John: You’re in love with Molly!

Sherlock: No I’m not.

John: Yes you are.

Sherlock: No I’m not.

John: Yes you are.

Sherlock: No I’m no-

John: [looking behind Sherlock] Oh, there’s Molly!

Sherlock: [violently turns around] Where?!

John: You’re in love with Molly.

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Headcanons for being prwgnant with John Watson's baby? ❤❤

  • He becomes 10 times more protective of you.
  • Tea. He makes tea for you all the time.
  • He buys vitamins for you to take.
  • He spoils you with luxury and affection.
  • Soft kisses to your forehead and to the bump when he’s leaving for work.
  • He holds you so gently but so lovingly.
  • Reminders that he loves the two of you all the time and he leaves little notes around the house, too.
  • He steps up and does a lot more work around the house even if you tell him not to worry about it.
  • Basically, he’s just adorable. 

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Behind the Scenes Part 2
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They grew up in a rough neighborhood, where an intelligent, gentle boy like Mycroft Holmes would have been savaged if it wasn’t for the fact that his best friend was Greg Lestrade, one of the toughest kids around and one who was devoted to keeping Mycroft safe from anyone who might want to hurt him. That devotion deepened into something very different as the boys aged and, though his heart swelled with pride when Mycroft won a scholarship to a prestigious college, that same heart shattered when Mycroft went away, determined to study theology and forge a life in the church.

Without Mycroft’s steady support and clear sense of right and wrong, however, Greg takes a different path and forges a life in the criminal underworld. After a ‘business’ deal goes bad, Greg races to the one person he knows he can trust, but have Greg’s choices forever closed the door on their relationship, be it one of friendship or something much, much more? When an unfamiliar car pulls up to the front of Mycroft’s church, that question has a chance to be answered…

Time for some conversation with the new additions to Mycroft’s and Greg’s great scheme…


“White as death, mouth like a crimson wound.”

“I saw the ghost with my own eyes!”

“Cocaine. A seven percent solution. Would you care to try it?”

“Once the idea exists, it cannot be killed.”

“We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.”

“You saw nothing. You saw what you were supposed to see.”

“So what if he’s right? He’s always right, it’s boring.”

“Between you and me, John, I always survive a fall.”

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saturate (v): to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism; to imbue thoroughly or completely

S04E02 The Lying Detective