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Do you have any opinion on the "dragonfly amongst the reeds" theory, ie that Jojen/Meera are descended from Prince Duncan and Jenny of Oldstones? I know the crannogmen are closer to the CotF than most other Westerosi cultures, but it could also explain why Jojen greendreams. Not sure if it would have a huge impact on the story if it was the case, but it'd still be something interesting. We have no idea if Duncan/Jenny had kids, assuming they did, they'd probably still get pretty good betrothals.

I sincerely doubt it. The history of the crannogmen provides a solid basis for Jojen’s powers without any need to get the Targaryens involved, and as far as I can tell, there’s no other direct evidence. Moreover, every relevant item in both the series and WOIAF indicates that Jenny was peasant-born, not a daughter of House Reed. After all, this is where the drama and dilemma come in for Duncan’s dad: “It was true that Aegon had been a friend to the smallfolk, had practically grown up among them, but to countenance the marriage of the heir to the throne to a commoner of uncertain birth was beyond him.”


Asoiaf meme (minor characters): (2/9) scenes ⟶ Jojen and Meera recite their oath

“To Winterfell we pledge the faith of Greywater,” they said together. “Hearth and heart and harvest we yield up to you, my lord. Our swords and spears and arrows are yours to command. Grant mercy to our weak, help to our helpless, and justice to all, and we shall never fail you.”

I swear it by earth and water,” said the boy in green.

I swear it by bronze and iron,” his sister said.

We swear it by ice and fire,” they finished together. ― Bran III, A Clash of Kings.


Jojen x Reader

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The trees around you seemed to rise into the sky and vanish. A soft voice calling your name lured you forwards and you hurried towards it. For a moment, you though you should stop, you were wondering through the woods, bare foot, and in your night clothes which would have had your mother furious.


But you were a Stark, curiosity was in your nature, the people calling to you might well need your help and you couldn’t ignore then just because you weren’t dressed to receive guests. The path you were following didn’t seem to end and the voice was growing softer with each cry.

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Preference 03: They Realize They Love You

Bran Stark

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You didn’t baby him you treated him like the same person after his fall. You took care of him. You were kind. Then you ran away with him, not caring about the punishment. If your looks weren’t enough to charm him, that did the job perfect and it was crystal clear to him: You were the only thing he would guard with his life. You were his home.

Jamie Lannister:

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                        It actually wasn’t until after you had confessed. He, at first, ran faster than a horse back to his hold and paced, thinking back on everything. Everything you had said to him that might have indicated your feelings. After failing to locate a memory, he went to what maybe he had done to make you feel the way you did (and being the slightly arrogant asshole he is….) found nothing. Perhaps was it his looks? Him being there as a friend? Perhaps males had not done that in your life… No…You had the Stark boys who treat you like a sister. Then how did you fall for him? He stayed up all night thinking and hoping that it wasn’t true, but the more he thought on what you had always done for him, always giving him a place to go to when he was upset and hurt. You never went to him, always let him talk. Gave him the best advice you could, your eyes twinkling beautifully in the light and shining with joy. Oh your eyes. How lovely they were… Wait.. WHAT! Well… No denying it now.

Joffrey Baratheon:

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Joffrey’s world had stopped from the moment he laid eyes on you. He could see your personality in your eyes and your face, which was the most beautiful he had seen. He wanted you, and he would do anything he could to have you.

Jojen Reed:

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                He had began seeing you in visions ever since he first saw you in the snow. At first it drove him mad, but then his visions took him to your past and he fell, especially with his visions of your sad past. Your drive, determination, and nature to attempt to stay positeve by any means possible on top of your face really drew him in. The moment you spoke to him for the first time, he knew complrtrly thst his visions lead him to her for a reason: For his happiness.

Jon Snow:

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Jon fell for you literally at the same time you did, though like you realized his feelings too late. He was agitated, cold. He wouldn’t do anything but eat a single meal, train, sleep. Ache… The more he thought about you the more he missed the North. His family.. You… It drove him to insanity.. He wanted to write so badly.. He wanted you to write so badly… He knew the risks and consequences but cared not. He wanted to see you, his family. No matter the price.

Robb Stark:

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The moment you had ran to greet him, he had felt something. Though hating it at first, the more you got to know each other her knew these feelings were those of the romantic source. With knowledge of love from novels and his families words, especially those of his mum and Sansa. He loved you. Your hair. Your kindness. Everything about you. Every little detail he adored to such that he could no longer stand it. He was going to write to you if he hadn’t first.

Tommen Baratheon:

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                                He had knocked on the door but got no answer. He walked in anyway and watched in horror as you sliced up your arm. But you would not look at him. Why wouldn’t you look at him? When you finally appeared to stop he entered the room all the way, calling out to you as tears flooded both your eyes. Then slowly you raised the eyes to your chest and placed the knife into your chest, but Tommen was faster. Before it could go too deep, he ripped the knife from your chest and looked into your eyes, throwing it to the ground as he caught you as you reached angrily at him and passed out. It was in those moments when he realized his love and desperation for you. He could not loose you, or else he would suffer


Bran x Reed!Reader

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Bran frowned when a cough shook your body and Osha glanced over at the two of you. you barely felt the blanket he’d pulled off his lap and dropped over you, or heard Osha hurrying over to see if he needed help.

“She will not survive much longer without a Maester.” Bran muttered.

