48. "Boo." (Johnlock)

A/N: A Johnlock drabble for @the-gay-sherlock-holmes. Drabble submissions will be open until 30-09-16. BBC Sherlock characters only or reader inserts. First time writing Johnlock! Hope you enjoy this✌🏻️.

“Sir, I don’t really see the point of-” The man on the earpiece stopped his speech when he saw Mycroft on his surveillance monitor glaring angrily at him through the hidden camera.

“Just do as I say. Stay on look out and notify me when my brother arrives.” Mycroft said the words slowly, accentuating every word while he maintained his serious face.

“Y-Yes, sir.” The agent replied. Mycroft assumed his position behind Sherlock’s door, smirking to himself as he reviewed his plan.

As soon as Sherlock walks in and closes his door, Mycroft was going to scare the living daylights out of him. “This is going to be marvelous.” He thought.

Passing minutes were used by Mycroft to think of what to say when the moment truth comes.

“Surprise?” He scrunched his forehead and decided against it. “Bazinga?” He tilted his scrunched face and thought more before he gasped. “…oh! Got it! B-”

“Sir, they’re coming in.” The voice through the earpiece brought Mycroft back to reality.

“Good. Remain on standby, I’m going to cut you off now.” He ordered in a whisper when he heard the front door open. He quickly reached to his ear and yanked the earpiece off.

“No, sir, wait, they’re-” The agent warned but Mycroft didn’t mind it.

Mycroft was on full-on stealth mode behind Sherlock’s open door. He heard unruly clobbering of shoe soles on wood that made his eyebrow shoot up in confusion.

It wasn’t long before Sherlock made his way to his room, closing his door without looking back.

“B-” Mycroft was cut short when he saw Sherlock and John passionately making out. Their eyes tightly shut as they tore off each other’s clothes. Wet kissing noises echoed the room, making Mycroft stare blankly at them the whole time.

It was when they were half-naked that Sherlock pushed on John - who lost his balance and fell soundly on the bed. John licked then bit at his lower lip as he watched Sherlock crawl on top of him.

But that wasn’t all John saw. He blinked his eyes rapidly and confirmed that the room was one Holmes too many.

“Jesus!” He yelled, immediately stopping Sherlock from kissing John’s neck. “Oh my god!” He panicked and quickly reached for a pillow to cover himself.

Surprised Sherlock followed the direction of John’s eyes. The sexy feel in the air instantly vaporized when he saw his expressionless brother standing beside the door. Sherlock tried to speak but nothing came out of his mouth. The three of them ended up staring at each other for a full minute before Mycroft broke the silence.


  • Sherlock:You're going out tonight.
  • John:Yes, actually-
  • Sherlock:Your hair is combed, a subtle dab of gel, clearly used so that the wind won't dishevel your hair. You've recently shaved, probably right before walking into the room, since there are clear signs of reddening around the lips, cheeks, and chin.
  • John:Sherlock-
  • Sherlock:You are nicely dressed, though thats saying something because you are always kept together, but this is different. You are wearing an expensive dress shirt, clearly just bought due to the fact you forgot to remove the tag. You're also wearing a suit jacket, which you don't wear often, you mostly wear jackets or coats. Your trousers are ironed, which means you went to a lot of trouble to look nice.
  • John:Yes, but-
  • Sherlock:*sniffing* You are wearing cologne, the one you only wear on a special occasion. Its a date, then.
  • John:Yes, okay, fine. But-
  • Sherlock:Vague smell of mouth wash. Don't want to have bad breath. Extra precautions. Wow, she must be special.
  • John:*completely exasperated* I made reservations.
  • Sherlock:Obviously.
  • John:For us.
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock:You mean?
  • John:Yes.
  • Sherlock:Oh.

I loved him because I knew him. Because I’d seen the man he truly was inside, and it never failed to amaze me. I loved him for his heart and his strength. For his endless compassion and his unbreakable spirit even in the face of everything he’d been trough. I loved him because he was the person I wanted to be, and I was a better person just trough the privilege of knowing him.

Julianna Scott, The Holders


Top 20 favorite ships | John & Sherlock (Sherlock)

“You… you told me once … that you weren’t a hero. There were times when I didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this.

You were the best man, the most human … human being that I’ve ever known and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, and so … there. I was so alone … and I owe you so much. But please, there’s just one more thing, one more thing, one more miracle , Sherlock, for me, don’t be … dead. Would you do that just for me? Just stop it. Stop this…”