John Pike

John’s red-haired baby??

Abby… apple of John’s eye. Unmistakably bearing his nose and ears, even if her hair is an uncanny shock of red.

His best friend peers at him over the barely subdued wriggling of red curls

In Within the Narrative, John’s baby has red hair. Why????

Ok, let’s say a normal fan wrote this fic. Any fan would logically make the baby’s hair blonde because two blonde-haired people – John and Mary – would naturally produce a blonde-haired child and…not a red-haired one.

But then let’s say Mark wrote this, using the pseudonym “Dale Pike”…

Is the red hair a clue? I’m thinking the Red-Headed League, but I dunno what the connection is 🤔

Sidenote: Also not sure if “Abby” is a clue too? I mean it could just be random name since they didn’t want to make the Rosamund reveal yet, but idk

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top 5 (or 10) scenes in the 100 in terms of acting? (like, which scenes stood out to you, or which scenes do you think highlighted any of the actors' ability?)

This is such a good question! It’s hard to narrow them down to ten because there’s so many I love, but here are the ones that came to my mind first! So in no particular order:

1. Raven realising her pain is gone [3x05]

One of my all-time favourites! Moments after Raven succumbs to the temptation and takes the key to the City of Light, we get this spine-chilling shot where her revelation, her absence of pain starts at her leg and creeps up to the rest of her body. The entire scene, beginning with her taking the chip to here is absolutely stunning. Lindsey so beautifully straightens herself and looks up, and that’s when we know that Raven knows that it’s worked. It was executed so perfectly, kudos to the wonderful Lindsey Morgan!

2. Clarke scrubs at the blood on her hands [2x09]

Eliza’s performance in this scene really reminded me of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as she tried to scrub away the blood she was hallucinating (’Out, damned spot! out, I say!’). Taking place immediately after Clarke had mercy-killed Finn, Eliza perfectly displayed the hysteria of this moment as she shakes and raves incoherently. Her sharp breaths really encapsulate the trauma Clarke has just experienced too. It’s just beautiful.

3. Bellamy is overwhelmed by a sense of failure [4x07]

It’s really difficult to choose a scene with Bob Morley because each scene he acts in really does display how talented he is. Of course, the 4x04 scene where Bellamy realises Octavia is dead is breathtaking and still haunts me, but that’s a given, so I’m choosing another scene. This moment from 4x07 made me cry…a lot. As Bellamy had to sit and listen to people he could have saved die because he failed them, watch his gaze. He is not mentally there. His gaze is so very distant, it’s made to feel like he’s seeing all his failures play out before his very eyes. He breaks then and there as he’s forced to listen to the vocalisation of his failure, the nasty feeling settling deep within. Bob was fantastic through 4x07, but this scene really got to me.

4. Raven blows up the bridge [1x10]

I remember the first time I watched I Am Become Death, I fell in love with this particular moment in the episode. Raven staggers to the end of the bridge and, with the little energy she has left, successfully sets up and sets off the bomb. It was so wonderfully done by Lindsey, everything from the way she moved to the breaths she took was oh so perfect.

5. Clarke tells Bellamy that the world is ending [3x16]

This is one of my favourite Bellamy and Clarke moments – look how intense Bob and Eliza’s gazes are! They really do perfectly display just how exhausted Bellamy and Clarke are, and in finding out they can’t kick back just yet, we can see them search each other’s eyes for strength and hope.

6. Monty kills his mother [3x11]

Monty killing his mother was one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen on this show. Chris did such an amazing job with this…the screams Monty let out? They’re a vocalisation of just how traumatising this is for Monty, how he has to make noise, make chaos in order to pull back the trigger. And it was all so perfect. My heart broke when watching this scene, and even more so afterwards when Monty realised his mother’s death was sort of in vain because he might have been able to save her.

7. Pike and Bellamy talk about Mount Weather [3x04]

This scene between Michael and Bob is of the most fascinating from season 3. I was rewatching it and decided that I really did enjoy Pike’s character. The reason why this scene is in here is that we see, so perfectly from Michael, Pike locating Bellamy’s low point, and catches him when he’s weakest. @cosmicbell often labels Pike as a demagogue when we discuss this season together, and I agree. He promised action, he criticised stagnancy and Bellamy, somebody who’s been extremely affected by the grounders’ actions, was just tired of waiting around and never retaliating. He bought into Pike’s argument, and this is the scene that it occurs in. You see it in his face as Pike challenges him: ‘I’m willing to suffer the consequences to save my people…are you?’ and we know that Bellamy has begun to cross over to the dark side.

