Dool/Wilson 30/03/2015...

Will accidentally blurting out that he warned Paul to stay away from Sonny…

Will and Paul arguing/fighting over Sonny while Sonny stands in-between them

Paul going to leave and then John turns up and starts talking about Wilson’s wedding anniversary…

Sonny looking at Will after John left

Will and Sonny’s wedding picture

‘That was you!…you did this to us…not me!!’

Sonny’s reaction to finding out Paul was the one who donated the blood/saved his life…

‘Have you even met the guy?’

Chad kissing the top of Sonny’s head and telling him to go home and take it easy…

Will writing a nasty revealing article about Paul just to get back at him…


"The calculations alone would take hundreds of years!"

"Oh, hundreds and hundreds…"

"…but don’t worry, I started a very long time ago."

"You might say, I’ve been doing this all my lives!"

The Day of the Doctor - 2013

•      •     •     •     •

Here’s my little fan-edit of that spine-tingling Doctors Assemble! scene from The Day of the Doctor.

Small watercolor paintings based on screencaps from the Doctor Who episode The Empty Child (Season 1). The first two were made during lunch breaks at my work, and the last one at home.
I *love* this episode. That two-parter made me think the series was getting really good the first time I saw it.

1-The creepiest phone call since the first Silent hill game?
2-Jack Harkness “just saying hello” to Rose.
3-"Are you my mummy?"