion sweep over both of us. I sit up and lean on my elbow and look at his face, he’s upset. Not at me or what happened. At himself, I think.

“You started out saying my name, like you were calling for me. That’s what woke me up. I thought it was a good dream. Then you started screaming my name in fear. You started to sweat. Your face became twisted. I, I didn’t know if I should wake you or not. You kept yelling at me, pleading for me to not hurt you. Then you stopped.” He looks at me and I can read pain all over him. 

I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know how to bring him back. So we sit in silence. I lay back down next to him and wrap my arm around him and interlock our fingers. I’m pale but his skin is white, I kiss his hand and look at him. He gives me a half smile that disappears quickly.

“You know, I don’t think that, right?” I say, but my eyes are on our hands.

“Don’t think what doll?” His voice is quite, like he is deep in thought.

“I don’t think you would hurt me again. I know you wouldn’t.” I rest my chin on his chest and look at him. ‘Ok, that is a lie.’

He looks at me, “Do you though?” He runs his fingers down my cheek.

“Yep!” I smile at him and then rest my head on him again. “Can I hear another story?”

He lets out a sigh, “Sure.”

I let out a laugh and sit up with my back against the headboard. He looks at me confused and sits up a little bit too. I grab his arm and flip it over, the large cut I had given him the night before has a light scab over it and it will definitely be a scar one day. 

“This one.” I run my finger gently down it and I smile at him.

“Ahh, that one. Are you sure you want to hear that one?” He looks at his arm and then back to me.

“Positive!” I lean in, getting our lips close but not touching, “I think this will be a really good story.” He kisses me and I return it.

“It’s a very good story indeed darling.” He says once the kiss ends. He lays back down and gives me a look to join him, I curl up under his arm again. 

“Well, this girl, this girl came into my club. I have seen her before, only outside the club but never inside. She finally made her way in the doors and well, she broke a couple of rules, I don’t like when people break my rules darling. You know that, right?” I look at him and roll my eyes, he smiles at me.
“Anyways, I showed her a lesson. She handled it well, very well. She agreed to be mine and only mine, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.” He squeezes me a little bit and I smile.
“She’s powerful, and God she can make a man weak in the fucking knees. I’m not used to that, I thought I could break her. I wanted to break her. I wanted her to become weak and helpless.” He sighs like he doesn’t want to finish, but he continues.
“I tried many times and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t go through with it. The last time i tried to get her out of my mind, well she gave me this. A reminder to never forget the hold she has on me, and to never forget the power she has in herself. I knew I needed her, I had to have her. Her madness that somehow made its way out is like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s spectacular.” 

I sit up next to him, “J, that is, that’s just so, full of shit!” I laugh at him, he lets out a laugh back. “Honestly baby, that was the best story. I love… it. I loved it J.” My heart is beating in my throat. ‘I almost just said it out loud. Shit.’
I definitely can not let him ever hear those words.
I kiss him deeply hoping it will distract him from what almost came out of my mouth. It works. 

He flips me over so he’s on top of me and he has my hands over my head, he’s using one of his hands to hold them there. Our kiss is long and his tongue is all over my mouth.
I start raising my hips to meet his and he puts that to a stop quick. “No, no, no baby.” He uses his free hand and pushes down on my hip.
I smile at him and then bite my lip. “I missed you daddy.”
He growls and me and kisses me hard. I let our moans in his mouth.
I can feel how hard he is and I try to wiggle my hands out of his grip. He ignores my efforts and starts kissing my neck, I moan again and he growls. 

My breathing has picked up and I just want to touch him. “Daddy. Please.” 

He lifts his head and looks at me, “Please what baby?”

“Let me touch you.” I try and give him a pouty look. That works too. 

He lets go of my hands and they go for his hair and I bring his down to meet me for a kiss again. 

“Fuck! You are just so!” He growls again. 
He flips me over and slides the underwear off, “Mmmm, baby.” He sees I’m wet.
He grabs my hips and lifts them and my knees meet the bed. He slides a finger down to my clit and I give a rigid moan. 

