Jim: From now on we will only be using code names.

Jim: You will refer to me as Eagle One.

Jim: Molly is Been There Done That.

Molly: Oh.

Jim: Sebastian is Currently Doing That

Sebastian: *nods in approval*

Jim: Sherlock is It Happened Once in a Dream

Sherlock: *eye roll*

Jim: Mrs. Hudson is If I Had To Pick a Grandma.

Mrs. Hudson: *conflicted*

Jim: And John is… Eagle Two.

John: Oh thank God.

Chapter 23 - Magicae Argentea by EventHorizon

Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

Rating: Mature

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Anthea, Mrs. Hudson

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Magic, mystrade


A chance encounter with the owner of an occult shop would normally be something Mycroft Holmes immediately erased from his mind, but something about this Greg Lestrade is too intriguing for that to occur…

Mycroft learns more about the workings of magic and starts to wonder about a few things…

I have my English midterm and instead of studying I’ve elected to rewatch the whole sherlock series and made a few theories/observations


  • Richard Brooke is Moriarty’s twin brother, and it’s him who died on the roof (Eurus said Jim had/has a brother)
  • John might not actually like Sherlock as more than a friend/brother???


  • Sherlock is obviously Queer
  • Sherlock really loves John, when there was a fracking bomb in his living room his first thought was about John and Rosie
  • Sherlock really thinks that he killed Mary and will continue being guilty about it
  • Sherlock realized John was hallucinating about Mary being in the room, so he pretended to talk to her so John would feel better
  • Mycroft actually loves Sherlock very much and isn’t heartless like he leads on
  • Mycroft loves romance and watching old romance movies and will quote them
  • Mycroft’s standoffish behavior most likely stems from the fact that growing up he was regularly called “Fatty” and wasn’t close with his siblings
  • Eurus is the embodiment of the ‘Sexy, Smart Villain’ character
  • As is Moriarty
  • They would probably make a scary couple, like extremely powerful
  • Eurus is also Queer
  • The Holmes children have an affinity for music/musical theatre
  • Mummy Holmes is an absolute genius and is also very snarky (where the boys got it)
  • Eurus’s lack of human communication was a good call and should have been kept that way
  • Mycroft only reacted to Lady Metcalf’s flirting like that because it’s never happened to him, so he was shocked
  • While Sherlock also might have been crying after being exiled, his eyes were mainly red because he got ridiculously high
  • Molly and Hudders deserve the world, but the world doesn’t deserve them
  • Hudders would definitely kill someone for her 'kids’
  • Sherlock never corrected someone when they said him and John are a couple because he saw nothing wrong with it and didn’t see it as offensive

That’s all I can think of, but feel free to add more

moeized  asked:

Thanks for your all fanfiction, I really love it!! But... hmm, I wonder if they are in academy and one day MC asks they guys to tuitor her, for exam, of course. How will it be?

I was having some struggling on how to go about this(at first I thought you wanted a study party and totally missed the tutor part), so I hope you like it!

Sherlock Holmes

When it comes to chemistry there was no one better that MC could think of when realized she needed a tutor than Sherlock Holmes.  When she confessed that she wanted his help he stared, mouth hanging agape.  Taking a moment before he responded with a head nod.  They were set to meet two days from then at the cafe nearby.  

MC strolled through the door not expecting anything close to what she saw.  Sherlock had ordered his drink and hers, and was there waiting for her with a few chemical compound models, a chart, and a color coded binder.  “You didn’t have to do all of this.”  She gave him a sheepish grin, his cheeks flushed as he looked away.  

“I am not going to let you down, I’m going to prove there are no better tutors out there than me.  Now take this test so I can best judge where to begin with your lesson.”  It was grueling; but unbeknownst to MC there were a few extra witnesses in the area that were watching intently, expected Sherlock to lose his patience and snap at her.  They were more than surprised when he was more than happy to adjust and work with her.  Slowly getting closer to her the deeper they got into it.

They spent hours on it before MC had to call it a night and go get some sleep. As she packed up to go Sherlock would hand her a card.  

“What are these?”

“Other subjects I could help you with if you need it.”

“Thank you.”  MC would take his hand giving it an appreciative squeeze before leaving, not seeing the way he sat down and stared at his hand for a little while.  Even after John and George sat down to grill him on how it went.

