Do my makeup? // Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Mark, Haechan, & Ten

T A E Y O N G //

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  • Flustered?
  • He’d be so gentle though
  • Pastels and soft colors
  • ‘You have the prettiest lips’
  • Honestly the cutest little squish
  • Probably a tad shaky, horrified to stab you in the eye
  • ‘Maybe you should do the eyeliner’
  • ‘I trust you, Yong, you’ll do fine’
  • Literal panic attack

T A E I L //

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  • Surprisingly very good at it
  • Very calm despite being nervous
  • Awkward af
  • Doesn’t say too much
  • Occasionally asks what something is
  • Makes sure everything ‘perfectly matches your lovely light/dark skin’
  • Very proud of himself honestly

J O H N N Y //

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  • Sweetheart
  • Expect many compliments
  • Touches you like you might shatter
  • Really loves your eyes
  • Kinda stops to stare into them
  • ‘John.. what are you doing?’
  • ‘Just enjoying the view’
  • Greasier than popeye’s fried chicken
  • Really just happy to be so close to you
  • Wonders why you trust him near your eye though

M A R K //

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  • Heavy breathing
  • Random English
  • Awkward teenage ball
  • ‘Mark, you’re shaking.’
  • ‘Oh man, am I? When did it get so hot in here?’
  • Sh a k y
  • Honestly does his best
  • Doesn’t screw up
  • The result is a lot better than you expected
  • ‘How… can you do eyeliner better than me, you can’t even look me in the eye half the time.’

H A E C H A N //

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  • ‘I got this.’
  • Confidence overloads his ass
  • Mostly likely poked you iris three times
  • ‘Is my eye bleeding yet?’
  • ‘Stop being so dramatic’
  • Stab
  • Doesn’t do too bad
  • Slightly uneven wings
  • Wrong shade of lipstick
  • But, he thinks you look ‘so beautiful, God, I’m dating a God/dess’

T E N //

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  • He honestly didn’t want to
  • ‘But, you don’t even need makeup so.. why?’
  • ‘You wear more makeup than me, and you don’t need it so.. why?’
  • Shuts up entirely, faking such a dramatic offended expression
  • He’s pretty stable
  • Doesn’t mess up
  • Just, another one to almost blind you
  • Bright smiles the whole time
  • ‘It’s like.. adding color to an already amazingly beautiful canvas’
  • He’s another cheesy one, too
Word. - Johnny Depp -

I am tired of seeing how our fandom is once again being smashed to the ground. Johnny Depp made a joke, get over it! Johnny Depp is a human being. And like every other human being you make mistakes. And people are always trying to bring you down, even if you are down or if you are happy, just so they can feel better about themselves. What is the point to even make it a big deal? We have other things to concern about, like the carbon dioxide emissions, natural disasters, injustice and other things.

I Like Johnny Depp for the human being he is, he is a wonderful person with a philosophical mind like my own, he can put down words for things I haven´t been able to describe. I Love him and I am so thankful for seeing him in real life where I cried like a baby but I was so, so happy. He is so cool and amazing in every angle you turn. This is my opinion and will forever be it.

You people who want to change it or wants to hurt our fandom in any other way. Don´t. Lay your energy to save our beautiful planet. There is so much other things you can do, then destroy other peoples´ feelings, or humans in fact.

Please listen to this, and stop hurting other people if it is me, Johnny or other people around the world. Spread love not hate! 
Thank you. 

NCT 127 as things my cat does...

Taeil: scratches the back door to come inside then runs away when I open it

Johnny: stands on his two hind legs to make a statement

Taeyong: Watches over me when I sleep

Doyoung: runs away and hides from everything

Yuta: opens my bedroom door extra wide to let his entrance be know

Jaehyun: welcomes me when I come home from school/work

Winwin: deliberately slaps me with his tail when he walks by

Mark: listens to my rants

Haechan: lays on top of my homework/sketchbooks/laptop to get my attention

Forgive Me Father

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Description: Halloween/role playing? Idk man, it was a 5 am, no sleep, thought, just roll with it.

