A shocked gasp leave your mouth as you look at the bleeding scratch on Johnny’s cheek.
“What happened?” You ask in panic, taking a handkerchief to put it on his wound.
“Go away!” Johnny shouts and before you have the chance to say something else, a sharp pain runs through your right side of the face.
A shocked gasp leaves your mouth and even Johnny looks shocked.
“(Y/N), I-.”
“No, go away!” You push him out of your room, both of you are in tears.

Hours later you’re still in shock.
That wasn’t the Johnny you know, he changed because of the ‘war’ against the 'Socs’.
“She is in your room.” You hear the voice of your mum.
Afraid you look to your door as it opens and Jimmy comes in with a single rose in his hand. His look is full of guilt as he looks at your swollen cheek.
“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). Please, please don’t be mad at me anymore.” Johnny begs quietly while he goes down on his knees next to your bed. “You know that wasn’t me. I’m not like that.”
You have to fight with yourself to not getting weak when you look in his big brown eyes.
“Johnny, I-I.. Never do that again. Promise me!” You sob and he nods quickly.
“I promise.” Insecure he kneels on the floor, not knowing what he should do next.
“Come here.”
A smile appears on his face and he takes off his shoes and jacket before he lies down next to you. You cuddle up to his chest, hearing his racing heartbeat on your ear while he wraps his arms around you.
“I love you.” He whispers and kisses you on the top of your head.
Surprised you look at him, because he never used the three words before.
“I love you too, Johnny.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcanone of Johnny plz💕😂


☾ - sleep head canon

Johnny only gets 3-4 hours top of sleep each night because his parents make him to anxious and nervous to sleep

★ - sad headcanon

One time, Johnny’s mom thought she was pregnant again and Johnny was more excited than anyone about it, but it was a false alarm and Johnny cried every night for a week about it because he was so excited to have a baby brother or sister to love and protect

☆ - happy head canon
Whenever someone, especially Dallas, compliments or applauds him, he gets this really big grin on his face that won’t go away

☠ - angry/violent head canon
Johnny doesn’t get angry super easily, but when he does, he doesn’t yell or anything. It’s more calm arguing.

✿ - Sex head canon
Johnny is super sensual during sex.

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters head canon
Johnny always has the curtain open in his room so he can admire the stars and look at the Man in the Moon and not feel so alone at night

♡ - romantic head canon
Johnny is the most thoughtful and considerate guy you’d ever date.

♥ - family head canon
Johnny considers the gang his family.

☮ - friendship headcanon
Johnny will stick to the gang through anything and listen to everyone’s side of the story if drama between different members comes up

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon
Johnny’s biggest ‘quirk’ is that he blushes really easily whenever someone compliments him.

☯ - likes/dislikes head canon
He doesn’t like politic talk at all because it brings up too much arguing.

▼ - childhood head canon
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis saved Johnny’s childhood from being completely ruined and terrible.

∇ -. old age/aging head canon
Johnny sits in the park and feeds bread to birds as an old man

♒ - cooking/food head canon
Johnny cannot cook at all. He tries to make home cooked meals, but ends up burning everything. He always feels really bad

☼ - appearance head canon
Johnny has really thick and long eyelashes

ൠ - random head canon
Johnny really likes baby animals.

Stop treating the characters of The Outsiders like one dimensional tropes.

Ponyboy is a caring dreamer, but he’s also judgmental and immature.

Sodapop is happy-go-lucky and friendly, but he’s also reckless and damaged.

Darry is under a lot of pressure and has limited patience, but he’s also protective and arguably the most selfless character in fiction.

Dallas is dangerous and angry, but he’s also loyal and protective.

Johnny is anxious and sad, but he’s also a compassionate dreamer.

Steve is angry and violent, but he’s also emotional and intuitive.

Two-bit is a lazy drunk, but he’s also fiercely protective of his friends and cheerful.

Cherry is reserved and caught up with social status, but she’s also brave and understanding.

Bob is hateful and violent, but he’s also desperate and passionate.

Randy is judgmental and violent, but he’s also insightful and ready to grow.

Some Socs are obnoxious and dangerous, but some Socs are fun and friendly.

Some greasers are loyal and brave, but some greasers are violent and angry.

The book is narrated by somebody who sees others as very black-and-white, good-or-bad… but that isn’t the truth of the characters or the world.

  • Cherry:I could fall in love with Dallas Winston...
  • Johnny:*steps forward* Okay, first of all, bitch-
if the greaser gang had a tumblr...
  • ponyboy:nature aesthetic blog, particularly sunsets or photos of em
  • darry:horses,hunting, or animal wildlife
  • sodapop:multifandom probably
  • johnny:sad or cute old 80's anime
  • dally:crime, weapons, or artillery blog
  • steve:cars, definitely cars. his blog would be similar to Top Gear
  • two-bit:memes, shitposts, stand-up comedy gifs, or the blog of Denny's itself.
Modern Outsiders Headcanons- Part One

-Two-Bit LOVES social media. Especially Snapchat. Snapchat and anything with memes. 

-Ponyboy doesn’t understand a lot of stuff so he has to look it up on Urban Dictionary. 

-Sodapop is openly bisexual. But even homophobes don’t care because he is SO HOT.

-Sodapop has a lot of followers on everything. 

-Dallas has Instagram but all his pictures are really blurry. He takes selfies but from weird angles. His clearest pictures are of Johnny. 

-The only time Dally ever smiled in a picture was with Johnny. 

-Steve has a Pinterest board about cars.

-Actually like three Pinterest boards about cars.

-Cars have taken over Steve’s Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram feeds. 

-Darry won’t let Ponyboy get a smartphone, even though Soda has one. Pony has a flip phone only for ‘safety reasons’. 

-Ponyboy is bitter because he was GOING to get an iPhone for his fourteenth birthday. But then his parents died. 

-Ponyboy likes watching slam poetry videos on YouTube. They make him cry sometimes. He’s very deep. 

-Johnny only has a phone because Dally stole one and aggressively gave it to him. 

-Dally has piercings 

-The gang has a group text and every once in a while, Two-Bit texts everyone in the middle of the night. Darry usually yells at him the next morning. 

-When Dally is drunk, he likes to call Darry and say he’s in jail, just to make Darry worry. 


-Everyone just generally uses technology to piss Darry off. 

 -Two-Bit is the kind of friend who steals your phone and changes certain words to autocorrect to terrible things. 

-On Darry’s phone, he changed ‘Ponyboy’ to ‘my child’ and ‘Soda’ to ‘I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP’

Darry: Come home, my child. 

Darry: Where are you, I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP?

-He changed “car” to “beloved” on Steve’s phone. 

- Soda: Steve, where r u? 

Steve: Washing my beloved 

-On Dally’s phone, he changed ‘Johnny’ to ‘my boyfriend’ and ‘in jail’ to ‘at home’ and ‘cigarette’ to ‘unicorn’. 

- Dally: I’m at home again 

Dally: I mean at home 

Dally: At home 


Dally: Just tell my boyfriend I got arrested again 


Dally: I need a unicorn

-Dally swears a lot

-I have more but I will save them for later