First with son Julian, then with grandson Cal.

Rest in peace, John Casablancas, the man who brought Julian, my hero into the world. My heart goes out to Julian and his family, and to little Cal who will be missing his grandpa. I’m so fucking sad right now, this man fucking made Julian, the guy who literally saved my life, and now Julian doesn’t have him.

Rest in peace, The Strokes boys will take good care of him now <3

John Casablancas Interview
  • Interviewer: You're also the father of Julian Casablancas, lead singer of the Strokes...
  • (John interrupts him to say)
  • John C.: Yes, yes, I'm very proud of him!
  • Interviewer: Did you guys use to compete to see which one would get more women?
  • John C.: Actually, he did the exact opposite, he only had two girlfriends, and married his second one.