Gay marriage was legalized in the UK starting March 2014. So why, pray tell, did the writers of Sherlock include legalized gay marriage in their universe back in 2010? It’s almost as if the writers needed that to better tell their story…. but that would mean….. their story would include…. gay marriage…. somewhere……… but where…. could that fit…. i just… don’t… know….

It just hit me…. we’re going to see another set of vows. We all know the writers of Sherlock have left out important things so far because they will be *more* important later - like Sherlock finally being able to dance, John’s bedroom in 221b, a kiss between leads that isn’t shrouded in darkness - but that also means vows. We heard Sherlock’s, and we heard the fact that it was his “first and last” (he pledged himself to John, for better or for worse, till death do they part) but we never heard John’s. WE’RE GOING TO HEAR JOHN’S VOWS. Imagine, hearing John Watson say all those things we know he feels while we watch Sherlock’s face as he listens to the man he loves declare, in front of everyone, his undying commitment. Sherlock will be silently sobbing, finally hearing his vows reciprocated after all those years. My God, i can see it now… John’s voice on the verge of breaking - he’s never been good at that sort of stuff but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to make this absolutely perfect - and Sherlock unable to pull his eyes away from John’s, tears streaming down his face as he finally, finally understands how much he’s always been loved.

Second time's a charm

“I will, god, yes, of course I will.” 
Before John can reach for his flute and begin fishing out the ring (who would’ve thought that Sherlock would ever pull off a move like this?), Sherlock snaps it from the table.
“Great. Now that we’ve established that, we can take these where they actually belong.” Sherlock looks to the couple sitting a few tables away from them, apparently enjoying a romantic dinner for two.
Just like Sherlock and John.
“Sure…. Wait, what?”
“Well, the ring obviously belongs to the man over there.”

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“Is something wrong?” Sherlock furrows his brows, looking slightly irritated, obviously picking up on John’s confusion.
“You just proposed to me with a ring that’s not even yours?”
“Yes, so? I was planning on doing it anyway, never found the right moment to, though. And since the waiter failed doing his job” – John smirks – “I seized the opportunity.”

“Huh” John huffs, he doesn’t quite know if he should be amused or angry at Sherlock being… well… Sherlock.

“Oh come on, John. It doesn’t change what I said.”
Sherlock thinks for a moment, then grabs both flutes in a swift motion, brings them over to the other couple’s table and quickly comes back to John. But instead of sitting down again, he kneels down right in front of John’s seat and reaches inside his jacket. Out comes a small, black satin box, making John’s smirk vanish from his lips, making him catch his breath.
Sherlock has planned it after all.

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“John Hamish Watson.”, Sherlock begins.
“For the second time this evening – and I’ll gladly do it a third time, if that’s what it takes – will you do me the honor of becoming –”
Before he can finish his sentence though, John has also abandoned his seat and joined Sherlock on the floor of the restaurant. 

“Sherlock, if anybody should propose the second time this evening, it should be me.” John clears his throat, like he always does when he’s nervous. “You know I’m not good with speeches, so I’ll keep it rather short… Sherlock, I couldn’t imagine life without you” – Sherlock swallows, both of them thinking about the time after he had faked his death - “and I don’t plan on ever having one without you. You are my life.” John’s voice is steady now, he means every word he’s saying. “Will you do me the great honor of marrying me?” 

Both men are now kneeling on the ground, each on one bent knee, grinning from ear to ear, completely forgetting that they are on the floor of a very well-known, four-star restaurant, staring deeply into each other’s eyes in front of 57 strangers. 


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Sherlock’s favorite movie is secretly Moulin Rouge because the first time he watched it was with John and when Ewan McGregor sang the words “how wonderful life is now you’re in the world” they both looked at each other, and even though they looked away again too quickly for either of them to read the other’s expression Sherlock still felt the words resonate inside of him in a way that no other truth had.