8. Jasper scatters Finn’s ashes [3x04]

I highly recommend everybody to rewatch this spectacular scene with Devon and Chris, from start to finish. It’s one of my favourites from the whole show. These two best friends have lost each other, and they’re trying to find that old spark once more. They fight, they argue, they yell. They’re no longer the pair they used to be. And as Monty leaves, Jasper screams ‘See you on the other side!’ and trips over, spilling the jar of ashes. The remnants blow away with the breeze, mingle with the Earth and Jasper realises what’s just happened…and Devon’s performance in that moment is so incredibly breathtaking. One of his best, for sure. 

9. Murphy makes Clarke cry [4x08]

This is fairly recent, of course, but Richard and Eliza were amazing throughout this entire scene. Murphy’s desperation is so well voiced by Richard: when he screamed ‘I love her!’ my heart broke completely. And as Murphy starts provoking Clarke, I began to wonder how Eliza would portray Clarke’s reaction. Clarke, who has, in the past, tried to develop a harder exterior around her friends when making tough decisions…she did something I did not expect. She lifted her head slightly, and through her lashes looks at Murphy, and her eyes are glistening with tears! She’s been trying this whole scene to be assertive in her decision to use Emori but Murphy’s speech almost takes her to her breaking point. I was really impressed with both Richard and Eliza here, they were just amazing!

10. Niylah tells Bellamy that he’ll always be sorry [3x11]

Bob Morley, once again and as always, comes through perfectly in this scene he shortly shares with Jessica Harmon. ALIE got to Bellamy, and bad. ‘Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.’? Do you know what Bellamy heard, instead of that? Probably something like ‘you could have saved her, but you spent that concern on Clarke, who didn’t even end up coming back to Arkadia with you. You killed Gina. You misplaced your responsibilities, so it’s your fault.’ And the final straw: the mention of what he did to the Trikru army, and Niylah hitting him after finding out. Bellamy flips out and has to leave the room, kicking a barrel, punching something. He looks up to the sky, so incredibly hopeless, and shakes his head. He’s realising he’s never going to get over this pain, he’s never going to stop feeling guilty, and worst of all, the pain he’s caused to others is so deep and so sharp and he can’t handle knowing that. He hears Niylah’s voice behind him, and the sight of her brings all these emotions back. He tells her what he truly feels, that he only had good intentions and he’s sorry, but she delivers a harsh sentence: ‘People like you always are’. This small moment between these two was jaw-dropping to me. I loved it so much.

Honourable mentions: Lincoln’s season 2 ordeal with the reaper drugs, literally all of Erica Cerra’s (ALIE/Becca) scenes, the Lexa and Roan fight from 3x04, Clarke getting in the rover with Jasper and discovering Abby is chipped, Luna mourning Derrick in her arms, Octavia surviving the fall in 4x04 and Abby smashing the radiation chamber in 4x08.

FanFic Friday #11 || Weekly Reading List (September 22nd, 2017 - September 28th, 2017)

Hello!! :D

Week eleven!! It’s the usual suspects categories this week so no extra ones have been added. Something that is new (sort of since I did this in the last one as well), if I have multiple fics by the same writer, they are only tagged once. Their username is still there, it’s just not linked. I am doing that simply because I had been asked if I could tag others in these lists so they could check out the stories listed (just shoot me an ask if you’re interested :) ) and tumblr can get wonky if too many people are tagged so this is my way of pushing that issue under the rug :)

: Each of these fics are ones that I have read over the course of the week as I perused Tumblr (marked by ♦) and Archive of Our Own (Ao3) (marked by ☼). If I found that a fic was posted on both platforms, links to both posts can be found. You’ll also find that they are sorted by character and ship and most have some detail about what the story contains - mostly if it’s a reader insert, nsfw, or if it features a trope. It’s also very likely that I forgot to give one of those warnings, but the fic itself should have them listed so make sure to check those. But, please, if you read a fic you love just go ahead and share it so others have a chance at reading it :)

