Payday gang gaming headcanons + examples of what they like
  • Dallas: Plays simulator games, I'unno. Game Dev Tycoon/moneymaking type shit.
  • Wolf: Likes a multitude of genres. Probably makes his own considering he's a software developer. Probably makes death houses in Sims 4 on his free time.
  • Hoxton: Usually does board games, mostly due to his time in prison. You could probably organize DnD with him or something. Probably also likes Mario on the down low tbh
  • Chains: ...Arma 3? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really don't know. He probably has Call of Duty and only plays it to assblast people online (and to get people angry on purpose). Actually really likes the Fallout series.
  • Houston: Fighting games. Mains Luigi in Smash, and has a burning hatred for people like DSP when playing online matches.
  • John Wick: Do not bring up Nintendogs around the others. Just don't. Let the man take care of his DS doggos in peace.
  • Clover: Largely the same as Hoxton except she has a specialty for tabletop RPGs (specifically grimdark shit). Still angry about Warhammer Fantasy not getting an awesome game on the scale of 40k's Dawn of War.
  • Dragan: Laughing as he plays his role as a brutal cop in GTAV. Normal players hate him with a burning passion.
  • Jacket: Plays on an old-ass NES he's somehow managed to maintain through the years. Often plays shoot 'em up games like Gradius or Xevious as they're "relaxing."
  • Bonnie: Doesn't entirely get video games, but you can see her poke into idle games like Neko Atsume. Gets hilariously frustrated if Tubbs visits.
  • Sokol: [JonTron voice] SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTS. Will kick your ass at air hockey if you ever play him.
  • Jiro: Pretty much the only sane choice in terms of games out of the gang. Poker usually ends with him winning, strip poker has him with everyone else's suits. He gives them back afterwards, though.
  • Bodhi: "Seriously, why don't you guys try some actual extreme sports sometime?" This was said as he casually hid a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 under his shirt. Part of the GLORIOUS PC MASTER RACE.
  • Jimmy: Is the one person insane enough to play Dark Souls on a KEYBOARD while his character is ass naked, and wins.
  • Sydney: Doom, Mortal Kombat, basically anything that has maximum potential for gore. Runs Brutal Doom with the Overdrawn at the Blood Bank setting, and pre-ordered Doom 2016. Secretly likes Touhou games (don't tell anyone).
  • Rust: "what are you talking about" he says as he just casually plays on an old Gameboy, because he didn't really have time to do much in terms of consoles and such. Beat Pokemon Red and actually discovered the Mew trick on his own.

PAYDAY 2 Heisters

Payday 2: New Crew Members 

  • Jacket - Sociopath
  • John Wick - Hitman
  • Bonnie - Gambler
  • Clover - Burglar
  • Dragan - Meat Sandwich Infiltrator
  • Sokol - Grinder
  • Jiro - Yakuza

(Here’s part two of “What I do when I don’t feel like doing homework and see an old post I don’t like”. I just realized how bad some of the perk deck names connect to the perk deck’s abilities. Like, you’d think Infiltrator would be some kind of stealth perk deck, but it’s actually a super beefy tank perk deck)

Payday 2 Heisters

Original Crew Members

New Crew Members

Just Sing, Orpheus!

Isn’t that what your mother told you
When you were a boy; what the Argonauts
Pleaded when a raging sea threatened

To splinter their boat, and, you — too frail
To row — needed only to sing to lower the pitch
Of the waves? Don’t think, Orpheus, just sing!

Wasn’t that Pluto’s order, when — as Ovid
Says — your songs wrenched iron tears
From his eyes? You should have held

Those notes, Orpheus. There he was, king
Of the Stygian world, offering Eurydice
Another chance, and you, a waltz,

Straight out of hell (if only you wouldn't 
Look back). But, then … what was it you said?
Why? Why? Damn, boy, what were

You thinking? You had the sun, the moon,
And the stars; nightingales lived in your throat.
When you sang in the forest, stones rolled

Over and rivers wept. The world was yours
For a song: garlands of bees and haloes of birds,
Swans at your feet and a dark-eyed nymph,

On a bed of moss. Even Sisyphus cupped
His ears at the top of his hill and turned
His back on his rock-and-roll. Cerberus bowed

His heads and buried his bones, Endymion
Awoke from eternal sleep, and Chaos put
His house in order. But, listen! Don’t mind

This rant. You’ve suffered enough!
After all, this isn’t so much about you
As it is about me, talking to me.

Besides, you’ve learned your lesson.
Your head still floats on a river
Of woe, and, now, you only wish you could sing.

– john sokol