One of my favourite parts is that each of the Joker infected people symbolizes one fragment of Joker’s personality.

Henry Adams: Joker’s egocentrism, evilness and untrustable personality

Christina Bell: Joker’s love and obsession towards Batman

Johnny Charisma: Joker’s playfulness and performer personality

Albert King: Joker’s fighting spirit and aggressiveness


Walt Simonson

“This [17 x 30] drawing was done as a trading piece for a gentleman who used to do shadow boxes of comic book covers. Todd did them for many artists and AFAIK, usually in trade for a picture of Batman. He got ahold of me about working out a deal and we did. I thought what he was doing for me was somewhat complicated, a shadow box of the wraparound X-Titans cover, and I didn’t want him to feel as though he had been ripped off. So I did a pretty elaborate drawing. In the end, I was a little sorry to give up the drawing and he was a little sorry to give up the box. So I think the trade worked out just fine. 

Len Wein saw the original somewhere along the line before I sent it off to Todd. He thought it ought to be a cover for DC, so with Todd’s agreement, DC did a story based on the drawing. I designed a logo that ran across the building facade. Since the drawing hadn’t been designed as a cover, I hadn’t left any room at the top.

The art may even be a little bigger than the stated size above. I remember working pretty large, but I’m scanning from a stat I kept as a record of the drawing so I’m not sure of the original scale.

I think this is one of the two best Joker drawings I’ve done.” 

Joker/Takumi C-rank

Joker: Firstly, I can’t keep a secret. I simply cannot protect anyone's….Ah, but Kamui-sama is an exception. I have confidence that if it’s Kamui-sama’s secret I’ll take it with me to my grave.

Takumi: A-Are you saying you won’t keep this a secret?!

Joker: I apologise, Prince Takumi. My only lord is Kamui-sama. It’s another misunderstanding but, I’m a butler. I can lead you in pouring tea correctly but I really can’t help you in training.

Joker/Takumi B-rank

Takumi: If you were going to help I’d have you help with something else! You really have a bad attitude.
Joker: You’re misunderstanding, Prince Takumi. I just don’t care about anything except Kamui-sama.
Takumi: Don’t be proud about that! Anyway, how long are you gonna be here? I can’t help but get distracted.
Joker: Kamui-sama asked me to help with Prince Takumi’s training. Kamui-sama’s speech is final so, shall I aid you?
Takumi: …Really? Well, I want you to help but…
Joker: But, it was for archery training. I won’t help with anything beyond that. That’s why I’m silently watching from here. Use your bow as much as you want.

Joker/Takumi B-rank

Takumi: But I’m gonna put this apple on your head. ‘Cause then I’m gonna shoot at that apple.
Joker: P-Prince Takumi! That’s different from what was said…
Takumi: You said you were going to accompany me in archery training. That’s not different at all. If you refuse, then I’ll tell your master.
Joker: A-Anything but that!

Joker/Takumi A-rank

Takumi: Hey, Joker. Are you coming to my training again today?
Joker: Of course, Prince Takumi. I might seem unwilling but please let me accompany you. Since I don’t want you tattling on me to Kamui-sama.
Takumi: Hahaha. You’re honest, Joker.