I knew he wouldn’t be able to wait much longer, then I feel his dick against me “Daddy. Daddy please!” He rubs his dick against my clit, my legs shake.
I have my face down in the mattress and my ass up in perfect view for him, “Daddy! I need you to fuck me!” I moan and he does.
He slides himself in me hard and I grip the sheets next to me I let out a loud moan. He goes harder and I feel like I’m holding on for dear life, our breathing is loud with moans, growls and screams.
He is hitting the perfect spot and I can feel my orgasm approaching.
“Baby girl.” He lets out a grunt “Fuck I missed this!”
He growls deep at me and picks up the speed, I reach back and grab his arm.
His hands are on my hips and he slams himself against me. He grunts are louder and I know he’s going to finish soon.
I yell out “Daddy! Fuck! I can’t! Please!” I can’t take it anymore and I tighten around him and he groans and we both cum. Out breathing is heavy.
He kisses the back of neck and comes out of me and lays down, I fall to my stomach and lay down next to him. 

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We both let out a small laugh. “I like story time baby.” I smile at him. “I’ll tell you all the stories you want darling.” He laughs. “I do have to get some work done, but tonight, tonight we will have dinner together. Here. Ok?”

I spring up on my knees, “Really?” I squeal

“Yes really!” He smiles

“Thank you baby!” I kiss him on the cheek and give him a tight hug. He gives me a soft kiss on my neck and he gets out of bed and gets in the shower.
I sit back on the bed waiting for him to get out so I could shower next. 

‘I love him! I love him! I love him!’ I scream in my mind. I have a smile on my face as I turn over on my back consuming the silk sheets.

“Someone is enjoying themselves!” He gives me half a grin, he has just a towel around his waist.

I wrap the sheets around me and cover myself up and laugh, “I missed this place!”
I unravel myself from the sheets and get up, he’s in the closet getting dressed, and I head to the shower.
I turn the water on as hot as I can handle, I get in. I let the water run down my back and shoulders, I relax and enjoy it.
I get out and braid my hair back. I wrap the large towel around me and head to the closet. I pull out a purple dress that is almost like a cotton fabric, it’s soft on my skin and feels warm, I put my white fluffy slippers on.
I close our bedroom door behind me.

The office door is closed so I head downstairs, I’m nervous to face Jackie. “Good morning ” I say loud enough for everyone to hear. I get a few smiles from the guards.
Jackie’s eyes shoot up, “Well, uh good morning dear!” She smiles at me and waits a second as if she has to adjust, she runs over to me and hugs me, “I missed ya sweetie!”
I squeeze her back, “I missed you too!” And I really did. It felt like I have known Jackie my whole life and I could share anything and everything with her and she wouldn’t pass judgment for a second. 

“Are you hungry? I made pancakes!” I give her a smile and she reads it and hands me a plate.

After I eat I go sit on the couch and watch some T.V. I find a movie to watch, its a romantic movie that I know exactly what is going to happen but I still cry when things get bad and cry again at the end when everything works out. I wipe my face with my hands and let out a few sniffs. 

“Darling, what are the tears for?” J asks as he walks towards me. 

I giggle and my cheeks turn red, “Movies.” I smile at him.

“Oh, not because you missed me then?” He sits next to me on the couch.

“Oh of course I missed you Mr. J!” I smother him with small kisses and squeeze him around his neck.

“Alright! Alright!” He pushes me off him.

I laugh at him and give him a wink, “How much longer till dinner?” 

“Darling, its 2 in the afternoon, you have at least 4 more hours.” He gives me a ‘what the hell’ kind of look. “Are you hungry? I thought you just ate?”

I roll my eyes, “I did just eat, I do sort of miss you though. Just a little bit. Not too much, maybe.” 

“You are something else doll.” He gets up and kisses my forehead and walks back upstairs.

“Where ya goin’?” I run after him.

“I have to finish some work baby girl. What has gotten into you?” He lets out a faint laugh and keeps walking.

“You!” I smile and him and laugh.

He comes back over to me and pulls me close by my waist, his hand slide up my body and he places them lightly on my neck and kisses me, “Don’t make me punish you baby, you have no idea what daddy is capable of.”

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A chill runs down my spine, “Maybe I want to know.” I kiss him again and bite his lip, he growls from his throat. 

“Fuck!” He says in a sharp whisper. He stands back and looks at me up and down, “This will be a very quick date.” He smiles and kisses me again and walks to his office.

“See you at 6 daddy!” I yell out and I can hear him growl.

