Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but this weekend I was at Fanime and I met so super awesome cosplayer’s. If you see yourself please feel free to contact me and I will add you to the list of people down below.

Sherlock: x-askstilesstilinski-x  

Pearl: isaisanisa [holy crap I fangirled so hard like you would not believe how hard I fangirled.]

Holo Pearl: miwafwakes

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"John I swear I didn't mean to spoil your surprise," Sherlock says when the army doctor comes home, "the delivery man said the package was for me, not for me care of you and so I just opened the package and I'm sure you had something really romantic and memorable planned and now I've gone and ruined it because I couldn't be bothered to check the label. I'm really really sorry John." "Are you wearing the ring?" John smiles. "Yes," Sherlock nods, "it was just so perfect I couldn't resist." "Good."


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"You two finally got together hu?" asked Greg. "No!" John tried to look shocked. "You just kissed Sherlock quite deeply though?!He's still panting!" "I was just explaining how first aid works. He deleted it like the solar system. And I'm his doctor after all.", replied John with a wink.

PFFT hahahhaa~♥