Now I guess it’s time to list the stories ;)


Despacito || @into-the-deep-blue-eyes || Chris Pine x Reader

Communication || @bkwrm523 || Christopher Pike x Reader || nsfw

Losing Inhibition || nerdqueenenterprise, @nerdqueenenterprise || Spuhura || nsfw 

Love At First Bite || @bucky-plums-barnes || Bucky Barnes x Reader || Baker!Bucky 

Sweetheart || AnotherFraud || Gen. fic || Star Trek || Bones calls Jaylah ‘Sweetheart’ 

This is all your fault || janeykath318 || Jim Kirk x Nyota Uhura 

Let’s Play A Game || Part Six (warning: torture), Part Seven (warning: torture), Part Eight (warning: death), Part Nine (warning: death), Part Ten || @imoutofmyvulcanmind || John Kennex (Almost Human) x Reader || nsfw

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The Libertine (Laurence Dunmore, 2004)

Rochester: I wish to be moved. I cannot feel in life. I must have others do it for me here in the theatre.

Elizabeth Barry: You are spoken of as a man with a stomach for life.

Rochester: I am the cynic of our golden age. This bounteous dish, which our great Charles and our great God have more or less in equal measure placed before us, sets my teeth permanently on edge. Life has no purpose. It is everywhere undone by arbitrariness. I do this and it matters not a jot if I do the opposite. But in the playhouse every action, good or bad, has it’s consequences. Drop a handkerchief and it will return to smother you. The theatre is my drug. And my illness is so far advanced that my physic must be of the highest quality.

Elizabeth Barry: My lord, on these conditions, I endeavour to do what you want.

Star Trek/Kingsman AU

  • Admiral C. Pike as Arthur
  • Captain Jim T. Kirk as Galahad
  • Commander Spock as Lancelot
  • Lieutenant Commander L. McCoy as Gawain
  • Ensing P. Chekov as Percival
  • Lieutenant H. Sulu as Kay
  • Lieutenant N. Uhura as Lamorak
  • Lieutenant Commander M. Scott as Merlin

John Murphy was beaten, banished, threatened by Bellamy Blake. When he had the chance to let him fall to his death, Murphy didn’t let go. 

John Murphy was berated, beaten, and humiliated by Charles Pike, setting off a chain of events that turned John into the dick he was on the ground, leading him to be ostracized from his own people. But when Indra tried to finish him off, he stopped her.

John Murphy was blamed and shunned by Clarke (thereby, all of the Delinquents) for Finn’s actions, and when Lexa died, he made no snide remarks and gave her space as she mourned. He also tried to get her out of Polis and to safety, only to be left once again.  

John Murphy was nearly shot to death by Raven, and even though she mocked him for the pain and guilt of his mother and father’s deaths, he still tried to help her as she lay dying. 

John Murphy accepted Emori as she was when anyone else would have recoiled in disgust, just because she was nice to him. 

John Murphy tried to save Titus from Roan, and did convince him and Ontari to spare him before Titus killed himself. 

John Murphy knew holding a village at gunpoint was wrong, and tried to talk Finn back from the edge before he did something he knew he’d regret. 

John Murphy has done awful things out of anger and spite, but others have done worse things “for my people”.  He’s not 100% a dick.


Bet you thought I was gunna finish the quote ;)

This is my family                                                                                                                I found it all on my own                                                                                                      It’s little and broken                                                                                                                But still good                                                                                                                           Yeah, still good

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Can you type the characters from The 100?

I’ve only side-watched a few episodes here and there while other people were watching, definitely not enough to type accurately. I don’t care much for the writing, though the characters are interesting to observe. Keep in mind that everyone is almost always in some highly stressful situation, so it is necessary to account for personality distortions caused by environmental pressures. My hunches (based on analyzing strengths/weaknesses and various relationship patterns/conflicts):

Clarke: ISFJ
Abigail: ENTP (Jake: ESFJ)
Marcus: INFJ
Thelonious: ENFJ
Pike: ESTP
Bellamy: ENTJ
Octavia: ESFP
Lincoln: ISFP
Indra: ESTJ
Lexa: ISTJ
Raven: ISTP
Finn: INFP
Murphy: INTJ
Jasper: ENFP
Monty: INTP


Bespectacled Star Trek!

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