I change my slippers for black heels and apply a little bit of makeup, I let my hair down and shake it letting the waves separate. I head downstairs and there is a table for 2 set up in the middle of the room, there is a single rose in the center and small candles around it. 
J is standing next to the table with just his purple blazer on and his low cut jeans. I want to run and kiss him. Instead I let him enjoy the view of me as I enjoy the view of him. That famous smile appears and i want to melt.

He pulls out a chair for me, I sit and he then pushes it in. He goes and takes his seat across from me.

“My, My, my…” He gives me that smile again. “You look good enough to eat doll.” 

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I lean in on the table, “I hope thats a promise Mr. J” I give him a smile back. I hear him purr and i lean back in my chair.

“Lets save that for later darling, our date just started.” He leans back as well.

“You’re right, lets enjoy dinner first. Desert can be my treat.” I wink at him and he laughs. 

Jackie comes over with our food, grilled chicken, asparagus, and small red potatoes. I feel hunger pains set in. 

“This looks and smells amazing Jackie! Thank you so much!” I give her a full smile and I look over at J.

“Yes, thank you.” He gives a quick glance and she smiles at me briefly and walks away.

I start eating right away, I look over at him with my mouth full and get embarrassed. I quickly chew and swallow, “Sorry, I was hungry.” I laugh out of feeling uncomfortable. 

“It’s quite all right darling, you could use the weight.” He shows a soft smile and starts eating his own. 

Moments pass with no exchange of words and we are finished with our meals.
We make small talk about things and pass inappropriate jokes back and forth.

I have had 1 and a half glasses of wine and J has had 2 full glasses.
We move to the couch and I have my head resting on his lap facing him, he is looking down and me. 

“What was your childhood like?” He asks me out of nowhere.

“My childhood? Uh, it wasn’t the greatest. Why?” I grab his hand and play with his fingers in mine.

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“Tell me about it.” His hand accepting mine.

“Will you tell me about yours?” Im not sure if this is a trigger.

“Sure doll.” He looks at me and my I think my heart skips a beat.

I don’t know if he possibly had too much to drink or if he is actually wanting to open up about this. My mind flashes to the picture in the cabinet, my heart aches a little bit. 

“Ok, baby.” I kiss his hand.

Certain Mistake (Joker X Reader) Part 3

I’m not a doctor nor have I had a child so I’m basing my info off of movies lmao, I don’t know how I feel about this so you guys have to tell me if you like it or not


Only a few days stood between you and having this wonderful child. Exhaustion was clawing at your body all the time, so you were ready to finally hold the baby gently in your arms rather then in your belly. The cravings had stopped altogether and hunger was never really a problem anymore.

“You haven’t eaten all day,” J asked concerned, picking up the full plate of food he had placed in front of you almost thirty minutes ago.

“I just don’t want to eat, that’s all, I’m fine I swear,” you persuaded him, but he just forced a light smile and cleaned the dish. He then helped you up and basically carried you to the bed where he tucked you in, placing a delicate kiss on your belly then your lips.

“Goodnight Doll, I can’t wait for this family to start,” He smiled and walked back out to finish some overdue work and some late night cleaning.
The sun pierced through a slit in the curtains, causing your peaceful sleep to end early. You rolled to the other side to avoid the bright beams, but to your surprise your hand hit empty sheets. Confused, you opened your eyes to a small note that had been placed on the night stand.
It read:

Had some emergency work, be home as soon as I can. Ready for this, any day now, hang in there. Frost is outside if you need him.
~Love J
(p.s I left you some breakfast, please eat dear.)

You wished he was here but the cute note made a smile appear. You found the slightest bit of strength to pull yourself out of bed, just barely. You stumbled around, using the walls to support what you couldn’t, slowly making your way to the kitchen. An assortment of food was placed all organized across the table, but you had no intention of eating, hunger just wasn’t something you obtained. Turning away towards the couch you felt something weird. A colorless liquid drained onto the floor. Panic submerged your mind.

“Frost! Help!” You screamed shakily. Quickly, the favorite henchman appeared.

“Oh shit uh, get in my car, i’ll drive you to the hospital. I’ll call the boss, don’t worry I got you,” He tried to state calmly but fear cracked his voice, he obviously wasn’t too sure on what to do.

Arriving at the hospital, Frost cautiously carried you under his arm into the lobby of the Emergency Room. Nurses rushed to your side as you screamed in agonizing pain, placing you on a stretcher and wheeling you off. One lady interrogated you with questions about your name and how bad the contractions were while another asked you to breathe a certain way. You were placed in a small, cold room as doctors poured in trying to help. They hooked your limp body up to complex machines as you just lied there, begging for the aching to end. Moments later, the infamous criminal you loved so dearly burst through the door. Nurses yelled, terrified, wondering why the dangerous man was here.

