[trans] haruhana vol.41 NCT 127 SOLO QUESTIONS

Q1: Food you will LIMITLESS-ly eat and not feel tired from it?

Taeil: Sangyeopsal, Pizza (I like it all this while)
Johnny: Sandwich. I can eat it anywhere anytime, there’s so many types of it.
Taeyong: Sujebi (hand torn noodle soup). I have liked it since I was a kid
Yuta: Takoyaki. Isn’t it decided that it’s Takoyaki? (laughs)
Doyoung: Udon
Jaehyun: Water. I can drink it forever, no matter how much I drink it I won’t feel completely full from it.
Winwin: Meat (Chicken, beef)
Mark: Chicken. I can eat any type of chicken.
Haechan: Kimchi

Q2: Where would you go for a day for a holiday if not limited by the distance? 

Taeil: Kangwondo. I want to go to the ski-ing place, I want to ski and snowboard.
Johnny: To go to my house in America, and sleep on my own bed.
Taeyong: Youngster’s street, Shibuya. I like fashion, I want to try going.
Yuta: Europe or Italy. The streets look pretty.
Doyoung: Italy
Jaehyun: Neptune. I first place I want to go is the Neptune.
Winwin: I want to go to New Zealand. I love everything about that place.
Mark: I want to go to Canada, I want to stroll around the streets I lived in.
Haechan: Busan. I want to eat raw fish there.

Q3: Choose a member you want to be with forever.

Taeil: Johnny. We have common topics and match well. Even if I asked something weird, he still can interestingly and properly answer my questions.
Johnny: I love all members!!
Taeyong: Yuta. He’s the most carefree, I can be around him for a long time.
Yuta: No one. I don’t want to be with anyone till old age (laughs) I just want to be with my pretty wife in the future~… 
Doyoung: Taeil
Jaehyun: Winwin. We are same aged friends, we won’t get tired of each other.
Winwin: My friend Jaehyun
Mark: Winwin hyung. He’s amazing, I always see a new side about him.
Haechan: Doyoung hyung.

Q4: A song you like and will LIMITLESS-ly loop?

Taeil: NCT 127′s LIMITLESS. If you loop it, it’s a great song.
Johnny: Coldplay’s YELLOW
Taeyong: NCT 127′s LIMITLESS.
Yuta: DBSK’s BEGIN. I always listen to it before I sleep.
Doyoung: NCT 127′s SWITCH
Jaehyun: NCT 127′s LIMITLESS
Winwin: NCT 127′s LIMITLESS (^^)
Mark: Justin Bieber’s LOVE YOURSELF
Haechan: Michael Jackson’s BILLIE JEAN

Q5: Please list out a member’s charming points, as much as possible

Taeil: -> Johnny. Relaxing guy, tall guy, can communicate with anyone. Language skills (English, Korean, Chinese). Has lots of strength.
Johnny: -> Taeyong. He’s really so handsome. He understands things by just looking at us. And he’s cute too when he tries to be cool.
Taeyong: -> Yuta. Happy, always having fun, nice, passionate, hardworking, cool, manly, and a good friend of mine.
Yuta: -> Doyoung. Sings well. Great voice. The most proper member out of everyone. The one who gets everyone together. Voices out opinions well. 
Doyoung: -> Jaehyun. He has so many charms that it’s not possible for me to choose. If I had to choose, it would be his reverse charms. He’s manly yet gentle.
Jaehyun: -> Winwin. He is a happy go lucky person. He’s extremely pure but sometimes serious, I just love him so much.
Winwin: -> Mark. He has a great personality. He nice and cute. Great at rapping and dancing. His charms are limitless, really limitless. Mark with Limitless Charms
Mark: -> Haechan. Beautiful legs. Overflowing energy. Great at cooking. A prankster. He doesn’t listen, but it’s getting better (laughs) It’s deeply interesting how our personalities are completely different from each other.
Haechan: -> Taeil. Sings well. He’s good at playing instruments. He’s interesting. Amiable. Loves sports. 