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Hey, PQ. What is the significanсe of Dany being able to bare children at the end of ADWD? Just to give more weight to her eventual death? (knowing that there is a chance for her to have a child but sacrificing it to save the world) If so, is is she getting pregnant? And on completely unrelated note: why don't you believe in Jojen Paste? It is well supported and fits thematically within Bran's storyline (which gets progressively creepier), ADWD as a whole (cannibalism is heavily present in it)

… and even ties into Euron’s storyline. Bloody sacrifices for magic powerups are very effective, as we are about to see in second Aeron chapter. Also Euron drinks shade of the evening to open his third eye, and it smells like rotten flesh and spoiled meat (dead people?) before you drink it and it twists your perception.”

1) Here’s the thing: you could argue that Dany’s miscarriage on the Dothraki Sea is evidence that MMD’s curse has lifted or was never real to begin with, or you could argue that the miscarriage demonstrates that the curse is still very much in effect. We’ll have to wait and see which it is. 

2) I’m not exactly opposed to Jojenpaste; it’s neither logistically implausible nor thematically off-base. As you note, cannibalism is *everywhere* in ADWD (h/t @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly), including in Bran I, when he and his companions eat human meat that Coldhands pretends is pork. So there’s a foundation for this theory. And yet, I still lean against it. 

It’s true that shade of the evening smells like corpses. But it’s not, y’know, composed of them. It’s made from the leaves of the trees growing outside the House of the Undying. When Bran eats the paste in question, its evolving flavor is a clear parallel to evening’s shade…

The first sip tasted like ink and spoiled meat, foul, but when she swallowed it seemed to come to life within her. She could feel tendrils spreading through her chest, like fingers of fire coiling around her heart, and on her tongue was a taste like honey and anise and cream, like mother’s milk and Drogo’s seed, like red meat and hot blood and molten gold.

It had a bitter taste, though not so bitter as acorn paste. The first spoonful was the hardest to get down. He almost retched it right back up. The second tasted better. The third was almost sweet. The rest he spooned up eagerly. Why had he thought that it was bitter? It tasted of honey, of new-fallen snow, of pepper and cinnamon and the last kiss his mother ever gave him.

…which suggests to me that what Bran was eating was also a plant-based hallucinogen. As in, weirwood paste, exactly what he’s told it is. And as many have noted, the two plants have inverted colors, further cementing this relationship. 

Moreover, much of the oft-stated evidence for Jojenpaste doesn’t hold up. It’s true that Bran compares the paste to blood, but we’ve already been told that weirwood sap looks remarkably like blood. The theory hinges on Jojen “vanishing” in Bran III ADWD, and it’s true that when Bran returns to their sleeping quarters after eating the paste, neither Reed sibling is around. But…yeah, neither of them are around. There’s no point in the chapter in which Jojen has disappeared and Meera is still in sight. So unless the Children ground Meera up too (and why would they), the Reeds’ absence isn’t evidence of something bad specifically happening to Jojen. 

Finally, from a structural standpoint: it strikes me as very awkward to have Bran eat Jojen in ADWD but then wait to reveal it until TWOW. How will GRRM manage that transition? When we return to Bran’s POV, will he somehow not have noticed Jojen’s absence? Or will he already know, and we have to be caught up on something that really ought to be an agonizing reveal we experience as Bran does? Either way seems unlikely to me. 


Jojen x Reader

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You weren’t sure if it worked and the uncertain look Bran and Meera were giving you certainly didn’t help. But Meera followed your instructions and set everything out while Bran helped you prepare.


You had no idea if it worked, nothing happened immediately so you naturally assumed that your muttered words had been wrong, perhaps it just wouldn’t work at all but you hoped. Eventually Meera moved away, reluctant to leave, but the urgency to find shelter lured her away but not too far.

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Sleeping Together - Game of Thrones Preference

First Game of Thrones thing on here I think. I wasn’t entirely sure who to include so I kind of included everyone. Or everyone who seems to be considered attractive on this. If you want me to add anyone just ask and I will. 

Robb Stark

You and Rob would sleep side by side, your arm across his chest, his arm around your shoulders. Holding each other close so he knows you’re safe and to keep warm. He’d often look over at you while you slept and smile, pulling you closer against him.

Jon Snow

You and Jon always sleep facing each other. He likes to be able to wake up and instantly see you. He often rests his forehead against yours, as close as possible so your eyes are only a centimetre from his and your breaths are shared. His hand will often rest gently on your waist or on your upper thigh, a gentle feathery touch.

Theon Greyjoy

Although Theon is usually the one who likes to have his hands on you, on your hips usually, when you sleep together he likes your arms to be around him. He’s used to be the one who initiates touching so he really appreciates it when you touch him first. 

Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay is obviously quite possessive so whatever position the two of you end up in he always has arms wrapped tightly around you. He often moves one of your legs to lay over him and likes you to have your arms around his neck and shoulders.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion likes to sleep with his head on your chest so he can hear your heart beating. It’s also comfortable apparently. He likes your hands to be in his hair and he often has his arm draped across your chest. He likes it when you talk before falling asleep. The way you trail off when you’re really tired. 

Jaime Lannister

Jaime and yourself don’t have that much contact all the time while sleeping. He likes to have his arms free. But sometimes he’ll pull you towards him, his hand on your shoulder and press a kiss between your shoulder blades and that’s how you know he actually does care.

Jojen Reed

Jojen would hold your hand, often holding it against his chest or you’d bring your hands to rest on your chest. Jojen often slept resting his cheek on his other hand, watching your eyes flicker as you slept, a small smile on his lips. 


Yourself and Gendry would sleep holding each other tightly, his arms wrapped around you, a hand between your shoulder blades. Your legs would be intertwined, one of your hands resting on his neck. He’d often wake up and smile seeing you so close to him, looking so peaceful in your sleep. He liked to kiss the crown of your head gently, hands stroking your hair. 


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