My Thoughts on The Doctor Falls

 Overall, a mess of a script, lacking any focus and failing to deliver on a single one of its story threads.

1. Messed with the cyber origins in an uncomfortably complicated way. Just messy and weird. They just didnt touch on what was going on with them in the 2nd episode. what involvement if any did the master have in their creation, if any? why did they end up looking like John Lumic’s cyber men? what was going on with them downstairs while they were upstairs? how come they are being created on the spaceship and not while on mondas? how does this origin fit in with the Tenth Planet story?

2. Made the master both:

a. a sexist disgusting piece of shit (possibly to excuse and justify his own misogyny to himself?)(this is a habit- see BBC Sherlock, specifically the abominable bride) i mean ik the masters always treated women poorly but i always interpreted that as a disregard for the human race, not women specifically. in classic who he was never any crueler to women than he was to men. and in new who i always took his dismissal of Chantho as a girl and an insect to be speciest not sexist. and even if u do say that simm!master has always been sexist, in davies’ era, his treatment of women was always treated as a dark and negative character trait. It wasn’t just an excuse for some “funny” one liners about hating women like it is here. (i have written extensively abt the master+sexism elsewhere on my blog.)

b. a frankly much too weak willed version who is head over heels with the Doctor (Moffat has a habit of doing this too with his female characters. See: Adler and River Song- purely there to make the protagonist seen cool and important with no respect for their own characters)

c. and they also gave them completely unnecessary sexual tension that really took away from their characters.

3. Bills ending was sweet IN A WAY but coulda bn much better executed. Shoulda bn more to it and they coulda explained what it was and had some build up rather than leaving it so sudden and ambiguous. she should never have bn a cyber man in the first place if they didn’t wanna kill her off. Because it’s literally just Clara- killed off then resurrected to travel the universe without the Doctor. Only this time it was with the added badness of reversing conversion WHICH CANNOT BE DONE. CYBER BRIG AND CYBER DANNY AND CYBER BILL ARE ABOMINATIONS TO THE CANON. she never shoulda bn a cyberman in the first place it was so unnecessary to the plot and to her leaving not to mention the disturbing undertones of the conversion of the first LGBT+ companion.

4. Gave Nardole a bit of a disappointing exit too tbh. I loved him.

5. And began the interference in what is a perfect era of Doctor Who that does not deserve to be touched, particularly without hartnell around to play the part.  How dare Moffat project his misogynistic self absorbed writing onto the wonderful fairy tale magic of what was a perfect era of Doctor Who

My biggest ish with Moffat who is that its not self contained. He hasnt contained his foul stench solely to the two doctors hes written for. its spread to the farthest reaches of the whoniverse from davros opening his eyes to the cybermens origin overcomplicating itself to destroying the masters character (and then killing him?!?!) and now taking hartnell straight out of his last story, even when we dont have hartnell to portray him. He is out of control. he has no right to mess with the cannon in the way that he does. he has messed with dw lore more than any other writer on the show ever. and thats a fact. he cant just be dismissed at the end of his era because he has done sm damage, not just to the eras of two of the best actors ever to play the dr with terrible sexist scripts but to the doctor who mythos as a whole. to appreciate the chibnall scripts that shall follow i would need to recognise moffat who as cannon. and for the most part that is not smthn i am willing to do.

Actors who’ve been in Harry Potter and Doctor Who.


Roger Lloyd-Pack died at home on 15 January 2014 from pancreatic cancer.

To international audiences his greatest fame was as Barty Crouch, Sr. in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In 2006 he played John Lumic and provided the voice of the Cyber-Controller in two episodes of Doctor Who, “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel”, opposite David Tennant, who had played his son in the same Harry Potter film.

R.I.P. Roger, you will be missed
Only Fools star Lloyd Pack dies

RIP Roger Lloyd Pack.

Barty Crouch Senior (HP Goblet of Fire), John Lumic (Doctor Who, Rise of the Cybermen, Age of Steel), The Ghost of Christmas Future (Nan’s Christmas Carol, The Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special 2009)

Thank you for entertaining people all over the world. You’ll be greatly missed.