John Watson

John had dreams of being a doctor, so he paid close attention in biology class.  So when MC was finding herself completely unready for the up coming exam he was the one she went to.  She tried to approach the subject carefully as it was hard to find time to approach John when he was alone.  She ended up sending him a text.  It was shortly after that she received a text from an unknown number saying ‘I would love to help!  We should do it at your place though, I’ll let you know when I’m available. - John’.  After she sent her affirmative Sherlock came rushing in to offer his services.  She smiles sweetly letting him know she already confirmed with John.  Only for him to scowl, muttering “of course he knows her phone number by heart.”

The session itself was peculiar.  John kept changing the day and time and apologizing for doing so.  While the tension about the upcoming test weighed heavily on her, he was the one doing her a favor, plus in the meantime he was giving her sheets to use as study guides, so she forgave him without a second thought.  Those guides, along with ones Sherlock gave her, were coming in handy.  Though she was still anxious about the test.

When the day finally came John arrived almost a full hour early, apologizing profusely about the run around.  His bag was filled with various notebooks and the text book for the class. He spread them across the table when an unflattering cartoon drawing of John fell out from among them.  MC chuckled while John crumpled it up.  

While there were a few moments where John looked a little distracted staring out a window or at her, he was able to help MC feel a little better prepared.  Her mother and father were impressed and offered to have him stay for dinner. Just as he was about to respond the door rang, Sherlock had arrived to pick John up. (By any means necessary)

James Moriarty

She had briefly mentioned it in passing to a friend that she was going to need help if she had any hope of passing her algebra exam coming up.  Since she had only mentioned it that one time she was surprised when James Moriarty approached her after theater rehearsal one day.  “A little birdie told me that you were in dire need of a knight in shining armor to assist you with studying for algebra. I’d gladly accompany you to my place where I can best assist you.”  His hand slipped into hers and pulled her along with a smile.  

“But, wait- I need to call home to let them know.”  MC tugged on his hand, and just as she was finishing up the phone call a few more of her friend’s approached them.  Sherlock, John, and George were tight lipped even as MC waved at them.  “What are you guys doing here?”

“I’m here to help you study for math class!” George stepped forward only to have John and Sherlock pull him back.

“You?  You probably need more help studying from her than she does from you.”  Sherlock grumbled stepping forward extending a hand, “I’d be a much more suitable tutor than these guys.”

“Sherlock! Don’t just jump in like that!”

“Actually I already told my parents I was going over to study with James tonight.”  MC gave them an apologetic smile, even as James took her hand and placed it in the crook of his arm.  “But-” she turned those big eyes on him, “do you think it’d be okay if we all studied together?”  He froze, his jaw clenching, but eventually he melted under her gaze. 

“I suppose, if it’s for you.”  He gently touched her cheek, causing her to blush for a moment before he snapped up at the other guys.  “But do not think I’m going easy on any of you.”

At the Moriarty estate Sebastian ushered in a tray filled with rumored favorite snacks of MC, and James was mean at George and John when they failed to grasp a concept.  Sherlock sat in the corner with his arms crossed, refusing to participate.  But everyone was very eager and gentle with the help they gave MC. 

Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft had been the one to approach MC.  He had been concerned when he heard about how her grades had been slipping in Foreign Politics.  He had waited until she was done with rehearsal for the day and had stepped on stage to talk to her before she was able to leave.  From there he offered to tutor her the following day and she could meet him in the office he uses.  Speaking of how important it was to understand the history of the politics that had lead to where they were then.

The time came and MC was knocking on his door.  He led her to a seat with a smile.  “I’m so glad you were able to come, have you brought your old tests?  We can go over what you had gotten wrong previously and see if there is any pattern to where you may be getting lost.”  He put his hand comforting on her shoulder and was smiling very kindly at her when the door flew open, Sherlock barging in with a tired and frantic looking John behind him.   “Have you come because you need my assistance too?”  Mycroft teased Sherlock, watching as his little brother’s eyes darted between MC and Mycroft.

“I would never, I just wanted to make sure-“

“Well if you don’t need help in Foreign Politics, than I’m sorry to say but this is a private session. Please make sure to close the doors behind you.”  Mycroft gave a dramatic sigh as he leaned over MC’s shoulder, already pointing out a mark on one of the tests she had pulled out.

“I’m not leaving!” Sherlock shouted, only missing a stomp for his tantrum.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot risk you disrupting MC getting assistance where she needs it.  So either admit you want my help, or leave.”

“Come on Sherlock, it could be fun to study as a group.”  MC smiled looking between the brothers with John trying to pull Sherlock back out of the room.

The fight would go on for a few minutes before Sherlock would slam the door insisting that he would be waiting outside, so Mycroft should watch himself.  The study session was helpful, and memorable with the small interjections Sherlock would shout on the other side of the door, and the way Mycroft would hold her hand, putting her at ease, as he explained things.

