NCT as shit my friends said

Taeyong: I’ll just respond in derp faces maybe they’ll go away

Taeil: Why do I need to socialize when I have mystic messenger on my phone lmao

Yuta: This girl tried talking to me so I just walked away I wasn’t up for her bullshit

Ten: was it chocolate cake or was it ten’s cake ?

Winwin: I’m exposed ..

Johnny: I have not left my house for a week since I was finishing my series I have no life

Jaehyun: I saw this dude already have Christmas trees lol

Mark: everything that comes out of my mouth is trash

Haechan: Lmao who do you think you are don’t touch my hair

Doyoung: lmao I could be memeier tho

Jeno: you better not give me ward heads I said chocolate -_-

Jaemin: What would a T. rex look with longer arms ?

Chenle: The meme tracker

Renjun: I’m too cute for my own good it hurts

Jisung: My mom said I was dressed like a teacher ….

He Was Very... Sick

Author: My amazing Dan

Ship: Johnny x Dallas

Word Count: 559

Warning: Abuse //

Inspired by: Wires - The Neighborhood

He was very… sick. But he had good reason to be. He had been in and out of jail since he was ten, his parents didn’t give a damn about him and he loved to drink and smoke. It wasn’t all bad though, he had a good heart and he loved me. At least he said he loved me, he never really showed it. I was always angry with him for this or that but it never usually lasted. That night, it had. We were at Bucks, but it was just us and a few girls. Buck was out causing mischief and so it was pretty quiet, but somewhere upstairs classical music was playing on a record player.

We were laying in his old bed, my head in his lap and his hands in my hair. He was playing with it, it was one of the few ways he showed affection. I sighed and he spoke up.

“You okay, Johnny?” he asked me, and I could feel the concern in his voice. I shook my head.

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anonymous asked:

Number six with Johnny when you get the chance. Please?

Johnny // “Shit, are you bleeding?”

You lay on the couch, your head on Johnny’s lap and your feet hanging over the edge. He played with your hair absentmindedly, staring off into space. You took a moment to look at him without his knowledge – normally, when he was paying attention and saw you, he would crack some joke or lean forward and kiss you. It was nice to just see him. He glanced down at you finally, and you quickly averted your eyes, furrowing your brow as you tried to make it look like you had been reading your book all along. He let out a heavy breath through his nose – he had caught you and he knew it, but he looked away and continued to play with your hair. You looked back up at him, and chewing your lip you played with the edge of your page.

“Fuck!” You said, suddenly, sitting up and examining your finger.

“What happened?” Johnny said, alarmed. His eyes darted to your hand, which you were handing gingerly. “Shit, are you bleeding?” He asked, and you laughed lightly.

“Yeah, but it’s nothing.” You said. “Just a papercut.”

“Well that won’t do.” He said, getting up and leaving the room. He returned quickly, holding a bandaid.

“Oh,” you said, grinning. “Playing doctor, are we?” You asked as he sat down again, this time moving your legs so they rested on his lap.

“Sh.” He said. “This is a very serious matter.” He said, and even as his brows knit together and he carefully placed the bandage on your finger, you could see a hint of a smile on his face.

“Now,” He said in a mock-serious voice. “I want you to answer honestly: do you need me to kiss it better?” You snorted.

“Oh, absolutely, doctor.”


Title: The stuff of comets
Author: iseekdaylight
Pairing: Tenny, brothers!JohnMark
Rating: PG-15
Genre: sports!au, ice skating!au, slow burn
Length: oneshot (50k)
Summary:  Johnny Seo returns to the figure skating scene two years after his unexpected retirement as his half-brother Mark’s manager. With the Olympics fast approaching, can Johnny help Mark become the best skater he can be?

Admin C: WOWOWOWOWOW, this was such a beautiful read <3