How to vote for Johnny’s Countdown

So it seems we can vote which songs are sang by the groups so here comes a little guide.

First you go to this web X

And click the  空メール送信 part. This is for you to send a mail asking for the link to the questionnaire. I opened it with my computer mail app. (If you haven’t use it yet put your usual mail).

It will give you an already made mail. SEND IT.

You will receive, in the next few minutes, a mail with a link. This link is your own survey. Open it

Here in this survey they ask you for 3 groups ( アーティスト名 ) (choose from the open tab) and one song for each ( 曲名 ). If you write the beggining of the song name it will appear, then you chose it. It only appears the songs of the group you have selected, but seems you can change the group after choosing the song, I don’t know if you can vote a group to sing a song which isn’t their own. BUT YOU CAN’T REPEAT A GROUP.  The button it’s to include more spaces. Up to you.

This is how mine looks: 

Let’s continue with the DUETS:

It seems you CAN’T choose a Hey! Say! Jump member as they are going to be in Osaka. 

You need to write the first HIRAGANA of the member’s surname. (unless it’s Marius which then the name)

I wrote SA  さ to get Sato Shori. 

Then choose the other member from the list. 

You should have something like this but with your answers:

Click the SEND button down it. 

Here it brings you to get a confirmation, UP button is to MODIFY, DOWN button is TO CONFIRMATE. 

This is all. 

Hope someone finds this useful. If I got anything wrong feel free to correct it, and if you need more help don’t hesitate to send an ask or a message.

 I’m not native english so if you find (probably you will XD) any error please correct me! Thank you. >—<