Sherlock x reader- Babysit

Well, I’m didn’t take that long right? Today my school had it’s sports so that totally killed me. Anyway, this isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, but it’s something. Doing this on mobile sucks Valhalla balls 😒 but I hope you enjoy none the less, sorry if you see anything jumbled up, it’s because I’m using my phone… _____________________________________ “Checkmate.” “…..How?” Sherlock looks up at Y/n, confused on how she had possibly beaten him, at chess, again. Y/n winks, moving from her space on the ground, “I’m just that good. You, Mr. Holmes, over think things.” She picks up her empty tea cup, walking to the kitchen with a laugh, Sherlock following behind her. “No I don’t.”  Sherlock grumbles.
It was a bit late in the Tuesday evening. And Sherlock and Y/n had nothing better to do to pass the time, since absolutely nothing was happening, no case, nothing of interest to Sherlock at least, so chess it was. And that’s what they’ve been doing for the last half hour, and even after calculated moves and strategies, Sherlock still lost, three times. “Yes you do, sometimes you talk aloud when you concentrate. So I knew where not to move.” Y/n shrugs, pouring more tea into her cup and Sherlock’s.
“I think that’s called cheating.”
“No, I think that’s called using your opponent’s weakness against them.” she smiles, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek. He wraps his hand around her waist, pulling her to him for a proper kiss, lifting her onto the counter, not once pulling away.
Until someone clears their throat behind them.
“I hope I’m not interrupting you two.”
Y/n looks over Sherlock’s shoulder, seeing John standing in the entrance, the blond male shifting awkwardly on his feet.
Y/n smiles kindly at him, trying to ease the awkwardness of the situation, hoping down from the counter. “No,”
She looks up at the curly haired man, glaring a bit before looking back to John. “No. You’re not.”
Sherlock purses his lips at her, taking his cup and heading back into the living room. “Hello John, what brings you ‘round?”
“Oh, I was wondering if you two can watch Rosie later, Me and Mary are going out.”
“Oh, sure, no problem at all. It’s what we’re here for. Right Sherlock?”
“Hmm? Yes of course.” He replies, waving his hand in the air a bit, not at all looking at them, his eyes locked on his phone. Y/n rolls her eyes and assures John and she and Sherlock would be at his place later.

“I can’t do this.” Sherlock states, causing Y/n to laugh, “It’s not that hard Sherly.”
“I find this extremely difficult.” Sherlock says, staring down at Rosie who was laying on her back, holding her tiny feet and giggling up at them. “Changing a diaper isn’t rocket science. I bet Mycroft can do it.”
Sherlock rolls his eyes and glares at the ceiling, Y/n nudges him with her elbow, “I’m right here with you,” she says solemnly, before giggling, “Okay okay. Move over.”
John and Mary had been gone on their anniversary date, and babysitting Rosie was easy as pie, well easy enough when the biggest baby in the room refuses to change her. The night had been filled with spending time with Rosie, making sure she had everything she needed and watching the telly. And of course, cuddling with Sherlock.
“Like I said, not that hard.” Y/n says once she was finished changing the baby, picking her up and placing her on her hip. Poking her cubby cheek, to which the girl responds with a giggle “Well aren’t you just the cutest, lucky thing you take after your mother.” She chuckles to herself, smiling at the child. And Sherlock stood and wondered what’ll be like, to live life away from his norm. Away from solving crimes and being well… him. What’ll be like to live a domesticated life, with her, to have a family of his own.
“Hey,” Y/n waves a hand in front of his face, capturing his attention. “You alright?” She asks when he looks down at her, he nods, smiling slightly. She smiles back and continue to gently rock Rosie to sleep, which she falls into quickly.
When that was done, the two were in John and Mary’s living room. The telly was on, the volume low as not to disturb Rosie who was in the room across from them. Y/n was leaning against Sherlock’s side, his arm around her waist, and she was quite sure that the man was asleep. You know what they say, when the baby sleeps, you sleep too cause you just might miss your chance to. Y/n leans her head against Sherlock’s shoulder, falling asleep even though she tried to keep her eyes open.
Later in the night, John and Mary came back, finding both their friends passed out on their couch. And Mary smiles fondly at them, “Oh I’ll never get over how cute they look together.”
“I didn’t even think he’d be able to find a girlfriend.” John whispers, trying not to wake them up, they do deserve the rest after tonight, he knows how taking care of a baby could be extremely tiring. “You found me.” Mary says softly, smiling at her husband, “Come on, we can wake them in the morning.”

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Homecoming King (Teen!Lock)

A/N: songfic based on the song “Homecoming King” by Andy Black. By the way, in my high school we don’t do homecoming dances so, sorry if I got that wrong. Song found here

Warnings: none that I know of.


Some nights you lie
Some nights you don’t
But they all feel the same
Sometimes you wish you could turn to stone
And be perfect always
I, I can’t feel like this no more


“Sherlock are you alright?” (Y/N) asked concerned for her best friend. Sherlock forced a smile, passing undetected by her. No, he thought.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be?”

“You just seem a little off, maybe it’s me.” She chuckled, she glanced at her phone as it lit up because of a text, “John wants me to go home, ‘it’s late’ he said. You are his best friend and he wants me home, sounds ridiculous to me”

“He’s your brother, he’s gonna worry about you”

“I swear that since I started dating Jim that John’s become overprotective, more than usual” As the words left (Y/N)’s mouth something in Sherlock cracked, he may seem as someone who doesn’t have feelings, but around her he was more human, he could feel emotions, and to hear her say that broke him. He didn’t know why when he saw her he got a tingly feeling in his stomach, why he smiled so much around her, why he felt such things around her.

