Scorpion Entertainment releases “Savage Streets: Two-Disc Remastered Edition” on DVD this September 18th, 2012. In this 80’s exploitation classic, Linda Blair of “The Exorcist” fame hits the streets as a teenage vigilante, out for revenge against the gang who brutalized her sister and best friend:

Topaz (1969, Alfred Hitchcock; Cinematographer: Jack Hildyard)

Spoilers - The most famous scene from one of Alfred Hitchcock’s least famous movies comes when Cuban official Parra, played by John Vernon confronts and shoots Juanita, played by Karin Dor.  Juanita’s eyes go wild, and, instead of blood, her beautiful purple dress spreads slowly out on the checkered tile floor.  DP Jack Hildyard, whose grandiose work on The Bridge on the River Kwai won him an Oscar, captures it all from overhead, emphasizing the fluid vibrancy of the dress against the cold, fortitude of the official.  One might even mistake this for prayer if it weren’t for the actual blood, faintly visible on the murderer’s sleeve and hand.