John Pike

Remember this guy? Turns out, he’s going to be collecting just over thirty-eight thousand dollars in workers’ compensation, as part of a settlement with the University of California, due to anxiety, stress and death threats that have plagued him since the incident that made him (in)famous. For those who may have forgotten, that’s eight thousand more than was given to the students that Pike was suspended for spraying. The settlement has already been approved by an administrative law judge. (Photo via Wayne Tilcock / The Davis Enterprise) source

Edited to reflect the fact that, while Pike was put on paid leave for his actions, his former supervisors can’t legally reveal the circumstances of his departure from UC Davis.

There are police officers – honorable, duty-bound, and a credit to society.  Then there are pigs, like UC Davis cop John Pike, who (in)famously pepper-sprayed a group of peaceably protesting students during an Occupy event in 2011and who is now suing for workman’s compensation, claiming he suffered “psychiatric injury” in the months following the event.

Oink oink, fucker.

(via the New York Post)