“I’m the dad, calm down.” He snarled at the petrified administration. They glanced at you with a weird look, as if they were confused why you were with the Joker, let alone having a child with him. It didn’t bother you, they didn’t understand or realize there was a kind side to the insane man.

Hours had passed, you gripped J’s hand as he sat beside your bed, watching you become more and more exhausted.

“We have to do a C section, get her into the next room, and call for extra anesthesia,” the main doctor commanded, causing his helpers to scatter. J tried to follow but was stopped.

“I’m sorry sir you can’t be in the operating room, you can wait out here and I’ll call you in when we’re done,” the stern doctor said to J, who didn’t take it well.

“I’m going in there. I want to be with my god damn lady while she has our child.” He growled, unhappy with being told orders.

“Hun, please just stay out here, I don’t want problems, I’ll be out in a bit, I promise,” You smiled trying to fix the situation before it became a heated argument. J just sighed and nodded, taking defeat against you. Anesthesia had kicked in as they sliced open your fragile skin, exposing your internal organs. Your tired mind couldn’t fight the medicine anymore and you passed out.

You traveled in and out of consciousness, hearing the concerned words of the professionals.

“She’s losing too much blood, this isn’t right, we have to figure out a way to stop it,” one said with urgency. “Someone go inform the father before all hell breaks loose,” another one suggested. J was in the room within seconds, taking a seat by your side, hugging you gently. Doctors rushed around, almost in a panic, successfully retrieving the young child as quickly as they could but also needing to stitch you up as blood poured from your deep wound.

“It’s a girl,” a nurse said, removing the baby and taking it into the other room to wash off the red liquid.

“Hang in there doll, our little girl is finally here,” J whispered into your ear, but you were still knocked out cold, giving him no response. Suddenly one of the machines started blaring noises, indicating no pulse was being found. A man rushed to you with a defibrillator, placing it on your chest, sending shockwaves throughout your body. After several attempts, you were brought back to life.

“Shit (y/n), you scared me, you’ll be okay darlin,” You heard J continue to talk to you, saying sweet things next to the hospital bed.

An hour or so had passed and the gash in your lower torso had been stitched up. You just laid on the mattress, asleep, while a doctor pulled J outside the room.

“She’s very weak. She obviously hasn’t been getting enough nutrients and isn’t very stable. We will keep her for at least another day and you’re welcome to stay, but I can’t promise anything with her.” He stated professionally to the dangerous man.

“Ok, thanks.” J replied, wanting to lash out and threaten that the man swear you’ll make it, but he knew he couldn’t. He sat in by you, just talking. Your eyes stayed closed, but you knew he was there. He refused to leave you, for fear of losing the one he dare not say he loved, but truly cared deeply for. The baby was in the nursery being taken care of until you awakened and were healthy enough to leave. Suddenly a familiar sound rang through the room, causing J’s heart to plummet. You didn’t have a pulse.

“No no no, nurse! Help!” He called out, and soon they arrived, grabbing the defibrillator once again, placing the cold metal plates against your thin gown. Everyone watched your limp body shutter with every attempt. Tears swelled in J’s eyes, he held the bed frame until his knuckles turned white, waiting for a positive response.

“Don’t do this, you promised!” He yelled at your lifeless body before breaking down, but after many tries, this time it didn’t work. In your mind everything was dark, images of your past would occasionally appear but fade away quickly. J continued to cry, promising to take care of the baby and do everything he can to keep her forever safe. Memories flourished as your organs gave out and your last breath left your body, peacefully.

Play with Me (Chapter 1)

The reader is a meta-human whose powers include blood (only when outside of the body) manipulation. Because of these powers the reader is captured and experimented on. Once she gets out she is a little crazy…and is looking for something to distract from the nightmares and finds a nightmare of her own, the Clown Prince of Crime.


     ‘So that was him,’ you purred to yourself. The infamous Joker, the one who terrorized the city of Gotham so expertly. What was there to fear? All you saw was a man with a gun and a few loose screws. You giggled as you watched him speed away from the city almost as if he was a child throwing a tantrum. He was interesting and dangerous just the kind of adventure you were looking for. 

