karkat probably learned that day that glitter is the craft equivalent to herpes and he will be finding pink glitter in his creases years later 

Scene from PART 8 of moments between yesterday and tomorrow

akbdkabzakazk eeeee EEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE *_*

Been getting a lot of requests to do a john x karkat nsfw picture for a while!
kyon-neko asked for a very intimate and intense love scene, so I thought I would challenge myself by taking this one on.

Just as I was almost done though, kyon-neko made a last minute change request to add gecko moria from one piece masturbating behind the curtain whilst ki-shi-shiing (laughing).

Though I usually turn away late requests, I had to admit that this change brought this pic from a 9/10 to 20 nipples of 10. Don’t be mistaken, kyon-neko DEFINITELY asked for that last change. Don’t believe anything he tells you, he just doesn’t want to admit to taking credit for such a fantastic concept.


“I take it back,” the troll says hollowly, with eyes that stare right through him. “Human cinema is amazing. It is immensely fucking worthwhile. It is worthwhile as shit, and I take all goddamn grubsquirming credit for having created it. John, I made this.”

“I know, Karkat.”

“I made it for you and you will fucking thank me.” (x

urbananchorite’s old johnkat one-shots are pretty high up on my list of things to read when I need major cheering up.