Jack Stillman

Jack found MC as she made a pained expression, going through one book from a large pile she had set aside.  As he watched she didn’t seem to have an easier time of it.  In anything she seemed to get more agitated as she went.  Though it warmed him to see this rare look on her face he did approach her.  “If James saw you looking so glum I’m sure there would be no one safe.  What’s going on?” 

“I’m just… not having an easy time of this at all.”  She waved her hand over the books.  “I have a test coming up for art history and I’m woefully unprepared for it.”

Jack’s expression dropped as he weighed the options.  “I’m actually fairly decent in that subject… would you like help?”

She was beaming when she leapt up to hug him, which Jack laughed off.  “Thank you so much!  We could study here, or go to your place if you don’t have the time, or-“

“No.”  Jack growled at the mental image of bringing MC to his house.  “How about I meet you at your place tomorrow night?  Gives me time to get some materials together.  And MC, this has to be our little secret.” 

In no time flat he was at her place the following night, having taken a few side roads and back roads to make sure he wasn’t followed.  MC’s parents were lovely people, and also fed him dinner as a thank you before they got to work.  Though mostly it was quizzing her and teaching her a few things to recognize different artists’ styles.  It actually took a surprising amount of time before he got the text message from James requesting to know what he was doing. 

Sebastian Moran

To be honest, this was not how Sebastian had anticipated spending his break, standing across from MC as she proclaimed her love for him.  Saying the lines over and over again as she worked through the scene.  “It’s still coming across a bit… phony.”  The play that she had been assigned to do a scene from was older than the ones she had been doing lately, and while she had her lines down she was aiming for perfection with the sincerity of the emotions.

Though why she wanted that for a class project was a little beyond him.  Still he had her do the lines again, and then he stepped off stage and moved a few rows back, trying to see if she was still getting it across. This was the difference between stage acting and tv acting, so James said.  It was almost heartwarming to think how proud James would be to find out the Sebastian had stepped up to help MC.  

He wasn’t sure if it was because he was the first one she found to ask, or if she was being honest when she complimented his eye for detail.  Sebastian found himself hoping for the later.  He gave her a ‘thumbs up’ as her words came to an end.  Just in time for the doors to slam open as James and Holmes pushed their way through, bickering in a way that made Sebastian itching to step between them.  “What are you guys doing here?”  MC called out, her attention taken away from Sebastian and leaving him feeling an odd chill.

“We heard you were practicing and that there was a private viewing going on, and how could I miss this!” James called out giving her his brightest smile.  

“Easily.  Go away.  I heard that this was for a class assignment, and thus not going to be available to everyone else.  I have some free time now so I can assist with your practice if you’d like.”  Sherlock stepped forward, his eyes focusing only on MC.

“I really appreciate that but…”  MC glanced at her phone.  “I actually need to get going to my next class.  But I’m positive that it’s going to go well thanks to Sebastian’s help.” She gave him a warm hug as she moved to make an exit.  Even after she unwrapped her arms and left, Sebastian found it hard to find an excuse to move from that spot.

Jeremy Cassel

No one could beat him on this battlefield.  The moment Jeremy heard that MC was taking a French class he made sure to step up and let her know that she could depend on him for private lessons if she desired.  In fact he made sure to remind her and check in on how she was doing.  He could barely contain his smile the day she approached him and asked if she could get some help.  

Jeremy invited her over that night to his place for dinner and for studying.  Taking the opportunity to make her one of his favorite dishes from back home.  When MC came in he waved his hand over the meal, “maybe a little French cuisine will help set us in the mood mon chou, and then we can tuck into your notes.  Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.”  He teased as MC rolled her eyes at him, but he could see the dusting of her blush and her smile as he showed her to her seat.  

The rest of the dinner was filled with a little small talk, and Jeremy answering a few choice questions about what it was like for him living in France.  The story about why he decided to go to school at 221B Academy, and a little about what his options were.  He did keep most of it tight to his chest as he picked what details to share, making sure to stay close to her and watch her closely.  At school he could never get this close without someone interrupting, and now that he had her undivided attention, he was finding it hard to focus.  Especially when he heard her first few clumsy words in French.  

Slowly they worked through it and he could see the way she glowed as her confidence grew, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.  Doing his best not to pout Jeremy checked it out, feeling shock and a little betrayal upon seeing Mycroft on the other side.  “It’s my understanding that MC is here studying French?”