Warning: Smut and Sinning

Say what you will, but everyone knows October is the best month of the year. It’s finally Autumn, you can bust out the oversized sweatshirts, hot chocolate every day is completely acceptable, and the entire neighborhood is decked head to toe in decorations. Thirty days straight of horror movies and those cute animated kids movies. It’s just such a lighthearted month, the holiday is pure fun, no stress for money and presents like Christmas, no anxiety over having to get together with family you hate on Thanksgiving; Halloween is #1. And the best part? Halloween parties. Pros and cons of being an adult, you can’t trick ‘r’ treat anymore, but you can get shit faced drunk at the parties your parents never let you come to. 
And that’s exactly what you and Johnny were up to. 
The music blasting shook the walls of whoever’s house you were in, lord knows it didn’t matter if alcohol was present. For a cliche costume party, the host really went all out. It truly felt like a club; lights flashing in the living room, unlimited alcohol, and countless bodies pressed against each other, grinding away. Johnny was already rethinking his idea in costume, regretting the joke idea of going as a priest and sexy nun, seeing you dressed so scantily forced him to continuously have a hand on you, keeping you by his side. Drinks were located, and consumed by the cup full, you somehow found Yuta and Taeyong among the ocean of people swarming the house and mingled about. Before long your body was buzzing and you two joined the ‘dance floor’. Everyone was tipsy, Johnny had pulled you back against him, just having a fun time and dancing.
Very quickly, fun dancing turned into you and Johnny just grinding against each other and making out, and trying not to bump in to any of the sea of bodies surrounding you two. You maybe have been conscious of not knocking in to other people, but some drunks dancing weren’t as concerned, and a couple of boys crashed right into you and Johnny. One managed to spill his entire cup of god knows what down the front of your costume; he apologized profusely before being dragged away, but there was no way you were continuing with a drenched, smelling, quickly becoming sticky costume and decided to call it a night and headed back home and continue the party by yourselves. 

