Johnny Weismuller


Johnny Weismuller Tarzan Call (par soldierwhy)

Construction of underwater air trap - Wakulla Springs, 1941
“Newt Perry (on the right) worked as a performer and promoter for Silver Springs and managed Wakulla Springs before opening Weeki Wachee Springs, famed for its underwater mermaid shows, which Perry designed. He was also instrumental for the filming of MGM’s "Tarzan Finds a Son!” (1939), originally titled “Tarzan in Exile”, at Silver Springs and “Tarzan’s Secret Treasure” (1941) at Wakulla Springs through his friendship with filmmaker Grantland Rice and actor-swimmer Johnny Weismuller (who played Tarzan). He also influenced Universal Studio’s decision to film the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and its two sequels in Florida (including Wakulla and Silver Springs) as well as the hiring of local swimmer Ricou Browning to portray the Creature. Perry spent much of his later life working as a swimming instructor in Ocala, Florida.“ State Archives of Florida​

“Martha O'Driscoll, Johnny "Tarzan” Weismuller, Natalie Draper, Reggie Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Nancy Carroll and Wanda McKay, members of the Hollywood contingent who arrived at Santa Fe, New Mexico, on a special 17 car train to attend the world premier of Warner Bros. Santa Fe Trail.“


I was always crazy about JOHNNY WEISSMULLER. Every Sunday they showed a Tarzan movie in the early afternoon and I was riveted and madly in love. One Sunday, my mother, aware of my obvious obsession, came into the living room where I was glued to the couch watching “Tarzan Triumphs” and whispered quietly and deliberately in my ear; “He’s old enough to be your grandfather. Now, turn off the TV, go outside and play.” I think it was Mother’s Day…He seldom had photos taken of him in clothing, so here are a couple portraits taken by Hurrell and one shirtless shot, I couldn’t resist. So handsome.

Johnny Weissmuller, 1922.

A young Johnny Weissmuller, a future Olympic swimming champion (5 gold medals) and movie Tarzan, appeared with ukulele in the New York Tribune of 30 July 1922: 

The Fastest Swimmer the World has ever Known. This camera shot made at Brighton Beach last Saturday of Johnny Weissmuller, the 18-year-old swimming marvel of the Illinois A.C. of Chicago, who holds twenty-one world’s records at distances between 50 to 500 yards. On Saturday the champion easily scored a victory in the National A.A.U. 440-yard free-style championship, winning by fifty yards in 5:16 1-10.  Johnny tickles the ukelele just to prove he has other accomplishments.