    ‘Why did people fear him? Why did people follow his rule? How had he become untouchable?’ Thats what you wanted. Its what you needed. There was something about him that was intoxicating. You couldn’t keep your eyes off him. Everyone else in the city had seemed so boring and ordinary but you finally you found something that made you think. Someone to challenge you. Curiosity had always been your downfall. That’s how you ended up trapped in the damn place. Your face fell as flash backs played in the back of your mind of the horrors and daily experiments you endured. You shook the feelings off and smiled thinking of your new playmate. You had heard of a club that was owned by the Joker. Now all you had to do was find it.

     He opened the double doors to his club in his iconic, dramatic fashion. Many people looked up in shock as he walked through the door way with his men trailing behind him. It had been a while since the Joker had visited his own club. 

     ‘Finally, maybe I will have some fun for more than an hour,’ he thought as he scanned the many scared faces in the crowd. The host led him to his usual V.I.P. section, which gave him the perfect view of the entire club. The girls who frequented the club waved hello in hopes of a one night stand with the Crown Prince of Crime. 

     ‘Boring,’ he growled. He over looked them and took his time trying to single someone out. They were all the same, no one was interesting enough to hold his attention for more than a minute. No one was worth his time. 

     ‘Damnit, it’s all the same,’ he thought to himself. This was supposed to be entertaining. This was supposed to be distracting from the boredom that plagued him. He threw his drink against the wall in frustration as his eyes drifted to a girl standing at the bar. 

     You were wearing a tight maroon dress that formed to all your curves with black heels studded with golf which coincidentally matched his own maroon shirt, slimming black dress pants, and of course the many gold accessories. His breathing slowed as his eyes moved up your body again to your purple tipped hair and finally rested on your eyes. Of course you were already staring at him. 

     You smirked as he returned your gaze and you quickly turned back to the meaningless conversation you were having with the guy beside you fully aware the Joker’s eyes were still locked on you. He growled as he watched you push yourself up against the guy at the bar. 

     ‘Bad girl,’ he thought to himself. He wouldn’t let you get away now, not after that little display. He smirked getting up from his VIP booth and headed through the dance floor to the bar. You could feel the goosebumps rising as the green haired man leaned in-between you and the guy at the bar, separating the two of you. The Joker just glanced over his shoulder causing him to run before his life was on the line. You giggled watching him run in fear. 

     “Hmm, I haven’t seen you here before,” the Joker purred taking in the details of your face. He didn’t know what it was about you that captivated him. It frustrated him. You looked just like any other girl. 

     “You don’t tend to come around here anymore,” you retaliated, trying to hide your excitement. The Joker laughed loudly at your boldness, startling everyone else in the club. 

     “What’s your name doll face?” he asked casually not wanting to scare away his pretty new toy. You smirked, biting your lip liking where this game was going.

     “How about you tell me yours first?” you asked calmly taking a sip of your drink. He just stared at you in disbelief. Did this girl really not know who he was? Or was this just a game? 

     “Call me Mr. J,” He said calmly as he nodded to the bar tender who instantly had a drink ready for him. He was already loosing patiences as you leaned toward him so you could whisper in his ear.      

     “What about the Joker? J seems to be a favorite too,” you sat back down, smirking up at him. You were obviously teasing him, trying to draw him in. You wanted him to want you. You wanted a willing playmate. 

     “Whichever you want,” he said sternly moving closer to you. “I won’t ask for your name again doll,” he threatened still smiling. He liked this game you started. No one had ever tried to challenge him. 

     “Calm down, I was only playing,” you pouted innocently. “It’s y/n.” He moved even closer to you trying to close the gap between you two but you leaned away to tease him. Both of you had your eyes locked on each other trying to figure out what was so intoxicating about the other. You were having fun and it seems your new toy was just as curious as you were. He reached down to move some hair out of your face. 

     “Maybe we should get out of here. Take this conversation somewhere more… Private,” Mr. J growled this time wrapping an arm around your waist finally closing the gap between the two of you, giving you no way to escape. You blushed being so close to him. 

     “Hmmmmm, bringing home stray girls tonight Mr. J?” you teased. “Or are you looking for a new queen?” He smirked, deciding to play your game. 