Q6: A handwritten message for the fans

Taeil: (in Korean) Thank you everyone for your support all this while. We will continue to show a great stage from now to show our charms. NCT 127 fighting!
Johnny: (in Korean) I would be happy if we could have more chances meet fans in Japan more from now. Thank you for supporting us.
Taeyong: (in Korean) Dear Japanese fans. Thank you for always giving us your love and concerns. From now we will work hard, and give you the best NCT 127 you can see!!!
Yuta: (in Japanese, Kansai dialect to be exact lol) Dear fans in Japan, it’s Yuta!! Always always, thank you so much for your support ^^!! Take care of us from now okay ^^v
Doyoung: (in Korean) Dear fans of Japan, thank you for always loving us……… -(I can’t read anymore it’s too blur)-
Jaehyun: (in Korean) Please love us “limitlessly”~ ♡ I’m always thankful, and love everyone!!
Winwin: (in Japanese) From now please continue to support us
Mark: (in Korean) It’s my first time in Sapporo, it’s a pretty place and fans are really welcoming, I started to like Japan even more (^^) From now I’m happy to be able to visit Japan more often. Everyone, let’s meet again!!
Haechan: (in Korean)  Everyone, I’m so happy~!! Thank you!!


“The foreign members just hung out at home. Super Junior’s Siwon sunbaenim took care of us, so I ate it with him. Siwon sunbaenim takes care of the foreign members every year. It was around 2 [when I went to his house], and he said it was his fourth bowl of tteokguk. I think he takes care of a lot of members.” - Yuta, NCT


170322 NCT Official Vyrl Update

#나일론 4월호 화보 촬영장에 나타난 꽃미남 포토그래퍼!?📸

그 주인공은 바로 #태용 인데요!
숨겨진 능력자✨태용이가 직.접 찍은 #NCT127
멤버들의 화보 촬영장 비하인드컷, 지금 바로 공개합니다!





#태용 이의 숨겨진 사진 실력에 여러분 깜짝 놀라셨죠?😆
태용이의 작품은 아쉽게도 여기까지이지만!
#Vyrl 이 준비한 더 많은 비하인드컷이 내일 공개될 예정이니,
우리 내일 또 만나기로 해요💜

#NCT #News

NCT 127 + U Reaction to you telling them you passed your SM audition. // Quando você conta pra eles que passou na sua audição pra SM.


Taeyong: Do you want me to give you some rapping lessons? // Você que eu te dê aulas de rap?

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Taeil: I’ll help you on your vocals so you can debut quicker, and then we can do a collab stage! // Eu vou te ajudar no seu vocal pra você debutar mais rápido, e então nós podemos fazer um collab stage!

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Jaehyun: Congrats and good luck, shit’s gonna be tough. // Parabéns e boa sorte, o negócio é foda.

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Johnny: Stay strong, it only goes downhill from here… // Mantenha-se firme, daqui em diante só piora…

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Doyoung: Wait what? Why didn’t you tell me you were going to audition? // Pera quê? Por que você não me contou que ia fazer audição?

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Ten: I can help you on your dancing when I have free time, okay? // Eu posso te ajudar na dança quando eu tiver tempo livre, okay?

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Yuta: Of course you passed, I told you I’d beat their asses if they didn’t approve you. // Claro que você passou, eu te falei que ia chutar a bunda deles se eles não te aprovassem.

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Winwin: Don’t worry, you just need to learn how to do weird stuff with your body and you’ll debut in no time. // Não se preocupe, é só aprender a fazer uns paranauê estranho que eles te debutam na hora.

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Mark: Enjoy your many hours of sleep before you debut. // Aproveite suas muitas horas de sono antes de você debutar.

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Haechan: I’ll help you become a vocal god like me. // Vou te ajudar a virar um deus do vocal que nem eu.

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`adm hiyeonji´