Raindrop Prelude in D Flat Major
Frédéric Chopin
Raindrop Prelude in D Flat Major

Raindrop Prelude in D Flat MajorFrédéric Chopin

At last, it comes. You hear a patter… You see a leaf here and there bob and blink about you; you feel a spot on your face, on your hand. And then the gracious rain comes, gathering its forces — steady, close, abundant. Lean out of window, and watch, and listen. How delicious! The verandah beneath losing its scattered spots in a sheet of luminous wet; and, never pausing, the close, heavy, soft-rushing noise.
John Richard Vernon.


* Lafayette X Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader is Laf’s wife from France and she comes to visit him and finds Alexander and I’d like “Have you seen Lafayette?” And he’s like “Um who are you?” And she’s like “I’m his wife” and the hamilsquad is all like “Laf you have a wife???” And he’s like “Yeah I love her hi boo this is a surprise why are you here?” And they’re like “YOU DIDN’T TELL US?” And he’s like “I mean, we’re in a revolution. It was never the time.”

A/N: So its kind of short but oh well. I didn’t plan to get this one done so soon either but here it is. It’s like 98% fluff. Oh, and this isn’t proof read so there will be mistakes. Anyway, enjoy!

Word Count: 1, 759


You stepped off the boat you just spent months on, grateful to have your feet back on dry land. Now you just had to find Lafayette, and that’s no easy task. You never knew what he’d be doing or who he’d be connected to. It didn’t help that you had very little knowledge of these little colonies. Lafayette believed the people to be brave and fighting for what’s right. So he came to help. If Lafayette believed them to be good people, then you trusted his judgement.

You needed to stop someone and see if they knew him. Unfortunately you weren’t very comfortable with English. You could speak it but tended to second guess words. And now you had to have a fluent conversation in the language. After stopping a few people you were having very little luck. Either people wouldn’t know Lafayette or you couldn’t piece the damn sentence together. “Excusez-moi?” You asked and tapped a young man on the shoulder. He had his dark hair pulled into a ponytail. He could use a shave and looked like he could use some sleep as well.

“Oui?” He replied and your eyes lit up at the possibility of finding someone who spoke French.

“Français?” You asked hopefully.

“Eh, I speak it a little.” He said in your native tongue. “How can I help?”

“I’m looking for a man. Last name would be Lafayette.” You told him.

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On This Day: April 22

Earth Day

  • 1526: First known slave revolt in the United States occurs in Sapelo Island, Georgia.
  • 1870: Birth of Vladimir Lenin.
  • 1873: Anarchist Luigi Lucheni was born in Paris. He later assassinated the Austrian Empress Elisabeth.
  • 1891: Anarchist Ferdinando Nicola Sacco was born in Torremaggiore, Italy.
  • 1891: Birth of Vernon Johns. American minister and civil rights leader who was active in the struggle for civil rights from the 1920s.
  • 1897: Pietro Acciarito tried to kill Umberto I of Italy by stabbing him.
  • 1944: 200 African-Americans begin a sit-in protesting segregation of Washington, DC, restaurants.
  • 1945: Prisoners at the Croatian fascist Jasenovac concentration camp revolt. 520 are killed and 80 escape.
  • 1970: First Earth Day celebrated in US as hundreds of thousands demonstrate their concern for the future health of the environment.
  • 1972: Large anti-war marches in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • 1993: Stephen Lawrence killed by racists in London.
  • 1995: Death of Maggie Kuhn. She founded Gray Panthers for fighting ageism and social reform.
  • 1996: Wisconsin activists Tom and Donna Howard-Hastings prevent launch of US Navy’s nuclear submarine by cutting down 3 power poles.
  • 2011: Death of musician and activist Hazel Dickens.