     “Why? You think you are crazy enough to be my queen?” He chuckled to himself finding the thought funny. How could anyone keep up with him? They were just toys to him. There was no way he could keep a girl alive for more than a week let alone long enough to claim her as his queen. Even if this girl was different there was no way she would last, but he would enjoy watching her try. You giggled watching him think. 

     “Why don’t you find out for yourself Mr. J,” you smirked as you slipped out of his grip trying to regain some control. Mr. J growled and stepped towards you cracking his neck. His body language had changed and it put you on edge. 

     “So you want to play?” Mr. J laughed as he quickly drew his gun, pointing it at you. People started running out of the club trying to not become the next victims of the Joker’s rage. “Come here y/n.” he commanded. He didn’t like disobedience. He would show you who was in charge. 

     ‘Why did he have to ruin the fun’ you thought to yourself as you pouted. You just wanted to play. Why did he have to be so…so…Serious? 

     “Hmmmmmm,” you hummed to yourself attempting to defuse the situation. “I don’t know if i like this serious side of you Mr. J,” you said still pouting at your playmate. You slammed your glass down onto the bar, shattering it in your hand. “Why don’t we stick to the fun? We don’t want anyone getting hurt do we?” you continued giggling as you crushed the shards of glass into you palm preparing for the worst. He didn’t even notice the blood. 

     That ticked him off. 

     ‘Was this girl really threatening me?! Challenging me?!’ He decided that the game was over. He turned his back to you and quickly pulled the trigger without a second thought. 

     “All that chit chat is gonna get you killed doll face,” Mr. J chuckled to himself waiting to hear your body drop to the floor. He waited and turned around in confusion at the absence of that familiar thud, only to see you glaring back at him. You looked completely different as you examined the bullet now suspended in your blood at the center of your palm. He could see the fire in your eyes as you debated your next move. You threw the bullet back at him noticeably angry. You let the blood surround you right hand, taking pleasure in the sensation. 

     “Is it now Mr. J?” you glared at him. You let the blood slowly surround your right hand, keeping your eyes locked on Mr. J. “I don’t like being shot at,” you said seriously. All the bad memories of how you were treated flowed back into your crazed mind. You were tied down and caged but not this time. Not now. You were free. 

     “How did you do that?” he grinned looking at you with wonder in his eyes. ‘Oh she is just getting more interesting by the minute!’ He was happy you stopped his bullet. He thought about all the fun he could have with you now. The rage in your eyes burned as you the blood suddenly formed a blade around your hand. You giggled tilting your head to the side as you stepped towards Mr. J. 

     “Let’s play Mr. J. I hear you like knives,” you laughed a little and lunged forward hitting the wall behind Mr. J’s head, missing him by only an inch. You knew he would doge your blow. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t be a worthy playmate and the game would be over. 

     “Ok, ok princess you win,” Mr. J said holding his hands up, surrendering to you. “I took the first shot so I’ll let this little display slide this time,” he said chuckling to himself. You raised an eyebrow wondering if he was serious. “Why don’t we work together? I think I’d like to continue this little game of ours,” he continued. You smiled widely letting the blood return to liquid while you wrapped your arms around Mr. J’s neck. 

     “When do I start?” you giggled letting the bad memories slip away. Mr. J unhooked your arms from his neck and wrapped one of his around your waist. He signaled his men to bring the car around. 

      “How about now doll face? Lets see what you can really do,” Mr. J said excitedly as he pulled you towards the exit. If you could stop a bullet Mr.J was curious to see what real power you had inside of you. He wondered how long the game could last between you two. Would he kill you? Or would you beat him to the punch? 

     “Mmmm, no more shots?” You questioned teasingly. 

     “No more shots…for now,” he smirked thinking about how you would hold up against a semi-automatic weapon. You pouted accepting Mr. J’s offer. 

     You leaned into his shoulder feeling an odd comfort next to him as you walked towards the car. He was terrifying and psychotic but next to this man no one would ever cage you again. No one would be able to touch you. Except for him. You giggled as the dirty thoughts passed through your mind. You were crazy and damaged, but so was he. You drifted into your own thoughts as you often did when you were alone. 

     “Why so quiet all of the sudden?” Mr. J questioned, noticing your lost expression. You instantly perked up burring the thoughts back down. 

     “Nothing. Just thinking about all the fun we will have together,” you purred as Mr. J pulled you into the car and onto his lap. He signaled his driver to take off and off you went towards his hideout on the outskirts of Gotham.