Blair: Well… just because we can’t live happily ever after doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun once in awhile. 

Chuck: We made a pact. Need I remind you what that means?

Blair: But it’s been too long since Monte Carlo. Pocahontas needs her John Smith.

Chuck: I always thought of myself as more of a John Rolfe kind of man. 

“13th of April, 1616. Dear son, I write this so that someday in the future you might understand a circumstance which shall be but a far memory to you. Your dear mother, Rebecca, fell ill in our outward passage at Gravesend. She gently reminded me that all must die. ‘Tis enough, she said, that you our child, should live.” - John Rolfe [The New World 2005 Film, Terrence Malick]

“I will always believe that Pocahontas and John Smith are meant to be together. People bash the movie because it’s not historically accurate but it doesn’t have to be that accurate does it? Maybe in the real world, Pocahontas is supposed to end up with John Rolfe; but in the Disney Universe she is meant to be with John Smith!”