“I see, it is getting late, and we wouldn’t want people speculating now would we… MC?”  Mycroft called out over Jeremy’s shoulder, “I’ve come to escort you home.”

“Oh!  Merci Mycroft.  I didn’t realize it was getting so late!  Let me just pack my things.”  

Jeremy smiled through the tension as the two friends stared at each other with pleasant expressions.   “It was kind of you to assist her.”

“But of course, I could never leave MC wanting.”  Jeremy shrugged just as MC made her exit.  “Of which, if you ever want more private lessons I’ll always make time for you.”

She thanked him and left with Mycroft, leaving a heavy pit in Jeremy’s stomach that he was not ready to name as he shut the door.

Hercule Poirot

“You’re doing just fine, MC.” Hercule encouraged her as she went through the packet he created for her.  She had approached him in hopes that he could assist with her psychology classes.  It was all very basic stuff and he was more than happy to assist.  Though now he found himself watching her over the top of his book.

Mycroft had give them permission to be in a study room within the library outside of the normal hours, a more guaranteed way to making sure MC’s studying would not be disrupted. She was going through his packet at a speed that was better than he had anticipated considering the grades he found out she was getting.  With his book up creating something of a shield he watched in wonder at the way she scrunched her eye brows upon getting to a difficult problem.  Mentally Hercule was trying to note where on the page and how many pages had been flipped so he could go back and address the ones that had given her concern.  

Beyond that, it was hard for him not to enjoy the soft lines of her face, the shape of her jaw line, the shape of her eyes, and the curve of her cheek.  It all brought a soft smile to his face.  He wouldn’t mind having MC as a companion in the future while they both studied separate topics.  Silently he thanked MC for having asked him to tutor her.  

Carefully he went over her answers and did his best to keep a respectable distance from her as he went over the ones she got wrong and the ones she may have been confused on. Despite the internal reprimanding he found himself leaning closer to her.

When they called it a day it was hard for him not to follow after her.  It didn’t take someone who knew psychology to understand what he was experiencing.  Hercule started to plan their next study session around body languages to help her see the clues he had noticed himself.  So she could also realize how much he liked her.

George Lestrade

“Alright MC, I’m all set for-”  George burst into the classroom that he got permission to use from the teacher to go over some elements of the books they had read.  He made sure to get two copies of each book and had his notes comprised of each book in a resemblance of order.  He had been the one to approach MC about them studying together for the literature course final.  He had been spending days getting ready for it, eager to make a strong impression.

He was not prepared for everyone else in the classroom vying for MC’s attention when he stepped in. John was chatting casually with Sebastian and Jack in the back corner.  James and Sherlock were both talking to MC while staring intently at each other.  Jeremy was making comments under his breath to a Hercule who was chuckling.  Mycroft stood at the front of the classroom paging through what looked to be the class syllabus.  

“George!”  MC shouted, waving as she left James and Sherlock behind her.  She quickly helped unload George’s arms, setting them all on a desk when she gazed up at him sheepishly.  He swore his heart was going to burst at that shy glance.  “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem that we’re going to be alone today. You don’t mind though right?”  

For a moment the spinning thoughts of concern and the chaos were forgotten as he stared into her eyes, he was going to say it was fine, however Sherlock cried out, “of course it’s fine!  Honestly, the thought of him teaching you to recognize patterns in literature is a scary idea in itself.  That is why I’ll lead our discussion today.”

“Oh?”  Mycroft chuckled, “I doubt that you’re really the most adequate person in the room to be a teacher on the subject.  No, I’ll be covering what seems to be the most important subjects judging by the syllabus.  Maybe you’ll even learn something Shirley.”  

“You’re not even in our grade, get out.”  Jabbing his thumb towards the front door Sherlock stood up glaring at Mycroft.  

“Actually, I was thinking that because he’s older he might have some knowledge on what this teacher usually tests us on.  It might really help us.”  MC said.

Mycroft smirked at the room, “see?  Now if you could all take a seat, we’ll start with the first book of the term.”

Feeling even more deflated George eyed the exit.  It wasn’t like they would honestly miss him if he left.   A hand fell on his arms, MC was pulling him towards a pair of seat a little bit away from everyone else.  They both sat down next to each other.  It wasn’t what George had wanted, and he could barely get a word, but MC whispered eagerly with him, sharing ideas and getting his.  Even being chided by Mycroft a few times for doing so.  He didn’t get to study with her alone, or tutor her, but he couldn’t lie that get some of her attention on him when everyone else was around left a light warm feeling in him, long after they called it a night.