In the crowd alone cause no one wants to know you
Do they?
Don’t they?

Right here but no one’s watching


Everyone was in the cafeteria, looking at Jim as he stood up from his seat.

“I have a question to ask to someone special!” He announced. Everyone stopped doing whatever conversation they had, looking at him. Sherlock, John and (Y/N) did as well from where they were seated. Jim made a movement with his hands; the people started making a little corridor from him to (Y/N), the nearest to the ends had a rose in their hand each. Jim motioned (Y/N) to come forward, as she did, the people started to give her the roses.

“Jim what’s all this?” (Y/N) asked confused looking at her boyfriend.

“I have a question to ask you dearie” Jim said smiling, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Sherlock’s hear cracked even more. Of course he was going to ask her, he thought.

“Yes! Of course I will!” She said smiling, Jim got down from his seat, smiling. As they kissed, John’s blood boiled, not only from wanting to shoot his twin sister’s boyfriend, but also from when he thought what Sherlock might be feeling, knowing about his feelings for his sister.


Here comes the invisible man
That no one turns to see
I’m just another dumb fool who’ll never go down in history
Yeah, you’re standing there with the homecoming king
Turn the silver spoon into a diamond ring
Can he make you disappear without anyone noticing?
Yeah, fuck the homecoming king


Sherlock entered the homecoming dance with Janine, one of Mary’s friends, unnoticed.

“We’re just in time! They are going to announce the king and queen soon!” Janine said excited. “Come on let’s get to the front!” She said dragging Sherlock behind her.

“So, as you know, we are going to announce the king and queen of the Homecoming Dance soon, and then they will dance as it is tradition. Ready to hear who our king and queen are?!” asked Mrs. Hudson, the high school principal. “So here, in this envelope, I have the king and queen,” She opened the envelope, “Ladies first, our Homecoming Queen this year is…(Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

She deserves it, Sherlock thought; after all, he thought she deserved the entire world and even more.

And I stare at the fan on the ceiling
All night, all night
All these memories won’t stop running
My mind, my mind

And the rats in the walls keeps scratching
My life, my life
And all the voices won’t stop laughing
I can’t fight again!

Here comes the invisible man
That no one turns to see
I’m just another dumb fool who’ll never go down in history (Hey!)
Yeah, you’re standing there with the homecoming king
Turn the silver spoon into a diamond ring
Can he make you disappear without anyone noticing?
Yeah, fuck the homecoming king!

“Sherlock what’s wrong?” (Y/N) asked concerned for her friend, it had been a couple of days since she had been crowned as homecoming queen.

“Oh nothing’s wrong, why?” Sherlock asked.

“You just seem a bit off lately, that’s all. If something is up please tell me Sherlock, you know you are my best friend, I worry about you” She said with a look that made Sherlock want to smile.

“I know, thank you”

‘You know you are my best friend’, because that is all I’ll ever, Sherlock thought sadly

You see your life is drawn out
Don’t feel the world that you know
Caught in the tower singing
“Oh no, that’s not the life I chose!”

You see your hands are tied now
Just like your eyes will stay closed
Come in the tower singing
“Oh no, that’s not the life I chose!”



John: Sherlock, you should call y/n. They’re probably concerned about you.

Molly: y/n? Why does this concern them?

John: Oh- uh… I thought you knew, Molly. y/n and Sherlock are dating…

Molly: Dating? *Sherlock rolls his eyes* I find that… hard to believe. 



29th January

It’s mad. I think he might be mad. He was certainly arrogant and really quite rude and he looks about 12 and he’s clearly a bit public school and, yes, I definitely think he might be mad but he was also strangely likeable. He was charming. It really was all just a bit strange.

So tomorrow, we’re off to look at a flat. Me and the madman. Me and Sherlock Holmes.

Hey guys! I watched The lying detective yesterday and I’m still crying I don’t even know what to write right now.. ;w; this EP was amazing especially the hug  it was so intense and romantic <3!! ;___; I swear I’ll never get over it!

Just a little screenshot redraw ! ;w; I know that a lot of people already have drawn this scene..but I also wanted to give it a try..! ;D I hope that you like it <3

Living with John and Sherlock would involve...

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(Not my gifs)

  • You and John frequently being locked out the flat while Sherlock’s in his mind palace
  • He once locked you both out in the rain for three hours (you ended up climbing in the window)
  • Mrs Hudson adoring you, and enjoying having some female company for once (*cough* testosterone *cough*)
  • Being 221% done with Sherlock’s experiments, but not even questioning them anymore
  • “You’ll have to wait for that cup of tea, there’s a woman’s eyeball in the kettle.” *sigh* “Of course there is, Sherlock.”
  • Staying up watch crappy TV with John
  • “So when are you two going to kiss?” “I’M NOT GAY!” “That’s what they all say.”
  • Making bets with Mrs Hudson on when the boys will get married (she thinks two years, you think two months)
  • Stealing John’s jumpers because they’re so comfy and they’re too small for him now that he’s putting on weight, which he’s still in denial about
  • Sherlock giving you his scarf when you’re going out to the shops in the cold because someone still hasn’t bought the fucking milk
  • You, Mary and Mrs Hudson being best friends, and the boys being slightly scared of the power of you three (they should be)
  • John being really nice and understanding when it’s your time of the month, Sherlock hiding in his room for a week because “she tried to kill me, John!”

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It is the year 2032

Supernatural has been renewed for their 25th season and the Sherlock season 4 premiere has just been released.

Our fandom rn