Actors who’ve been in Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
Only Fools star Lloyd Pack dies

RIP Roger Lloyd Pack.

Barty Crouch Senior (HP Goblet of Fire), John Lumic (Doctor Who, Rise of the Cybermen, Age of Steel), The Ghost of Christmas Future (Nan’s Christmas Carol, The Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special 2009)

Thank you for entertaining people all over the world. You’ll be greatly missed.

Why do I have a facebook? WHY? It somehow always ends up being a mood ruiner.

Dear John Lumic,

I know you know how to remove all emotions for your Cybermen and such but would it be possible for you to just remove jealously from me? It really wrecks havoc on my mental stability and life. If you could, that would be really cool. I’m all down for a jealousy inhibitor.

Please and Thank-You,