I was good on the baby fever until…
John Legend, Tika Sumpter Creating Series About Tulsa's 'Black Wall Street'
The series will examine Tulsa's Greenwood neighborhood, one of the wealthiest Black enclaves in early-20th century America.

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood neighborhood boasted one of America’s most successful Black commercial corridors—until the day in 1921 when an armed White mob burned and looted it, killing hundreds of Black residents. An upcoming series, co-executive produced by musician John Legend and actress Tika Sumpter (“Southside With You”), will focus on this area, which is often referred to as “Black Wall Street." 


Realtalk:  I want to watch this…but I’m also *afraid* to watch this, because I already know I'ma be pissed.

Quick Takeaways:

*** Tulsa’s Black Wall Street was the wealthiest Black community in the country.

*** A white mob destroyed the area in 1921, setting fire to buildings, killing hundreds, and making thousands homeless all because Black people were too successful.

*** The City of Tulsa never answered any fire alarms and were in cahoots with the racist mob seeking to destroy that community.

*** In 2001, the state commissioned a report to look into reparations.  The report recommended compensation to the descendants of those families whose lives were destroyed by the city and racist whites.  Nothing happened.  But they got a little park dedicated to the victims.

I’m ALREADY mad from just typing that and the show ain’t even started shooting yet…