JoLu Playlist.

1. Breathless- Better then Ezra

2. Claire Du lune-  Debussy

3. I knew i loved you before i meet you- savage Garden

4. Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis

5. Heaven- Bryan Adams.

6. Breathe again- Sara  bareilles

7. I’ll Be- Edwin Mccain

8. Everything- Lifehouse

9. Fix you- Coldplay

10. what hurts the most- Rascal Flatts.

11. Come Home- One Republic

12. Never Say Never - The Fray


Johnny and Lulu 2012 Promo

Made by: BarashFan20

Maybe you don’t even realize it or maybe you don’t care but I was in love with Lulu Spencer. I use to think she walked on water man, I still do. She’s an amazing person and you strapped a bomb to her – left her there to struggle and it was – luck that Dante showed up in time to save her. That wild, beautiful women that I loved, Freak I’ll never be so hard up for friends that I will tolerate you.
—  Johnny to Franco