Messily jamming the key in the door, Johnny finally managed to swing it open, the wood crashing against the wall as you two stumbled into the living room. 
“I-I’m gonna go upstairs,” You explained, wobbling on your feet. “You um…uh..”
“Get water?” Johnny asked.
“Yeah! Yeah, you get water, I gotta get this off.” You motioned at your now sticky costume and drunkenly made your way upstairs, somehow managing not to break your neck on the stairs and tripped into the bedroom. Balancing yourself on the side of the bed, trying to work the tight material off your shoulders proved to more difficult that your brain could handle in the moment, and you had to back peddle, attempting to work it over your hips instead. Unlucky, you got stuck there too, the fabric too constricting to work over your chest, you could already head the threads pulling apart in the back. Huffing your breath, you started to yell for help, “Joh-”
“Don’t move.” His voice sounded from the doorway and you turned to see him before he spoke again, “Stay still. Look forward, that’s it. Don’t move, and do as I say.” 
You obeyed, but a frown crept on your face, “Johnny, I’m stuck, help me please?”
He didn’t respond, but you could hear him move closer to you, the warmth radiating off his body as his arms reached around you to place two glasses of water on the bedside table. “Why Sister, you look like you’ve gotten yourself in a mess, haven’t you?”
“’Sister’? Johnny, what are you ta-”
“Hush now,” Johnny leaned down, letting his warm breath tickle your neck, “Look at you. Dress hiked up, you expose yourself when you know I’m here, and you reek of alcohol.” His hand curled around your exposed hip, fingers teasing at the lace panties that were once hidden beneath your costume, but now on full display with the fabric bunched around your waist.
“Johnny, I-” You voice cut off with a shriek as Johnny’s hand came down full force on your ass, spanking the flesh harshly. 
 “Sister, you ooze sin. And you need to repent for your sins.” Johnny cooed mockingly against your cheek, you could see the smirk on his face from the corner of your eye before he spoke again. “Kneel, and say your prayers.”
A hand on your shoulder forced you down, legs buckling as you fell to your knees and your torso pressed to the side of the bed. Shuffling behind you, you turned to see Johnny shedding the suit jacket he wore, tossing it to the floor and kicking his shoes off, kneeling behind you. His chest pressed against your back, knees tucked between your spread legs, he took your hands in his and pressed them together, “Pray, and cleanse yourself of your sins.”
Giving up, you began, “Our father who art in heaven,  Your kingdom come, your will be do-”
Johnny’s hand left yours, and swiftly brought his palm down on your lace covered bottom again, your thighs clenching together in response.
Tsk tsk, Sister, you pray to the wrong God.” Your breath grew ragged, as Johnny decided to start toying with the fabric covering your core, he did adore the black design, but it really was obstructing the view of his favorite sight. Leaving your hands to pray on their own, Johnny snapped the elastic band of your panties against your skin, smirking as you jumped, before yanking them down all together, until they were stuck at your kneeling knees. “Start over.
Feeling Johnny against your now naked backside, you could feel the bulge in his pants making its presence known, pressing into your bare skin as you began again, “Father Seo, who belongs in me- ah- let me-oh.”
Your train of thought broken, Johnny’s spit slick fingers brushed over your core, rolling your clit between his long digits. Hips twitching at the pleasure, your head fell forward on the bed, trying to roll your hips back to Johnny in a silent beg for more. Unfortunately, Johnny’s touch stopped the second you ceased your prayer, “Ah ah, Sister. Only those that worship shall be given the pleasure they deserve. Continue.”
Moaning in frustration, you wiggled your hips in an attempt to egg him on, but got nothing in return. “Let me please you! Seo, your will be done! On ea-ah-earth as it is in…heaven…”
“Good, good,” Johnny cooed, leaning forward to nip your neck as he pressed lightly at your entrance. “Keep going.”
“Oh this isn’t fair!” You groaned against the blanket, but complied. “Uh John-give us…this day our daily bread, and…oh fuck..and forgive us our d-debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And-shit- lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!”
“So obedient,” Johnny chuckled against your neck, “Very good Sister, you certainly deserve a reward for this, yes?”
Desperately pushing your hips back for some form of stimulation, you begged against the comforter, “Yes! I’ve been good Father, please reward me!”
“Very well,” Johnny hummed, brushing against your clit again, he pushed two fingers in knuckle deep, moaning at the wet heat that engulfed his digits. Your hips instinctively pushed back at finally getting some pay out, your own fingers clutching the blanket as his fingers moved inside you, massaging your warm walls as he rolled his clothed cock against your bare ass, searching for some release. “So wet, Sister, does praying turn you on this much?”
Moaning a pitiful yes that made Johnny chuck at your desperation, he curled his fingers, expertly finding your button and pressing it hard, forcing your back to curve and a gasp fly from your mouth as the pleasure shot through your body. Having enough of you grinding back against him, Johnny removed his fingers much to your whining in protest, and hurries to unbutton his pants, not bothering to remove them completely and just pushing them to his thighs, sighing at his hard cock finally being free.
Hand wrapped around himself, your slick arousal on his fingers aided him in pumping his member, thumbing the drops of precum, slicking his cock for you.
“Are you ready?” Breaking character, Johnny preps you well, but he always had to ask.
“God yes!” You whined, wiggling your hips pathetically, “Please fuck me already, Johnny, hurry up!”
Johnny panting harshly at the sight of you bent over and presenting just for him, begging for his cock. Done with the teasing, Johnny pressed the head to your core, feeling your body twitch and tense in anticipation. Inching closer,Johnny slowly pushed the blunt head inside you, tossing his head back and groaning loudly at the warmth surrounding his cock as he bottomed out; you in no better shape, desperately pressing back against him to take every inch, walls already convulsing around his length as you moaned in the blanket. 
Ah fuck..” Johnny swore, biting his lip harshly as his hands took hold of your hips, thrusting maddeningly slow at first, reassuring himself you were able to take him without pain, but seeing you practically fucking yourself back on his member, he threw that idea out the window, straightening himself out, and delivered long, deep thrusts into your willing body. The coin in your stomach already tightening, arousal dripping down the inside of your thighs. 
“That’s it, yes,” Johnny grunted, snapping his hips sharply, sending sparks of pleasure through your body. “Take your redemption.”
Johnny’s thrusts deep and hard, making you sob against the bed at the impossible pleasure, he started to lose himself, thrusting erratically, grinning to himself as he shifted and  your back curved as the head of his cock brushed your g-spot again, watching your shiver, and pant, and drool on the blanket in pleasure. Determined to make you cum first, his hand disappeared between your thighs again, rubbing your clit harshly while continuing to pound that perfect spot inside you, your entire body tensing.  
“I-Johnny I’m so close.” You moaned, giving in to biting the blanket in an attempt to keep your screams in. “I-ah-Johnny harder!”
“Me too,” Johnny panted. Breathing heavily, “Let it go.”
Johnny sped up his thrusts and pinched your clit, your scream so loud Johnny begged that the neighbors had gone out for Halloween too, he kept thrusting, letting you ride out your orgasm before you started whining that it was too much. Johnny ripped himself from you and quickly pumped his slick cock and with a grunt, shot his cum over your back and crumpled costume. Breathing harshly as he stroked his spent cock, Johnny breathlessly chucked, “Sister, I do believe your sins have been forgiven.”

  • Taeyong: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Ten liked his birthday present yesterday. Oh, he called.
  • [seventeen new messages]
  • Taeyong: What?!
  • [message one]
  • Ten: Hey Taeyong! Thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it's… great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Jaehyun can’t drive and I ran Johnny's Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.
  • Johnny: You still owe me for that.
  • Ten: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
  • Jaehyun: [snoring]
  • Ten: Woo! Jaehyun, you’re up! Peace Taeyong!
  • [end of message]
  • Taeyong: I’m not listening to all of these.
  • [skips to the last message]
  • [message seventeen]
  • Ten: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?!
  • Johnny: It’s Mark, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Sicheng: Ten, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Ten: Sicheng, shut up! Taeyong, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Taeyong, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this, Taeyong!
  • Johnny: Ten, eyes on the road!
  • Jaehyun: Truck!
  • All: [screaming]
  • [end of message]